It was a very calm day at HQ and Silver was enjoying a certain robo-rabbits company. He didn’t drop by all too often and when he did it was always some kind of emergency. But not this time. She had gotten worried when he had been knocking on the window, but shortly after he had entered she understood that he were calm. Instead she had ended up with fine-tuning some of his operations. Type did not allow her complete access to his programming but what she had seen of it, it were a mess. Outside the sun shined and birds sung. After a while Silver got a message over the intercom.
    “Silver here.”
    “Hi, calm day today, isn’t it?” X were in the other end sounding as relaxed as she felt. Removing what little worry she had.
    “Yeah, a nice evening. What’s the matter?” a calm day or not, he would not call unless it was important.
    “I’m sorry to mess up your weekend but we have some trouble with your last report”
    “Just need you to fill in some of the blanks. Nothing to worry about” Silver looked over towards Type and sighed.
    “I’ll be right there” then she turned of the intercom and shrugged her shoulders “I’ll be right back”

As he were left alone he looked upwards. The roof were outside his short range sensor. It worried him. He could look straight at it but not really judge if it were still or not. The breeze from the open window kept moving the lamps a little, making his vision even more blurry. Carefully he moved around the room to have a quick view of everything that Silver were working with at the moment, but nothing really interested him enough for a deeper study. Instead he crouched up in a corner to rest his batteries. Slowly he dragged his claws over one of his ears while again checking the ceiling.

The guard sighed in relaxation. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t to hot to be outside. No maverick activity for long.. and soon work was over for the week.
    “Don’t get too relaxed over there.” The other guard laughed.
    “I’m not. But it’s all calm. Couldn’t we call the weekend shift in now?” The guard complained and leaned his shoulder against the gates.
    “Um, no. Don’t get lazy just because it’s Friday afternoon, I mean…” The guard stopped talking as he noticed how his companion suddenly rose and gazed puzzled down along the street. Then he spotted the man as well. A man dressed mostly in white normally wouldn’t drag this much attention to him. But the man carried a six feet long sword over his shoulders. And the man was heading their way.
    “Aw maaaaan!” The first guard shouted as he ran over to the guardhouse. The other soldier moved in front of the gates leading into Maverickhunter headquarters. When the man got close enough the guard shouted.
    “Freeze right there, and put down that sword, sir.”
The man kept on walking towards him.
    “State your business or you will be considered a threat and taken care of!”
The other guard came back and stood besides his companion.
    “He ain’t stopping is he?”
    “No. Any backup if this gets nasty?”

Type sat there anxious. Not being to interested in any of Silver’s gadgets he moved a little. He heard noises and once more peered at the roof. Suddenly, a guard opened the door.
    “General, there is…” the guard looked at Type surprised. “Is the General here?”
Type just shook his head as the guard hurried out closing the door behind him.

There where soldiers everywhere, but not no one wanted to get close to this man. Everyone waited for the superiors to arrive. So far, the man hadn’t killed anyone… just immobilized the ones who stood in his way. And he had marched right through the gates of Maverickhunters Headquarters and walked up to the seemingly nervous female clerk and rested his elbows on the table. She wasn’t able to see his eyes due to the blue shades, and even though the situation was freaking her out she somewhat calmed down as he smiled towards her.
    “Well, hello, Sweetheart” he started with a deep voice “Do you, pray tell, know where a pink robo-rabbit might be located” the clerk looked shocked at him, then slowly melted into a nervous smile.

    “Err… Well, sir, he is usually in General Silver’s laboratory…” he smiled and leaned forward.
    “Could you tell me where that might be?”
    “Ah, yes” she studded as she picked up a map from under the table “Right here sir” she said with a warm smile and somewhat reddish cheeks.
    “Thank you, my lady” he smiled as he started of down the corridors. The soldiers that filled the rest of the entrance looked astounded by what had happened. The clerk leaned forward with a gentle sigh.

Judging from the commotion outside something were slowly closing in. Something bad. Type stood in the middle of the room prepared for anything to enter the laboratory. Except him. Seeing the form just outside his field of view and up a flight of stairs, he realised who it were. In a quick motion he turned and started for the window only to get his ears caught in mid air. As Type were lying on his back, the man moved over him.
    “Not this time” he had a big grin on his face as he towered over him.

As Silver entered the corridor in which her lab was located she noticed a commotion outside as several soldiers ran around, some called out commands and some just listened to the noises coming from…Her lab?
    “General!” A soldier ran over to her. ” We have been looking for you! An intruder was able to get into HQ and is now inside your lab, he seemed to be searching for your friend.”
    “Type?!” She dropped the documents she was carrying and ran over to the lab door.
    “General, wait until the commanders arrive, this man is dangerous. He took out  10 guards with no effort at all!” Silver didn’t listen and opened up the door.
Her lab was in total chaos. Everything had been either tossed or somehow moved across the room. Then she spotted them. A man with long white hair and blue shades held type in a firm headlock while rubbing his knuckles to Type’s head.
Type looked up as he noticed Silvers presence and so did the man who spoke to Type:
    “And who… You got a girlfriