Whisper. Part one.

“I have a proposition to make” Kay said to the crowd in front of her.
“And why should we listen to a mere human, even if you are enhanced” Vile walked up in front of the rest of the mavericks. There where snickers a little of everywhere amongst them. No one would approve her as even a lowlife.
“Because I could beat every single one of you, even though I am ‘a mere human’” She only glanced towards him with her cybernetic eye.
“I guess you will have to prove that” Vile looked at the others and with a calm gesture “Destroy her” everyone of those around her rose their weapons. The buzzing sounds filled the air of the compound. Then suddenly silence. Not a single weapon fired. Vile looks on the ones surrounding him. They seemed to be frozen with grins on their faces and weapons ready. Everyone seemed to have the thirst of blood in their eyes. Vile looked over at Kay.
“Told you that you should listen” Kay smiles. With few quick steps Vile turns and tries for the exit but gets stopped by his own men. He gets pushed to the ground and held there unable to escape.
“As I said, I have a proposition to make you, a ‘mere’ construct” Kay smiles and walked over.
“What is it you want” having no choice Vile listened to his choices.

“The spy has returned, Admiral” Corporal Gibbs bows in front of Silver. Silver sighed and made a gesture towards him and Gibbs leaves. Shortly after Ensign Loke entered the office.
“Sir” he stood in attention “I have a report to leave you but I think you might want to hear this directly, Admiral Silver”
“Sit down, and how many times do I have to order you not to call me admiral?” Loke sat down on the chair she motioned against.
“It is your rank, Sir” he did not understand.
“Just begin” she sighed again and leaned her head against the palm of her hand.

“Yes, well, I came to the Mavericks Base as planned. As I watched the movement below I noticed a women enter the compound, a kind of cyborg. I’ve never seen her before. Then all the reploids outside entered the building. Even the guards. Well, I figured it would be an important meeting so I started making my way inside the building. When I entered everything seemed torn down. It seems that all the computers are destroyed, every record burned a long time ago and the building were empty. no one is left and it seems as if everything has been abandoned a long time ago even though I watched as they entered. Another thing that’s odd about this, to me it were yesterday”
Silver looked at him the whole time, and slowly rose her head as he spoke.
“But we sent you there a week ago”

They had started to set camp. Kay were putting the fence at the exact coordinates she got from her sister. The fence were nothing more then a blue rubber fence with about three feet height. It is not meant to stop anything anyway.
“Why the fence?” Vile asked, the rest of the mavericks were setting tents and fires before nightfall.
“Just keep twenty feet from it, on this side. If you don’t you might get the answer” she jammed the last pole into the sand.
“Then you might answer why we are in a desert” Vile did not like the fact that they had been dragged out here without knowing the intentions. Of course, Vile did not like the fact that they had been dragged out here by force.
“We need one more ally before we can move on. If everything is as it should be, he will come here” Kay started walking back to the truck that no one has been allowed into. Everyone wondered what might be in there but none had been able to see.
“Why more, are we not enough?” Vile followed her but got only laughter as a reply.

She were standing by the window. A month now without any fights. A month without even the slightest sign of a maverick. At first there had been tension as everyone waited for a real attack. Now everyone seemed to relax since there have not been any attacks. Where did they all go? The had been an expanding of the MH HQ’s area. That is what were going on outside her window. She watched them creating another wall around the new area. Maybe it would not be needed, but everything seemed to calm for her and a lot of the others. X and Zero had both returned to NeoTokyo to help with the battles there. Silver is now the highest ranked soldier in the area. That one month had created more changes than she liked. The only thing they had found at the mavericks base had been destroyed things and a scribble on the wall. She did still not know if it would have anything to do with their disappearance or not. ‘Atlantis’ seemed so out of range. A slight knocking sounded at the door.

Atos entered the room and Silver smiled toward him. At least he did not have to live during war his whole life.
“Admiral, I have some troubling news” the smile changed fast to a more serious face. Atos never called her ‘Admiral’ unless it were really important.
“I’ve reconstructed one of the hard drives from the maverick base and there are some things you should know about”
“How did you get the hard drive?” Atos seemed to tense at the words.
“I, eh, I went there myself”
“You did what?” Silver got angry “You know you may not leave the area, there is a war outside. And do not say that it is nothing, they might still be planing something”
“They wouldn’t blow their cover for a couple of kids”
“A couple?? Who where you there with?” Her fist on her hips.
“Mom, this is important, please I…” he got cut of.
“You know damn well not to do things like that. Do I have to lock you into your room?”
“I think I know where they are”

After he got to explain Silver hugged him and kissed him.
“My little McGyver, of course you would solve it. thank you” after that the HQ would start buzzing, there where scout parties to be set and sent to that area. If this were correct, they would be able to keep their eyes on the mavericks without them knowing.

“It’s been a month, sis. They are getting restless”
“I know, I know. But what can we do, it’s not as if we have much of a choice”
“But they will soon revolt against us”
“Mmm, got an idea?”
“Hmm, no not really”
“Maybe if we sent people into his lair to lure him out”
“We need to talk to him, not fight him”
“I thought that was why we put up the fence”
“Mmm, your right. Send someone in and lure him out. If nothing else it might make it seem as if you are doing something”
“Right, thanks sis. I’ll get right to it”

“Why are we following this human?” Vile stood by the fire talking to his people.
“She has lured us out to this desert to do what? Guard sand?” The ones around him all listened. The tension where as thick as the oil pumping through some of them.
“We have to show her that we are not to be played with. WE ARE NOT TOYS!!” there were screams from some in the crowed while others seemed more hesitant.
“What could we do? She is able to take control of us at her whim” Shade, one of the mavericks that are specialised in espionage and hiding.
“We must take her when she does not expect but first. Who is with me!?” everyone wanted to leave this place. They were all warriors not simple puppies.

“Vile!” she left her truck and looked at the crowed by the fires. It seemed to be a very tense atmosphere right now. She sensed that. They were up to something, that she knew.
“Yes, ma’am” Vile walked out through the crowd. He has never called her ‘Ma’am’ before. The something is close.
“Send four people to there. They are to find a mountain straight to that direction. There they should meet the man. See to it that they send him here” Vile nodded and started ordering people around. Hopefully this will be quick. The mavericks would soon start turning towards her.

“The reports are in, Admiral. They have spotted them right on the location” Corporal Gibbs stood by the door to her office.
“What are they doing there?” She looked toward him with an intense stare. Finally some progress.
“It seems as if they have set up a camp there. During this week they have done nothing but seeming more aggressive. There has been internal fights spotted at the area. They seem to be waiting for something but we have no idea of what or why”
“I will head there and see for myself” she rose from her chair.
“With all respect, Sir, but you cannot. You are the highest in rank here and are there for needed here” Silver gritted her teeth. He were right, of course. Then what. She had become more restless for everyday. Never did she think that being in peace would make her so itchy.

“Now, let us do this” Vile and some others had made plans for some time now, they had let the ones that left have that time to get back. They had not done so yet. They walked up to Kay.
“Yes, what is it?” Kay have had a feeling for a long time that there were something in the doings. Vile walked up to her.
“We have a question, about all this…” Vile got cut of before they were to jump her.
“Movement spotted! A man is arriving from south” south being the other side of the fence, everyone started to gather there.
“A single man?” Vile looked at the short man walking against them. The sword on the man showed that he should not be judged by his looks.
“Where are the others?”

There had been both whisperings and screams before he had stopped. But once he stood still there were silence. Kay moved up in front of everyone else. Vile moved up by her side. The others had been listening to her words. They kept more than the twenty feet from the fence, which left her some space in between them and the man.
“You send for me? I could not allow to be called for in such a ghastly way” the man in cape threw four broken power cells over the fence. Vile took a step forward to pick them up but got a hand on his chest.
“He wants you closer. You will be killed” Kay said with a calm voice.
“Some ally” Vile stayed put.
“Why have you called me here?”
“Because you are Hailius, the one and only gatekeeper” the old torn face got a small smile.
“We wish to enter Athist, and for that you need to open the door”
“You are read for one so young. How is it that you know of this? And what more, pray tell, do you know?” he was intrigued by Kay. As she wanted him to be.
“That is something to tell another day, right now we would like to move to the gate”
“I have time, and no need to leave this area” he suddenly twitch and take a leap forward. The short man suddenly get really large and takes a swing towards them with his gigantic sword. Just one centimetre in front of Kay but cutting that short bit into Vile.

“Admiral, they seem to be moving out. They met a man that seems to show them a path through the desert. We tried to follow but they just disappeared into thin air. Any tracks has been gently brushed away.”

“Since there has been a power shortage in Athist, only three persons will be able to travel. If you get the power working in Athist the rest may follow” Hailius stood on top of a big rock.
“How do we know that he is not tricking us?” Vile whispered to Kay.
“We don’t” she looked over at him “but we have to try. And you will assist me” Vile looked back at her and then back at the others.
“Then it will take time up there, let the others head back. There are a lot to be done now, Our enemy must surly have improved. They can get back when needed” Kay stood silent and seemed to be thinking of what to do. The only weapon she would have in Athist is the already planted fear.
“Chose one more to follow us and leave three to wait for us. Guarding” Vile bowed and then turned to spread commands. Three to be left behind and one to assist them. Shade.

Everything were shining. The ground had just turned to dark and white stripes beneath their feet and their bodies felt like burning. No longer able to see each other they realised that even their bodies were as gone as the ground. There were nothing there but shining white stripes.

Whisper. Part two.

Darkness. No one did see what were surrounding them, not even the night vision let her see anything. At least not until Shade turned on a flash light. It were a cavern. A really big cavern.
“Glass?” Shade moved along and looked at the things surrounding them. He seemed to be right.  The cavern seemed to be like a perfect half sphere made of glass with the radius of three miles. There were nothing else inside except the three of them.
“Where are we?” Vile looked over at Kay both still standing while Shade took a look around.
“I don’t know” She started too look in the opposite direction to Shade. The light seemed to shine enough anyway.
“Look through the walls” Vile followed her and looked closer at the walls. Sand.
“Are we?” They looked at each other then up towards the top of the sphere. They were several miles beneath ground.
“Maybe there is a path anywhere near here” Vile tried.
“No” Kay slowly shock her head “This isn’t where we should be” she turned towards Shade.
“Do you find anything, Shade?” Shade stopped and turned when he heard her shouting.
“There is something beneath us here. Looks like a machine” Kay looked over at Vile, then both started towards Shade. Suddenly something happened further down. A light that started to grow. After just a few seconds everything inside the sphere lit up and then darkness left an empty shell of glass, several miles beneath ground.

A small thing were slowly floating through space as it has for several years, decennials. Suddenly there were activity in its electroids and circuitries.

He stood over the bodies and started moving against the van. For him they were just three more bodies in the desert grave land. The women had intrigued him enough to let her pass. Now the truck had caught his fancy. Her ‘guards’ had not even posed as a threat. He opened the back and looked inside. Just machinery. Something to pass his time.

They looked at the screen. A desert with a small army moving. Destroyed machines and even huge ships a little of everywhere in that desert. They seemed to be heading back. That were not good, but at least now they had some kind of idea of when to expect them.
“Where did he get the idea..?” she muttered for herself before turning towards him by the computer. He looked so grown up for some reason, like he had a cause now. Then she reacted on something.
“What is wrong, Atos?” he looked up shortly then back towards the screen.
“I think there is someone else using the satellite”
“Who?” Silver moved closer and leaned over his shoulder.
“I – am – checking – at – it – right – now” then he pushed the last button and the big screen turned from a desert to a city. Both leaned closer to the screen and then looked at each other. Silver ran of while Atos started writing.

When the lights stopped shining they both stood in a worn down chamber. There were cords hanging from the ceiling and dust covering the ground. The chamber were not as big as the cavern they had been in a second ago and there were more things inside. There were some kinds of screens standing in a circle around the centre and there were several boxes stacked on top of each other along with the wall. At first sight, the many doors looked nothing more than panels on the wall. After a while though they noticed that the chamber did not really have any walls but had doors to all direction.
“Where is Shade” Kay asked after some looking around. Vile stopped his attempts at opening the door and looked around. He then took a few steps from the door and blew it open with a charge from his shoulder weapon.
“Let us look around” As the smoke settled, a shape came through the fog.

“crap, crap, crap. They’ve found me, Sis. I’ll get back as soon as I can, take care. They are at the door right now” something seemed to beat the wood then a large crash “We– Well, hi, gentlemen” “Stay” someone were running and then several crashes. After a few seconds there were silence “Sis, I won’t be able to get these ones memories. They are locked right now but I’ll have to go with them. Just don’t worry, I’ll bring my remote. I don’t know how long until this will reach you, but give me trust. I will be back”

“Wel- wel- welcome to A- A- A- A” the voice got covered by a electric hissing. Vile and Kay looked over at each other, then back toward the droid in front of them. It looked like a reploid with female forms but without the skin. White, with a few black markings. Her legs did, however not end with feet, but instead larva-bands. She bowed down.
“It is lunch time, d- d- d- do you wish for me to gui- i- i- ide you to the mess halls?” there were big holes along her side, it looked like plasma wounds. The corridor behind her seemed in as bad shape as her.
“Who are you?” Kay walked up next to Vile.
“I am one of the servi- vi- vi- vice droid’s. My serial is M.O- – -” she kept stuttering then turned to silence after a sharp electric short. For some reason she looked content with it. Almost as if she did not realise that there were something wrong.
“Should we trust her?” Kay looked over towards Vile and shock her shoulders.
“What else can we? She might be able to show us around without getting lost. Athist is not a small place” Kay looked over towards the reploid “Please show us to the mess hall”
Vile stayed behind a short while. He were suspecting something. Well, sooner or later she will make a mistake and then he will be able to return by himself. This new creation seemed to be even less trustworthy then Kay. Vile walked a few feet behind the two others.

He had been looking around for a while. The room he had arrived in were huge. It were the biggest space his ever seen. The biggest by far. He had been dropped in a hanger. Not a hanger for boats, or truck or even aeroplanes but for space vehicles. The only thing he had seen before of one big size had been one of the ships that had crashed in the desert. That had been in a distance. This one room stored those kinds of things and it were in ruins. After a long time of walking, just along side one of the ships, there seemed to be a light slowly getting bigger. This time it did not pick him and throw him to another place. A kind of reploid arrived with half its arm cut of.
“Welcome, I am…” it started to look around itself then back towards him in thought “I believe that I am one of this buildings service droid’s but I must say that I am not sure” suddenly it hit its own head “Oh, my manners. Sire” it bowed down “the feast is this way, follow me” it skidded back and then of towards one of the walls. Shade looked after it and then followed as it seemed to wish his presence.

They were looking around in the mess hall. Mo had left them both alone while she were fetching whatever the food would be. The mess hall were filled with tables and seats but not much decoration. That could be because whatever decorated the chamber probably were destroyed when all else collapsed.
“What has happened here?” Vile lifted a piece of the rubble “Everything seems like its been destroyed ages ago” He turned over towards Kay to notice that she stared straight ahead. Straight into a wall. Vile threw the rubble away and walked over. He put his hand on her shoulder.
“Ma’am?” Kay twisted around and picked Vile up without a problem. Her eye filled with tears. Then she let him go.
“I’m sorry” she sat down by one of the tables while Vile patted his sore neck.
“They have caught her. She isn’t there any more. We must get back to earth” as she rose and looked towards Vile her sight got blocked by a table coming down from toward her.

She had been sitting there for about an hour staring into the wall. At first she had screamed and bashed the door as hard as she could. They would not listen. She could only fear what were going on. Of course she would be able to get out of the room but then there would be a bunch of people who would stop her. Well at least she had seen to it that the door is unlocked. She had to do something. Then the door opened. The guard seemed a little confused over the unlocked door but the looked over towards her.
“This way”

Silver looked through the half mirror. Atos were standing next to her. He had insisted on seeing the interrogation and being the one that got her caught gave him a good argument. That and some nagging. The women walked into the room and sat down on one of the chairs around the lonely table. The guard locked the door behind him and then sat down in front of her.
“Everything you say from here on will be recorded. Your name?”
“Jay Mehkai” Atos seemed to react but did not say anything.
“Do you know why you are here?”
“I can think of numerous reasons but indulge me”
“You have been spying on the mavericks movement and are thought of as an accomplice with the mavericks”
“You are saying that I am in here because I watched you enemies?“
“Yes, we-” she rose and started yelling.
“Are you that daft?! You lock me up because I am looking at what your foes are doing?! I’m not even looking at what you are doing, but the ones you fight!?”
“Ma’am, please calm down”
“My sister is out there in danger and you drag me away because I watch you enemies!?! What the hell are you thinking?!” the guard rose and moved over to hold her down. She pulled out a small stick from her pocket. Only Atos seemed to react on it. The guard suddenly stopped.
“Guide me out! And hurry!” the guard turned and ran towards the door, Jay followed closely.
“Stop her” Atos pulled Silvers arm. When she did not answer he looked up at her blank face.

When he arrived at the mess hall he saw Kay holding Vile against the wall.
“Hey!” as Kay looked over towards him Vile’s shoulder blaster lowered towards her and as her eyes returned against him the blast turned everything to dark for her.

One second they were there the next they were gone. She took a step closer to the window and then looked back towards Atos. As she were going to speak she noticed that he was not there any more. Both doors were open. She rushed out the door and down the corridor. She had a feeling that they probably would leave the building as fast as possible. When she reached the closest exit she saw Atos on the floor with a wound in his leg.
“Atos, what happened?” she sat down by his side and gently started to lift him. whether he liked it or not he were going to sickbay.
“She got away, sorry mom, I couldn’t stop her” then gritting his teeth from the pain.

As she woke up she felt really sick. The pain in her face were unbearable but she could get a grasp of what were happening around her. She were tied down. Her sight were weaker than before, most probably had her cyborg eye taken the hit and saved her. Her arm on the other hand had been taken of and were lying in her lap. As she looked around she noticed how the two of them were talking by a console. As she tried to listen she got a buzzing sound in her ears, like interference only louder. Suddenly Vile walked over, threw her over his shoulder and walked to the centre of the room. Shade pushed some buttons then went to the middle with them. The white light came once again and the walls, floor, roof even their own bodies turned to lights flashing by them.

“What happened?” Silver stood by his side while Lifesavior where putting the bandage on his leg.
“She had a form of box or stick with a button. When she pressed it, people around her obeyed her. I don’t know how. I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t stop her. I tried” Silver hugged him tight.
“I’m just glad you were not hurt more” Lifesavior rose and looked at the both of them.
“It were only a superficial wound, nothing to worry about. Now if you excuse me I have more patients” they both thanked him before looking at each others again.
“Mom, do you know who Jay Mehkai are?” she looked at him, somehow she figured that the answer would not be, the one who got away. She shock her head.
“Jay were a scientist. She worked a lot with Navis at the beginning. I didn’t think she lived here, but there are all kinds of rumours of things she have done”
“Why would a scientist spy on the mavericks?”

“Where are we?” they looked around. Snow everywhere and one building in sight. They did not dare to walk near the building, though. Cameras and sentries everywhere along its walls. Not that there where anything that would match even one of them, but the sheer amount would be a problem.
“I guess we will have to walk from here then”
“Where to?” Shade looked towards him.
“Why not that direction?” Vile pointed with his free hand. Nether had any clue of what would be there but since there are nothing here for them. They started walking immediately. Vile where still carrying Kay over his shoulder.

Whisper. Part three.

Vile walked out from the cabin. He shock his head towards Shade.
“It is empty here too” he looked over towards Kay. She had been following them without complaint even though she were captured. Not once did she seem to hear what they said, but when they looked towards her she said one phrase over and over again while poking in her broken eye.
“Please may I have a screwdriver?” it seemed like her hearing had went when he had shot her mechanical eye. Vile held a toolbox towards her and a jacket. After she got the jacket on herself, she took the box with a big smile on her face and sat down on the porch. Shade looked at her while she started picking out tools and starting fixing in her eye.
“Is that really safe?” Vile shock his shoulders.
“We need her as much as she needs us” Shade shifted his eyes towards the clear blue sky. All the snow made his eyes sting and so did this ever present sun. He was sure they had walked for days yet the sun never set. How could it be so cold and so much snow when the sun never set?
“We probably need her even more” Vile said while he watched Kay trying to fix herself.
“What do you mean with that?”
“She knew where we were, she might know where we are. Even if she do not, she is a good hostage. We will need something if we need to cross borders”
“What makes you think we need to cross borders?”
“We are not were we came from. We are probably one the other side of earth”
“Then we should keep moving and not waste time” Shade kicked some of the snow.
“With one deaf? The one who might know where we are?” Vile turned towards him “If you wish to challenge me, say so to my face” Shade met his eyes. Then turned and looked up towards the sky again.

She had gotten caught again. This time she had at least been able to put the sender on a repeat and activated the defence mechanics. Because she wanted her sister to know what is going on here and maybe even get help. The new accommodation’s were better at least. She were laying in her bed looking at the ceiling. Not much else she could do. No one had questioned her yet. Most probably because they do not know what to make of her. One thing worried her. They had found the remote.

“So you have fixed your hearing again?” Shade stood by Kay’s side while Vile were talking to a miner about directions. They had reached the village the day before and had been offered a bed and a warm room. No one of the three disagreed.
“Somewhat. I am still picking up some interference, but I am able to hear” she neglected to tell him about the alerts she had in her ear for several days or about the local radio playing music. To bad she did not talk Russian. She were still working on it when they took camp.
“We have about two days more until we will reach a real city. From there we can find transport” Vile returned towards the others.
“What country are we in?” Kay already knew but asked anyway and kept rubbing her arm.
“The northern parts of Russia, something called the Siberian wasteland”

‘I should thank you’ Kay stopped and looked around. The others turned towards her.
‘You might not have known it but you are still sending information. I wish I could thank you before but back then you could not hear me’ Kay gave a shudder then starts walking.
“Nothing, sorry. Just some interference”
‘Ha, yes. Interference. I guess that would explain some of it. Well, do not worry. I will stop talking for now but I will return and you should remember that I am listening’

She had finally got out of her cell and put in the very same room before. A table, two chairs and a big mirror. She knew of course that there probably stood someone behind it. Even the reploid in front of her were the very same, Corporal Gibbs. The only difference were the fact that she did not have the remote.
“We have made research about you, miss Mehkai. We have found that you previously have had no ties with the mavericks. We would like to ask you a few questions, if you answer them you will then be released” Jay leaned back in the chair and put her arms over her chest.
“Go on” the reploid cleared his throat and ordered the papers in front of him.
“First, why were you spying on the Mavericks?”
“I wondered were they had gone of to”
“Why did you try to escape?”
“Since I have more important things to do than sitting here listening to dumb accusations, like feeding my cat” he looked over at her and then down towards the papers again.
“What kind of research are you doing?”
“The type that might end this war. Like every other scientist in this age”
“What type would that be?”
“The very kind I used to leave here.”
“And how did you do that?”
“Heh, that you know I would never answer to. I’d rather rot in that locker of yours but I also know that it wont be enough for you to keep me” she wore a sly smile. Gibbs cleared his throat again and keeps his eyes on the papers.
“Where are your sister?” Jay’s smile suddenly changed to a frown.
“None of you business”
“Thank you for your replies. You may leave”
“That’s it?” he looked towards her and nods. Jay met his eyes with suspicion.
“Where are my belongings?”
“That object is considered a weapon against the conventions and are taken care off”
“Then I hope I won’t see you again” she left.

In the corridor a man met her. At first she did not recognise him, but then she noticed the crutch.
“Miss Mehkai?” Atos closed the door behind him. He had been listening to the whole conversation. Silver did not have the time with the renewed maverick threat outside.
“Yes, twerp?” she put her arms over her chest and leaned against the wall.
“I do not wish to enrage you, ma’am, I want to ask you something” Jay gave a sharp laugh.
“Let us move, I believe you wish to listen to me” they started walking through the corridor.
“I would like to say that I always have been a fan of your work but this is not about that. You probably understand what kind of weapon you have made” then she cut him of.
“Get to the point” Atos looked at her and nodded.
“Sorry. I wonder if you would like an assistant?” Jay stopped and looked at him with disbelief.
“And why, pray tell, would I even consider it?”
“Because I am able to give you back some of your technology” she kept silent a long time before she twitched her shoulders.
“I guess. You know where I live. Get there tomorrow with the remote and I’ll consider it”
“Thank you, ma’am” Jay kept walking.

“I really wish there were another way” Silver sat by her table leaning on her hand.
“I know, but she accepted it. Probably she will just keep me of her work, but maybe I could get over it somehow” Atos were sitting on a chair against her. Silver sighed.
“I know, but you promise me something. When you get what is needed, leave her. I do not trust her”
“Yes, admiral. I will do my very best” he rose and saluted her.

They sat in the back of a truck. Shade by the opening in the back looking out on the road as they pass. Vile in the front with his shoulder weapon against the drivers seat. Kay were sitting in between the both of them. She were holding her arm, it really stings now. First she only had gotten a slight frostbite but without heat of any kind, the arm slowly started going numb and as she tried to move it really started to sting. The frostbite has turned to frost burn. Then she got some good news.
‘Hey sis, I’m finally free. I’m sorry it took so long’ some slow clicking sounds ‘Ah, you are back to earth, ehm… But where? You might not be able to talk right now but give me something, please sis. If you’re okey, please’
“Where are we heading to again?” She asked Vile.
“To the Laptev sea. Why do you ask that again?”
“Just keeps forgetting”
‘Laptev sea, mm, let us see. Ah, there. You are in Russia. And you are not alone I hear. Try to get alone when you get the chance. We have a lot to discuss. There has happened a lot over here. I’ll be listening’

Silver stood by the window. She studied her own image more then the actual scenery. Her mind were wandering wildly. Atos had come home late every night and he still made his other chores. He even told her everything that happened with Jay Mehkai, which was not much. Jay had never let one hand upon him. She have even apologised. Silver did not trust her. What were she up to? She put her shaking hand to the window and followed the lightning on her cheek. Leaning forward resting her forehead against the glass. She could not get her thoughts straight. Things did not add up about what were going on. The party she had sent towards the very spot of the desert where all the mavericks had gone to and returned from had not returned and the last reports were worrying. She looked over at her desk where the papers were. There had been a man, they had seen him in the distant by a big truck of some sort. The next thing they were going to do were to be to approach the man and find out if he knew anything. In Silvers mind the man, whoever he might be, have killed them all. If she were to be right, what did the mavericks do there? Have they found a new weapon? Somehow that could not be, if they had a weapon they would have used it by now. While she walked over and picked up the papers she got struck by another thought. Why did Jay Mehkai watch them? What if she were the weapon? She had already stopped her and taken control of another reploid. Is she able to do that in such a distant? If so that could be more then just a weapon. It would be the end of reploids in the wrong hands. Even if she were wrong and the weapon only acted over a small area it could most probably become such a weapon sooner or later. She must send a party to destroy this technology, but who? All parties has reploids in them and if they do not they will most probably be to weak for whatever defence she has in store.

Her thoughts suddenly get cut of by a knocking at the door.
“Yes dammit!” she yelled a little higher then she had wanted and the papers in her hands ripped apart. As the door opened the hid them behind her back.  Corporal Gibbs entered.
“You have a visitor, Admiral” he saluted.
“Who? I am busy” she sat down behind the desk and threw the papers into the basket.
“I believe his name is Type, Ma’am” Silver looked at him with surprised eyes.
“Show him in”

As the robot entered the door she stood up and walked over to him. He bowed towards her but before he got stretched out he got caught in her hug. She held him for a short while before letting him go. Looking over she noticed that Gibbs still were in the room.
“Please leave us” Gibbs left with a salute.
“What do you want Type?” he shook some and made a motion towards her.
“I’m fine, there is just a lot going on right now” she went back to the chair and sat down. He only watched.
“What is the matter?” he only put his arms across his chest and kept looking at her.
“No, it is nothing you could help with anyway” then a thought caught her mind “or maybe. Could I ask a favour of you, Type?” his shoulders shook. She dragged up the papers from the basket again and started looking through them.
“Could you go there and check it out?” she held a map towards him “There might be a very dangerous foe so be careful but we really would need to know” he looked at the map for a while then over towards her. One of the hands stretched towards her.
“Of course” then he nodded. He looked around and seemed to pat in the air.
“Atos? He is out” again the arms across the chest.
“Sorry, I know. He is out on an undercover mission, we had no one else who would be suited with it” Type walked a little closer and patted her head. She looked up and smiled.
“Thank you, do not worry. I will take care of this” he nodded.

Soon after they had arrived in the small harbour they had stolen the biggest ship there. Not that it had been big but it should get them to where they want. Vile and Shade were busy keeping the men from trying anything. First thing they had done had been to destroy the radio on the ship, second were to keep the sailors in two different areas at all time. Vile did not want them to have a chance to plan anything. Kay, on the other hand, did not have to help them. Since she were technically their hostage too. But she got her freedom to roam the boat. She had finally got a time for herself. Now she could talk to her sister.

‘Sis? You there?’ the radio suddenly sounded of. Atos looked over.
‘Sis, I’m finally alone now. You had news for me’ Atos put his broom down and walked over to the radio.
‘You there?’ he cleared his voice before he hit the communicate button.
“Ehm. Miss Mehkai are not in at the moment, is there something I could help you with?” he felt the sweat prickle on his forehead.
‘Who is this? I don’t recognise the voice’
“My name is Atos, I am your sisters assistant”
‘That is bloody bull, boy. Sis has never had need of an assistant. If you are going to lie to me do so to my face’
“She has been assigned me if she were to continue her research or the hunters would disallow all her work” silence occupied the room after those last words. Atos patted his forehead with a tissue. This were important. Maybe he could find out where she were if he played along.
‘Boy, tell me something’ he sighed in relief ‘What is happening right now in town’ she sounded beat.

‘I am truly sorry I have to disturb you at the moment’ a man’s voice ‘But I have to tell you both that the mavericks has discovered your transmissions and are planing to attack you both within the hour’ silence.

She saw him as he raced out of the house and down the street. Rushing as fast as his crutch allowed him. Jay could not follow because of the many trinkets she were carrying. Why would he run like that? Has he stolen something? She rushed into the house.

She stood in front of three human soldiers. Sadly the few hunters that were human were on missions. She needed humans.
“If I am right, she is able to gain control of reploids. Keep on your toes” she turned towards the city map. She had a feeling. Something were going on and it kept nagging her.
“But, admiral? Why will you lead this if it could take control of reploids?” Silver turned towards him and looked at him a short while.
“I see, sorry admiral” the man bowed some. Silver blinked then realized that her face must have shown everything.

Then the door slammed open. Atos stood in the opening panting like wild with a dark red colour on his thigh. Silver started but got cut of by Atos.
“No questions” pant “mavericks charging in” while keeping panting he looked at his watch “less than half an hour” pant “at Mehkai”
Silver looked at his face then turned towards her men.
“You heard him. Lets go”

Whisper. Part four.

He were walking through the sand dunes and the rough winds. The sand had crept into every crack and joint slowing him down. He were able to rid himself of it but it would just leave him less capable when battle comes and the sand would return. Wherever he were heading to he knew that there will be a battle before the day would be over. The things in the sand showed that there had been more then one battle here. Seemed like the leftovers after a long war. Parts and pieces lying hidden under the sand. As he walked over a dune something caught his eye. There seemed to be something more new. Further ahead. Something big.

They arrived by the building. It were a quite large thing but it seemed as if Jay only lived in the basement. They continued running, time were short, around the building and towards the back door. As they turned the last corner they met a large metal hunk with several weapons pointed against them. Homebuilt for sure by the looks of it.
“Hold it right there, admiral” the four of them stopped and looked around. As the men started lifting their weapons she spoke again.
“Drop the weapo-” her words got cut of by a sharp cracking. A lightning flew from Silvers hand towards the sentry, blowing it into burned smoking scrap. The sting in her palm felt oddly nice.
“Either you let us in or we open the door by force. The mavericks are coming either way” after only seconds of silence she made a gesture to her men, then ran towards the door kicking it in. It were over moments later.

She were going through all the package once more when the whole boat suddenly rocked. She knew without hesitation what were going on. They were being boarded and the three of them would not be able to fight of a battle of any kind at the moment. Of course, she did not know their intent, but the warning had been precise enough to give her chills. Somehow she felt that there would be trouble anyway. She threw the bag over her back and stood up. After she had found some scuba gear she had found some kind of clothes that would keep her warm in the cold water. At least she were ready in case it would be necessary. As she heard shots being dealt on the deck above she turned towards the lower parts of the boat. She has to keep herself unseen.

She got thrown into her cell again. This time with more force then last time. After a few stumbling steps she falls over onto the bed. The feeling she had of the running blood along her side only reminded her of the pain she should feel. Unlike before they had not just dragged her along, this time she had made an effort in trying not to come along with them. At the moment she had more important things to do. That one, the admiral, seemed to enjoy her efforts. Soon the door opened and a man came in with a syringe. Now knowing that there were no point in resisting.

She heard how the engines started running again. Either the mavericks had stolen the boat or left it for it’s own destiny. Kay kept still behind the pipes for a while longer before she had gathered enough courage or curiosity to get up to higher decks. As she came up on the outer deck she saw chaos there. The crew were lifting dead bodies and piling them in a meat mound. Blood everywhere mixed with oil and ashes. The fires had been seen to leaving dark patches on several parts of the ship. People sat on their knees scrubbing the mixture of the floors and walls. As she were hanging over the side, trying to calm herself down and force what little she had in her stomach, a hand were placed on her shoulder. Without delay she got jumped by most of the crew. In the confusion that followed she found herself suddenly being thrown overboard.

He had been walking around for a long time before he found something. The man had ordered him to do his bidding then sent him to this place. Athist it were called. Since he knew that he would not survive a battle with that man he had to give in. Now he were searching through a graveyard for the living. When he had finally found it it came as a surprise to him. He saw something big. A man with great shining wings. At least its a being. Type walked slowly through the corridor, not hiding himself. The angel lifted his eyes and looked at him. Both stood still and watched each other. Type noticed something odd with the angel. Not only the size or the wings. Something inside. The reploid in front of him had a small arsenal tucked inside of him. Suddenly one of the spears flew out of its hands right above the dodging Type. Both kept still while the angel started talking.
“You have seen the dream. I see it inside you” for Type this meant that he would have to fight again. This were not planned and it were unwanted.
“To see the dream and survive you must be an abomination” The angel stretched out and hovered over Type “Know the name of your last opponent, Haigos” Without further warning the battle were on.

Last thing he remembered were how he were fighting. He had noticed a pain in his chest when he fired his shoulder weapon and had to resort to more head on fighting. Luckily the ones arm he had ripped of had claws. Vile had seen to it that the betrayal had not gone completely successful. The damnation Shade must have been planing the attack for a long time. He had been really quick in changing sides. Now Vile were reactivated. They must have fixed him for some reason. Well, not fixed him, he could still not move, but he would be able to talk. A man were sitting next to him with his hands inside Viles stomach. Shade were lying on a table a bit away as did some other reploids. They were still on a ship, the question were which. When they noticed he were active again they started rolling him away through small corridors into a really big room of the boat. Something that caught Viles eye were that the ceiling should be able to open up.
“You awake now, Vile?” a deep voice echoed in the room. The ‘lesser’ reploid rose Vile into a sitting position. The big shape of Rainy Turloid showed itself in the middle of the room.
“About time I might add” the big reploids feet gave of them a heavy scratching sound as they were put down on the floor “I almost thought I wouldn’t have the pleasure of torturing you” a grin played on his face. Vile answered with silence.
“I guess you would expect me to ask what you are doing in the cold Laptev sea? But I already know that” Shade “You were tricked” a slow rumbling laughter “By a lady human. Now, what I wonder is not what or why, it is where. Where is this women I’ve been hearing about. Everyone would love to meet her. Or , at least make her show what she and her sister have been doing” Rainy walked up close to Vile and puts his face in front of Viles “I believe she would love to meet her sister again. Well, I know you, Vile. I guess we will start the torture immediately” the laughter echoed through the room.

They had been in the heat of battle for quite some time. Both had gotten blows into the other and both had gotten harmed. The major difference between them were that one knew he would win and kept charging on because of this. The other knew that he had no chance to win and kept trying to avoid blows. Most of the room around them had turned from untouched to broken down. There were few furniture left and only some of the pillars were standing. A third part entered, commanding the angel and the rabbit to seize their differences and seize their battle. As Type kept dodging and Haigos kept swinging swords and spears, serial M.O.- –  opened the ceiling and left the Both combatants and all the debris to get drawn out into the dark space outside.

The door went up and Lifesavior walks in with Gibbs trying to hold him back. Silver looked up towards him, as their eyes met Gibbs let go and almost ran out of the office. Neither had a smile.
“What are you doing?” Silver sat behind the desk.
“What do you think you are doing, Admiral?” he made a gesture towards the door “Taking regular humans to a mission like this?”
“A reploid would have been manipulated by – ” she tried calmly before he cut her off.
“You are a reploid, you could have gotten them killed!” Lifesavior walk up to the desk and rammed his fist into it’s wood.
“We could have gotten killed as it were!” she rose from her seat “If we had let the mavericks get the -”
“It’s not about that! You should not have used an all human party!” she walked up to him.
“Are you not listening? Mehkai could take control over reploids!”
“Are you not an reploid, Silver? Or am I mistaking?” she gave him a deadly gaze “What if she had taken control over you? You could have killed them all!”
“But -” she started.
“You should thank Atos for standing here right now” she froze “If it were not for him she would have taken control over you, and probably the entire squad of mavericks coming her way! Then what? If you had thought for one second before running of, there would have been only humans in your party. A party big enough to destroy the house. Yet you get your own vendetta and wants to take care of it your own way! For what? Because you are bored?” she blinked.
“The bitch shot my son!”
“He knew damn well what would happen the second You froze!”
“You just shut up and leave this office!” she pointed towards the door.
“No, I have more to say about this!”
“I am the highest rank here, in the whole city. This is an order!”
“You are mistaking, Missy! You are not the highest rank here, I am! I can have you suspended without discussion but for now I order you to your room!” now he pointed towards the door “I will check in on you every hour until you have calmed down” she stood her ground “And I dare you if you are not there when I check!” he left, slamming the door shut behind him.
She stood still clenching her fists. Then she left.

The battle kept on. Type trying to flee in through the different alleys and shafts of Athist, the angel kept his pace and tried, time after time, to pierce Type with the spears in his hands. The boosters kept saving Types life as the rods kept missing vital parts. For some reason Haigos seemed faster in the emptiness of space, rather than when gravity had its hand. Unlike Type, he had wings to get him forward to a cheaper price than the boosters on Types legs. Although, he suddenly saw his final chance. Type turned for one of the thinner clearing through the buildings and kept bouncing between metal walls and thick glass, while Haigos slowly gained upon him. Then Type braced against a small bridge and completely changed direction. Taking one of the spears through his shoulder, through several parts inside him and out through his thigh he got past Haigos. Haigos kept his speed ahead and flew straight through the bridge and out on the other side.

She felt an urge inside of her hands. An urge to destroy every part of Jay. It did not want to subdue. Luckily she had been allowed to the training chambers to ease the pressure as long as she left in case someone else arrived. Being late into the night, that were not probable. She had, at first hit, shattered a boxing bag. She felt the tingling inside her hands. In her mind she have left the chamber many times and gone to Jays cell. After the door were open there had been blood on the walls. She could not find strength to resist the urge. Still standing by the heap of smoking sand, her fist clenched together as her teeth grind. Jay had hurt her child, not once but twice. Jay had developed a machine that held control over any reploid. Jay had held Silver in her control for a short while. The mavericks had gotten to know of the device. Now the controller were destroyed. The mavericks had failed their quest to conquer it. But, Jay were still around. She would surly be able to recreate such a thing and destroy everything that Silver and the other hunters fought for, for so many years. They had left so many behind. So many lives, and so many chances. The mavericks wished nothing more than to extinct the human kind. Jay had created a weapon that could destroy reploid kind. A tear slowly ran down her cheek. Had she been right to destroy something that could have completed what the hunters fought for? A peaceful earth? If she had been able to have that device in her hand, would she use it? Take another life’s will away from it, for the greater good? It still went against all that she trusted but the tingling in her hands did not want to subdue but killing her would only make Silver get as low as the mavericks.

She had been lucky. The eye had not been shorted due to the water. The rest of the face on the other hand gave her more pain then she could ever imagine. She had to keep kicking and paddling though, or she would drown or freeze. Then something caught her hand and dragged her downwards out of the water. While coughing up the ice cold water she were pulled away. At first she were happy about not drowning, but soon she realised where she were. Panic gripped her hard, sadly the maverick who held her were gripping harder. Soon she found herself thrown into a small cabin.

Not long after she had been shoved into the cabin she had started her escape. Rather the water than whatever the mavericks would want from her. The ventilation were a little tight, but still wide enough for her to crawl or drag herself along. Her hand did hurt though. It were hard to move it  due to the cold clutching into it. The screams that had echoed further down had stopped a while ago. A voice that she recognised. As she pulled herself closer to the vent she slowly got able to see what were inside the room. Her first reaction were blood, but that were not completely right. Blood and oil and other strange fluids had stained the walls leaving rust on places were it had been either cleaned or simply let to run off. In the middle of the room, strapped onto a thick metal chair, Vile. He had been severely beaten and bashed. Cords were running into his chest cabin connected to different monitors. Dents and rips in his armor. She started forcing the hatch open and crept out. Even if he had held her as a hostage he had not been hard on her. Vile seemed different than the other mavericks she had met. And whatever the reason he were held here made him an enemy to the rest of the mavericks on the boat. Which meant that he were an ally to her. As she started to disconnect him, he shrugged. They met each others eyes for a second before an alarm went of and some rustling started outside the room. She dived in beneath the chair Vile were sitting on. Soon she understood that it were her escape that had set of the alarm and that the man, which chair she were hiding beneath, were tortured to find her. She held her hands over her ears trying to keep Viles screams from tearing her mind apart. Hoping that the closest thing to an ally will not tell.

Jay felt how she slowly regained conciousness. With a tingling sensation in all her body she tried to sit. Pain ran through her as she suddenly remembered what had happened and with that where she were. Looking around, she realised that she still were inside her cell. With force she sat and looked at the thick door. They had patched her up again, after beating her senseless. Then she flew up against the door and slammed her fist into its metal. A little to hard, she realized as the pain surged through her arm.
“Open the bloody door” a small window opened and two eyes peered in.
“Open the bloody door” she repeated “I need to go talk to sis”
“Be quite in there, you won’t talk to anyone” the window closed again and no matter how she tried she could not find a way to get it open again. No matter how hard she tried. She sat down on her bed again with her face in her hands.

Lost in space. He sought a way to enter the complex again. The energy he had left for his boosters would run out any time soon. At least he had been able to hide from the angel. From the outside, Athist seemed more dead then it did from the inside. A meteor had run through several parts of the buildings. It were against one of those openings he tried for. Type did not know if he would be able to make it or not but it were the thing that gave him most of an chance. As long as the angel did not return.

Whisper. Part five.

He forced the door open and climbed in. He had found a airlock and would be able to enter without being shot away from the buildings again. As the artificial gravity returned he felt how he slowly fell to the ground. Braising against the walls he were able to at least stagger forth. In the laboratory he now entered, were different kinds of miniature ships. Type looked at these and started wondering where he were. Slowly and hurting he started to look for a map of any kind or anything else that could guide him back to the teleport room.

She were walking through the corridors while rubbing her hands. She were heading for sickbay. The hands had slowly gone from just tickling to hurting. Silver figured that there had been a short while she had destroyed the security bot at Mehkai’s. Maybe the urge would go away as well. Then she passed someone in the corridor. At first she did not recognise who the women were but when she greeted, Silver noticed something. That voice. She would know it anywhere. Silver turned quickly and fired the only weapon she had. Fire to kill. She only felt a surge of pain run through her body.

She flew up against the top of the small shaft then back down on top of Vile. Looking up she noticed that it had been a success. Kay had been able to save Vile from the chair after many hours of torture, before they finally decided that he did not know anything. His screams still echoed inside her mind. He had kept his silence. After the maverick had given up left Vile had been unconscious. Kay had been able to release him and pull him up into the ventilation shaft. After dragging him along she had settled down and started on trying to fix him. Being with one leg on each side of him, talking to herself in hopes that her sister would hear, something had crept up the shaft. Some small reploid with a big helmet. Kay had to short circuit Vile’s weapon to be able to fire at the reploid and stopping it from shouting for the others. The parts were scattered along the small compartment. Looking down on Vile’s body again, she only wished that her sister would come around. Kay were not the mechanical one.

Silver were stretching for the button. If she only would be able to press it everything would be alright. No one else would be harmed. No one would have to be sacrificed. If she only could. Press. The. Button. Something were closing in. Closer and closer it crept. Silver were next. She just had to reach.

“Melissa!!” She screamed as she twitched from the bed, stretching her hand straight forward. Still panting she looked around. She were in sickbay. Her usual room even. She crept together some and put her head on her hands. Her hands. They were covered in bandages. What had happened? She were heading for the sickbay already, with her hands hurting. A short. They must have blown her out before she made it. Looking at the window she notice that its still dark outside. Laying down again, she crawled together. She felt how something is closing in as she tried to sleep. Like something that would rip her apart the second she would close her eyes. She sat up by the edge and looked around. Her uniform were not there nor any other clothes. She got up and left in the sickbay shirt not caring that it did not cover her completely.

They had been able to surprise one of the mavericks and stolen a small ship. As they left the ship Kay realised that they had been inside a submarine. What they fled in were one of its rescue boats. Well, rescue subs. Vile seemed to be able to control it. Even though he had some twitches in his arm from time to time. She had not been able to patch him up completely but he did not complain. In fact, he had not said one word since he got reactivated. He had helped her and that are what were important for her. Kay looked back at the submarine they left and wished to never see it again. Soon she noticed another thing to their advantage. The rescue sub were even faster than the ship they had stolen before. Even if it were to run out of gas before their goal, their journey would be faster then before. She lay down on several of the chairs in the back, looking at her hand. Her fingers. She were barely able to move them and as she did, they hurt. Her whole arm were in pain and felt both thick and numb.

She stood by the edge leaning against the wall. Silver liked looking out over the city. It gave her a kind of soft feeling. She have been here for so long. Maybe to long.
“Still worrying, general?” the voice behind her made her smile a weak smile. Her energy had run out and she wanted to sleep.
“You should not worry so much, it could really hurt you. But I guess it’s a little late for that” she turned towards him and sat down on the concrete roof with her back against the wall.
“Welcome back, Blues. It’s been a while” Blues smiled towards her.
“Yeah” he walked up besides her and leaned against the wall himself “I’ve heard that a lot has happened” Silver nodded and crept together hugging her legs. They were silent for a long while without a movement.
“I heard about the Mehkai’s” Blues broke the silence. Silver shrugged and put her head on her knees.
“Yeah, she is in custody right now”
“I know and the other is heading this way” she looked up towards him.
“The other?”
“Kay Mehkai has been gone for quite some time now” Blues kept looking over the city “I’ve just recently got to know what she’s been up too, but I guess you’ll find that out soon enough. Atos knows too” he looked down towards her surprised face “Don’t worry, general, he has only done his part. But it’s not because of that that I’ve come here” she only stared at him while trying to figure out what he were talking about.
“I’ve come because of the mavericks. Vile to be more clear” he turned himself towards the city again while he kept talking “Vile have been moved out of the maverick force and are now regarded as a hostile to their cause for helping Kay” Silver rose beside him and tried to look him in the eyes, though his black glasses covered them up “I guess that I should warn you about another thing. One of those you hold dear might be about to die” Silver felt a snap at his words and grabbed him by his collar. She held him on the other side of the wall in one hand.
“What the hell are you saying, Blues? Don’t play games now” Blues did not try to hold on to anything but seemed to let her hold him there.
“I’m sorry, Silver. I don’t know. It’s not sure yet but it seems to be far to close”
“What are you talking about” she shook him, hard. He sighed.
“Silver put me down, Atos is going to show up soon. Want him so see this?” she studied his face then threw him back unto the roof.
“What are you talking about, Blues? I can’t handle much more”
“I am trying to find out but I’m not sure yet” he stood up without much trouble, brushing his clothes “There is a mastermind at work here, Silver. He is holding you, the Mehkai’s, Vile, the mavericks even the hunters in his hands at the moment. I am trying to figure out who” she looked over towards him questioning what he were talking about “Try not to worry, that’s what he wants you to do”
“Why?” Blues shrugged his shoulders.
“I’m sorry, I have to leave now” he walked by her and jumped up on a fire escape close by “One last thing” he looked up towards her “Congratulations on the promotion, Admiral. And, nice butt” then he started climbing as Silver sighed. She went over to the wall again and looked out over the night town. So tired. Somewhere in the distance she heard an harmonica.

She stood where he suspected her to. Atos had heard something outside his room and then seen her leave the sickbay. He knew that she would not get her clothes, she seemed to distant for that. Atos walked up to her using his crutch as a third leg. She did not seem to notice him as he closed in.
“Mom, you should wear something else” then he put the clothes beside her on the wall. Silver looked over towards him and smiled a tired smile.
“Thank you, Atos” while she changed Atos looked away.
“What have happened to my hands?” she asked as he helped her with her pants. He looked a little embarrassed.
“Your short circuited yourself, you have not been relaxing enough” he moved away some and leaned over the wall. She knew what he talked about. As a reploid she had to relax and sleep to regain power, as any human. For more than a month, she have been doing something to either occupy her mind or steering clear from mishaps. Strange things had been occupying her mind.
“Gibbs where there when it happened. He said he had just gone past you as you blew. Most of the corridors lights blew at the same time. Gibbs were lucky, though. If he had walked a few steps less he would have gotten a bolt into him too” Her pressure had blown. She moved close to him and embraced him. They stood hugging each other for quite some time before anyone spoke again.
“What do you know of a Kay Mehkai?” she whispered into his ear, trying to keep awake.
“She is a long way from here. Why do you ask?” he felt really warm. Not only because of the hot summer night but also because of Silver. Being what she is makes her warmer than regular people.
“I am starting to think that she’s a part of what’s going on here, but not sure what”
“Well, she’s in Russia, trying to get back here. I think she mentioned that she were captive to someone but she didn’t seem alarmed about it. She just seemed to want someone to talk to”
“You talked to her?”
“For about an hour before we heard about the attack, on Jay’s radio” she let go of him and sat down leaning against the wall. Atos kept leaning over the wall not wanting to rise up with his hurt leg.
“How did you hear about that?”
“On the radio. Someone were listening on us and warned us”
“Both of you?” she looked up towards him and met his eyes.
“Yeah” suddenly he figured it out. There were more than one that were listening but one of them wanted them to steer clear of the trouble. Who ever the man were he were probably a spy on the mavericks. Why else?
“Mom, you should get to bed again” she shock her head and looked up towards him.
“I have to think things through. Something is not right” he smiled some towards her and leaned down and kissed her forehead. Both smiled. Atos left a short while afterwards and when the sun rose over the city Silver were fast asleep on the roof.

She woke up again by her growling stomach. Not really knowing for how long she had been sleeping she looked around with clouded eyes. The hard seats did not give any comfort and her body were already aching all over. Vile seemed to do something in the middle of the room. At first she did not understand what it were but as she tugged herself in she suddenly realized it. She sat up quickly staring at the pot of soup.
“Food?” Vile looked up towards her and pulled out a plate as she spoke. With wonder in her eyes she watched the soup. No meat or vegetables but only noodles and pasta. As she tasted she understood that he had added a few spices too. Whatever it were, it were food. Vile watched her for a while as she ate then rose to walk back to the cockpit.
“Where did you find it?” she asked between chewing. He pointed at a small cupboard near the chairs then moved on. When the soup did not seem to be any more she turned her eyes towards the cupboard. She had not been completely satisfied yet. Disappointedly she only found either rotten food, past date cans and mouldy water. The only thing that would be edible would be died up food that had to be boiled first. Boiled in the mouldy water. As she were about to open it she stopped and put it back. Rationing. Neither knew for how long they would travel before the first hold. Well at least it were warmer in here than outside. Her arm hurt a lot but maybe it she got medical attention by next port she might be able to keep it. She could at least hope. Her fingers did not want to move any more.

She had been put out of action until they have fixed certain things. Only no one really knew what were to be fixed. Atos took care of her while leaning onto his crutch. He had been trying to find out what were wrong but she would not answer. Her body had both healed and been repaired to Lifesaviors extent although some parts were harmed that he did not know how to either repair nor replace. Lifesavior had been talking of a person that might have been able to help her but Atos did not know who he were. Well he had heard the name, Dr Cain, but never met him since he died while Atos still were a small child. At the moment all they could do were to wait and hope that the thing that bugged her would subside. They had even sent for help and X had to leave NeoTokyo to come help.

She sat staring out through the window as he were making dinner. Atos were an even worse cook than Silver. Suddenly there came a knocking on the door. Throwing the pan into the sink he went to the door.
“We would need the Admiral in her laboratory” Corporal Gibbs stood in the opening with an oil stain over most of his uniform.
“What is going on?”
“Type is back from his mission”

Standing beside the body she felt nothing. Type were lying in front of her torn to pieces and nothing inside her. This were nothing more than a broken computer. The others had left her alone, not to disturb. Type had been bashed and mauled and spiked and grind. She started to pick him apart without any concern. After a few hours of working someone were tapping on her window. Blues climbed into her laboratory. Looking over at the many pieces of Type he shrugged his shoulders.
“I see” then he looked towards her and her oil drenched shirt “I see, you both are broken”
“Broken?” she turned her attention to Type again and kept trying to pick him apart. Blues smiled a bitter smile.
“You wish to become whole again?”
“I’m not broken” she said without even caring.
“Maybe not” he looked over Type again. Then he moved to a bookshelf next to the window he entered and put a small box there “I guess there’s nothing more for me here then” he climbed out the window.
“Wait” he looked in again “Have you had any progress?” he just shook his head before disappearing again. She glanced towards the box but turned back to Type.

With tears in her eye Kay walked through the streets of her home town. For far too long she had been away from her sister and her home. And some real food. Her arm seemed to have survived the journey but not without some damage. Her arm felt really weak with every movement and it still hurt, but she could move it again. Her body were as weak and she did not know if she would eat first or sleep. A lot about her were broken and torn but she were home. Vile on the other hand seemed to keep himself as distant as before. Kay had already figured that he would not stay around if they would find the city of their home. That is why she had made a deal with him. Vile would keep her safe until they found her sister and her sister would repair him. Maybe even upgrade him. Only thing were that their old holdout had been emptied and moved and Kay did not know where.

Whisper. Part six.

Kay woke up in her bed. The pain inside her arm kept her from really falling asleep. The day before she had noticed a small blackish bulge in her arm. She noticed it while she took a long wanted shower. Trying to ignore the pain she heard something. A quiet whispering. She looked around inside the room. She could not see anyone in the room, except Vile on the couch by the windows. Silently she crept to the door. With one ear to the the door she heard it from the opposite of the room. Sneaking to the other side she looks outside. Suddenly she realised that the sound did not come from the room or anywhere near it. It came from her transmitter. She ran into the shabby bathroom. Looking into her eye through the mirror, she tried to figure out what where wrong. With her nails she fastened one of the bolts and the voice became louder.
“…amn. I hope she’s not asleep” a young boy’s voice.
“WAIT!!” she screamed from the top of her lungs. After a seconds silence she tried again.
“I’m here, I’m here. I am listening” Vile watched her from the couch as she collapsed on the floor crying.

Type covered the laboratory floor while Silver slept in her couch in the view room. Atos looked over the scenery and at her. He did not want to wake her up, she deserved every second of sleep. Instead he left a note for her. Knowing he would be gone for some time Atos had already spoken to Lifesavior who had agreed on looking to her every once in a while. Atos himself were to go to his friends. Not meeting them for a very long time had torn him and he felt that he needed to leave his mothers side. Even though she needed him. At least he knew she would be safe and he needed to clear his thoughts.

“Hey” “What’s up” “How are ye” everyone seemed to be happy to see him again. They just spoke for quite some time, catching up. Everyone wanted to hear about how Atos had gotten shot. No one really knew anyone who got shot. Living in the safety of  the Headquarters kept the battles away from the people. Most people did not have that fortune.

They were walking down a road in a fortunate area of the city. It were mostly untouched by the battles. People on the streets avoided them. Kay knew why. Vile had the looks of a maverick upon him. It would scare people, make them angry and maybe force them to attack if provoked. Still she were safer with him than without him. At the faint sound of a harmonica Vile stopped and turned.
“Where are you going?” she asked as she started after.
“Blues” it were the first answer she had gotten in about a month. She had thought his voice were broken after the torture. Apparently it had not. Quietly she followed.

They entered an empty alley. Only scrap and dirt along the walls and not much more. She noticed that Vile were looking upwards towards the fire escape. A red figure sat on its railing playing an harmonica as his cape gently moved with the wind. She did not know what were going on but she had a feeling that this person were no maverick. Vile and Blues seemed to have a stare down although she were not sure since she could not see any of their eyes. Then Blues lowered his harmonica.
“Tell me who is behind the scene and I’ll grant you a haven” she kept quiet. She knew this were far beyond her. Not that she knew why but she just knew.
“Give me Navcom access” were Vile’s short reply.
“Who is in the desert?” now Kay reacted.
“Jay knows” both Vile and Blues looked towards her “I don’t know where…”
“She’s kept at the hunters headquarters” Blues started to climb down. Kay suddenly felt very small by Vile’s side. She felt how he disapproved her words. Blues simply walked past them and Vile followed. Kay kept her steps behind the both of them.

She had just started with the reassembling Type as X stood by the stair.
“Silver?” she kept her eyes at what she were doing but gave an acknowledging mm.
“I wanted to tell you that Blues has returned” she knew, he had returned a long time ago “He will say for a while. Ehm, Silver? Are you listening?” Silver nodded “Well, he brought two others to stay here. I think you know them. A Kay Mehkai” she knew who it were, the locked up’s sister “and Vile” she looked up towards him.
“According to Blues all three are to be given a safe haven here and I think he has something up his sleeve”
“Three?” X took a small step back.
“Vile, Kay and Jay” she knew she should be angry about it, she felt something deep inside her but nothing that even bothered her.
“Thank you for letting me know” she returned to Type. X looked stunned towards her. He had not gotten used to her calm disposition quite yet. He hoped that he did not have to.
“Err, well. We have seen to it that they only will move in a certain area. Outside that area they must have guards following them. If they leave the compound they will not be able to return”
“Key” she nodded. X looked at her back for a while before starting up the staircase.

Atos were walking through the corridors with a soft smile on his face. It had felt good to be amongst his friends again. It had been a while. As he were to go round a corner he suddenly went into something of metal. Taking a step back he noticed who it were. He froze completely. Vile. Blues moved up next to him and looked at Atos. Giving Vile a push they both kept walking leaving Atos. A while after they had disappeared he slowly felt how something warm ran down his thigh.

Kay and Jay were in their room catching up while Blues and Vile were by the lake. To Vile it had been no problem to avoid the guards. Blues were sitting with a fishing rod while Vile sat a bit up into the tree. Both were silent for a long time.
“Is it the one in the desert that is behind this?” Vile broke the silence.
“Likely but I do not know what he is up to”
“We would not be able to beat him”
“Speak to him?”
“He would kill me first. Probably you to” then they both sat silent again. After a while Blues rose and pulled up the hook from the water. He looked up towards the setting sun.
“I guess you should be safe here for a while. Do not linger to long” Blues started walking but got halted.
“What has happened to Melissa?” Vile asked suddenly.
“She is not called that any more” Blues replied with a sharp tone in his voice.
“What has happened?”
“Right now she is broken. Do not see her” Vile kept silent and after a short while Blues started walking again.
“It will be hot tonight” Vile muttered for himself as he watched the sky.

Atos had gone to Silver after the shower. He helped her picking pieces and tools as she kept working on Type. She had been trying to fix him for several days and were not done yet and she had been working without breaks. While trying to find a component she needed Atos found a small box. As he opened it and looked inside he noticed a small electronic machine and a letter. After the first row he looked towards her and yelled.
“Mom, you should hear this” she looked up towards him.
“’It has been a while since you last needed me. I wish I could be there to assist you myself but I have found myself in a situation that hinder me from being there in person at the moment. I give this to Blues as he asked me about the component and I trust that he will get it to you. With sincere love’ ” he looked at the back then over towards her “No name” she smiled a weak smile.

“Your creator I suppose” a voice from the view room slowly walking down the stair. Atos froze and Silver looked up towards him. Vile.
“What do you want” she asked him as she returned to her work. He walked slowly around looking at the parts and pieces. He did not touch any of them.
“I wanted to see you for myself. It has been a long time”
“I will not fight you here” she replied softly.
“Being an enemy for so long. I do not want to disturb you now” he walked slowly back up the stairs. Atos fainted.

“What is your plan, Blues?” X had been waiting on Blues to return to his room “What are you up to?”
“I need to find this out and the sisters are the key” Blues leaning against the wall.
“You need to find out what? Blues, I trust you but when you drag Vile into our headquarters I…”
“Vile knows of honour, he will not sabotage anything” X walked up closer to him. Shaking a finger.
“I do not like to have a maverick roaming our corridors”
“There are worse things than mavericks to worry about, X” Blues put his helmet to X’s “There are a new threat out there that want us something. I wish to know what it is before it charge towards me”
“And why is Vile so important?”
“Vile is completely unimportant. I needed him to get the sisters together”
“Then get rid of him!” X yelled and pushed Blues back “And if you do this again without warning I will personally throw out whatever thing you have brought in!” Blues nodded and walked down the corridor. X kept standing for a while clenching his fists before he left.

X went to Silvers laboratory. As he entered the viewing room he noticed Atos lying in her couch. X smiled a gentle smile towards the sleeping boy. At least there were someone that had time to watch over her. He went up to the railing and looked down towards her. She were still picking inside Type but it seemed as if she had gotten quite far. Maybe Type would be running by the dawn. Leaning to the railing leaning his head in his palm he watched her making progress.

When Vile heard the harmonica he knew that he were not welcome any more. He had only waited for it. He met Blues on the corner. Neither of them spoke but both knew where to go. By the exit Vile turned towards Blues.
“They will oppose to this”
“I know” they stood staring at each others for a while before Vile left.

He woke up the next morning by the smell of hot food. With a twitch he sat, remembering Vile’s silhouette but realised soon that it were Silver sitting by his feet on the sofa. She smiled towards him and stretched out a tray with some sandwiches and a cup of tea. Atos watched her face. She smiled.
“Mom!” he screamed as he threw himself around her neck, hugging her. He then noticed that there were more people in the room. X were sitting on her computer chair and Type were standing next to him. X were smiling towards them both.
“God morning, Atos” he said gently. Then he looked over towards Silver.
“I think people might start looking for me soon, I am glad I could help you tonight”
“I’m glad you stayed” Silver waved as X left. Atos pulled himself back as he took the tray. Keeping it in his lap he started with a sandwich. He noticed the computer screen. It seemed as if Type were connected to it. Letters kept popping up. Many of the words were command lines that must have gone by his writing but you could still read what he wanted to say.
‘<Command output, screen access, writing> Are  Silver Snex child Atos alright? </Command>’ Atos had always wanted to hear how it would be if he were to talk. Both knew that he could, even though it seemed to harm him. At least Silver had told him so.
“I’m fine, Type. How are you” as he drank some of the tea he felt a lot more comfortable. Silver were leaning against him some, leaning her head against his shoulder.
‘Thank to Silver that Type am repaired. Type have much to tell. But story for Silver and X’ Atos nodded and smiled. He looked over at Silver, who snuggled against his shoulder.
“You feel better too?” Silver looked up and smiled.
“The box you found had the piece that were broken” she rose “I am whole again” she pulled Atos to his feet and took a few dancing steps. The tray flew to the floor and the tea followed. Silver did not care and neither did Atos.

Blues sat down by the sisters as they ate their breakfast. They both looked up towards him. He noticed that Kay’s hand were of metal and her arm had a bandage.
“Who’s this?” Jay asked Kay.
“It’s Blues”
“Ah, thank you for letting me out” Jay smiled towards him.
“I need to ask you a few questions” Blues went straight to what he wanted.
“One question first” Kay put in “Where are Vile? I asked around and people say that he left”
“Yes, he had to leave. I do not know why”
“But he were to be fixed, he wouldn’t leave like that” she made a gesture towards Jay.
“Sadly, he left” they looked at his black glasses for a while.
“You made him leave?” Jay asked.
“No, he had other things to do. He would not tell me”
“Where did he go” Kay.
“I do not know, but I could find out if you would be so kind and answer my questions first”
“What is there in the desert?”
“Just some ruins, nothing more”
“Why did you bring mavericks to explore the ruins?”
“Because there might have been something dangerous”
“What were there?”
“Nothing at all” they all looked at each other for a while than Blues left. He already knew that they were lying. He had only hoped to find the truth. The sister knew that he had lied too. There were no point in the discussion. The only thing left is to explore the ground by himself. Maybe after Type had told his story. There might be a clue in his words.

Type told of a man with both massive power and knowledge. A guardian of a completely different world. The world itself held wonders that were far from what were on earth and everything were of the worst kind. Technology that were far above the kind that were used. Weapons of mass destruction. Tools that could be able to change the  foundations of the world. And the guardian were its masterpiece. Everyone agreed that it were better not to explore it much more. Especially since there had been a man there that had beaten Type.

Blues on the other hand would have to. The one that guarded seemed to be the one that might be pulling the strings. He needed to find out how.

Whisper. Part seven.

“Why did you give her an artificial arm?” Silver stood next to Lifesavior as he looked through some of his papers.
“Because she needed it? Well, part that she needed it and part that she already were a cyborg. And” he continued before Silver could cut him of. He were happy that she were back on her feet, even though she could be an annoyance every once in a while. “they paid for it” Silver looked towards him for a while.
“How could they afford that?” Lifesavior looked towards her then shock his shoulders.
“They paid in cash, I do not ask. Especially if they do need the operation. Had she not been given the operation she would have lost the ability to put a substitute” he sat down by his desk “I’m sorry, Silver, but I have no time for questions” she looked at the papers on his desk for a while before she excused herself and left.

“Do you trust them, sis?” they were walking through the corridors towards the meeting hall.
“So far they have tricked me, hit me, locked me up, kept me from you and destroyed my lifework. I would not trust them to chop my hand off” they stopped outside the door looking at each other.
“Shout if you need me. I’ll wait here” Jay nodded then entered the room.

There were a long table in the middle of the room with chairs on both sides. A white board on the wall, nicely cleaned. The interrogator were already sitting there. Corporal Gibbs. Jay stayed just inside the door and put her arms over her chest looking at him.
“I am to ask you if you wish to become a working scientist for our forces” he did not even seem to bother to lift his eyes from the papers.
“And why would I even consider?” he looked up towards her. She could not help but despise his eyes.
“Because we are willing to give you residence, a laboratory and fundings”
“Yeah, right” she turned towards the door.
“If you do not work for us” she stilled “you will not be allowed to do any scientific tests or return to the headquarters” she looked back towards him. Always an interrogator always one.
“That’s extortion” he nodded.
“Sadly, yes” she kept staring at him. She really disliked him. He were to sneaky.

She slammed the door as she left. Kay twitched as Jay walked away.
“What happened?”
“We have both a home and work here now” Kay looked at her with a surprised look.
“What’s wrong with that?”
“I got forced into it” Kay smiled some.
“At least it’s not the mav’s” Jay stopped and turned towards her.
“Why are you so happy?”
“Because if we have jobs there are one thing I’d like to do” her grin grew as she took Jay’s hand and dragged her away “Let’s shop”

They were both lying on the roof watching the clouds. They were both felt the warm breeze slowly sliding over them and both of them were just feeling calm.
“Why did you ask her to work for the hunters, mom?” Atos started after a long while. He were mostly happy with having his mother back.
“Because we are always in need of good scientist and she is one of the best I’ve seen”
“I thought you hated her. I mean, she shot me”
“I know, but that were a while ago now and your leg is healing properly”
“For a while I thought you wanted to kill her”
“I did. I were prepared to and would have killed her in the blink of an eye” he looked over towards her. She still wore a smile on her lips. Weak but somehow radiant.
“What made you change your mind?”
“Time. She is to valuable as a scientist. We would really need her”
“You’ve forgiven her?” Silver gave a small laugh then looked over towards him.
“Of course not, but I’ll get my revenge in a more suiting way. As soon as I figure one out but I won’t harm her unnecessarily”

They had met each other just a day after they left. Not a word had been uttered as they kept walking by each side. For days they walked without break and as they entered the desert another one joined in. Still no words. They all knew where they were heading and what must be done. All three had questions to be answered and all three a jagged tooth to paint red. The only break they had were near a worn down fence that seemed to keep no one out and no one in as it were in one single row. A few days later they found what they searched for. One man alone in the middle of a great desert. He were sitting by a truck that were tarnished by wind and sand.

“I see that you finally have arrived” the man were the first to speak. Blues, Vile and Type stepped up and stood by each others side, staring at the man in front of them.
“What is it you wish from us, Hailius?” Blues spoke.
“I wish to speak to you” Hailius slowly rose and brushed the dust from his clothes.
“Of what do you wish to speak?”
“I wish to know of your views. Each of you are loyal to each side of a great war, but still you trust each other to the extent of travel” Hailius smiled towards them as he started to pace around them “I expected that the hunter and the warrior would come. The wild one is just a bonus” the three looked towards him as long as possible but none turned as he walked up behind them.
“You have pulled your strings to get us here, to ask us why we come here together? There is more than that” Hailius smiled at Blues words “You are going to keep our silence about yourself after you questions”
“Yes” Hailius stopped in front of them “But I might let you leave if you get far enough towards me. You are able to if you work together. First, I wish to ask you the questions you came to answer” everyone stood relaxed as they talked. All of them knew that a battle would be unavoidable but it would not start yet.
“For every question you ask, we will ask one of our own” Vile said his first words.
“I expected none less”
“Pulling your strings to get us here, I would think you knew” Blues put his arms across his chest.
“Being as old as you I would think that I knew that there is nothing you would be certain off” Hailius made a gesture for the ground as he sat himself down.

She got pulled out by something shaking her. At first she did not realise what happened. Not until she looked up to see her sister sitting on top of her with one finger over her lips. Jay watched not understanding, not really awake yet. Kay pulled her up and pointed against her ear. Something must be going on.

“What do you think of humans?”
“I don’t know about the humans. They are different every and each one. I cannot answer a question against them all as one” Blues replied as he sat down.
“Humans are just as reploids but with lesser life span” Vile shifted his weight and looked over towards Type.
“The wild one does not need to speak, since he is not able to” Hailius seemed to watch their souls instead of their bodies with his dark tired eyes. Blues looked back up towards him then back towards Hailius “Your question”
“Who are you?” Hailius looked towards Blues as he got the question, the he smiled.
“I am a soldier of Athist. The sole survivor. I am the guardian of an entire different world. I am a god amongst mice, yet I am Hailius. No more, no less. A far from perfect creation of the human race. I am but one of what would have been many. That should be enough for you since I would have to tell about things that should not be known to fully answer it”

Sitting by his Navi he stretched as he yawned. It were late, he should be in bed long ago. Before he had time to act on his plan to turn the screen off and get undressed there were a gentle tapping on his door. Before he could answer it slowly opened and Jay peeked in through its opening. When she noticed him she put a finger over her lips and sneaked in with her sister following shortly after.
“We need your help, Atos” she whispered.

“Why do you seek your assistance from different sides?”
“What do you mean, why we helped each other to get here or why we work with the people we work with?” Blues asked and only got a short shake from Hailius shoulders. All three watched him for a while before anyone answered.
“Because they suit my values and give me an alliance that do not watch my shoulders” Vile told.
“I came here with these to find out who it has been that has pulled all the strings” Blues reply calmly, noticing the faint red colour deep inside Hailius eyes. There were history written in those eyes. A kind that is rarely seen in others. This one man seemed to know more than most living. More than most reploids.
“How did you get us here?” Vile asked.
“I pulled strings. I helped the warriors find the scientist. I guided the boy and girl through though situations. I even gave you both a seed of wanting. The only thing I have not had a hand in is this wild one” he made a gesture against Type “and one of the high generals” Blues rose quickly.
“You, you hurt Silver. You sent the mavericks against the Mehkai’s. All because you wished us here? For what? To ask questions with clear answers?” Blues felt a rush inside him he had not felt for very long. He were in a position to make a difference. Finally. It had been such time past since he had a chance like this. The only thing he had to do were to cooperate with a maverick and that were a cheap price. Both of them should be enough and they have one more than he had expected.
“No more questions” Vile fired the first shot, ignoring the pain running through his body.

X got called back. He had been just above some of the mavericks, ready to unfold the trap and get some of them when he suddenly had gotten the message to return to the headquarters. And it seemed urgent. As he arrived he hurried to the conference room. There were several people there all quite at hard work. As soon as he were noticed he got hushed. Jay Mehkai urged him outside the room.

Hailius took the shot to his chest. In the blink of an eye he turned from a small wintering old man to thrice his size. A man with a radiant glow surrounding him. An instant after Type jumped in between, holding one hand against each side. Everyone held back their next attack and looked towards him. Looking back at first Type turned against Hailius, pointing at him. He then pointed towards himself and jammed his hand against his chest. When Hailius now spoke his voice were a lot deeper and more commanding then before. It had grew as his form.
“Yes but first, let me ask you something. I will make it simple, a yes or no answer. Since you cannot speak. Tell me, Would these to be enough?” Type shock his head “Will you be able to oppose me?” he nodded. Hailius watched him for a while. Both Blues and Vile had their weapons pointed towards Hailius. Both had them charged.
“Every creation gets a piece from it’s creator. Whether it grows or dies are to the creation” Hailius suddenly said. Then Type jumped towards him with his claws.

They all sat quite with the only sound of key’s being pressed. Everyone had their headphones on. Listening to a battle that they had no hand in, trying to find a way to hold it off for even a second. Kay sat in a corner crying in Jay’s arms as they listened to blasts and scratches. Suddenly Atos screamed.
“Got It!” then a second later he watched the screen and muttered “lost it…”
“Was it enough?” X were standing by his side watching the screen, not really knowing what anything on it were. Atos looked up quietly. He did not know. Then a few seconds later everyone stilled as the sound suddenly ended. Everyone looked toward each other. Had it turned out well?

Days had passed without any word from anyone of the three. Not that it were expected from Vile but at least from Blues. No one dared to turn against X at the moment. They all knew what Blues meant to him. Then there came a buzzing in the intercom of the complex. Blues and Type had returned. People had a party to their honour, but they never got an answer of what had happened in the desert. The next day both Blues and Type took their leave and Jay found herself soaked in water as she entered her new lab. A laughing Silver welcomed her to the block.

The End.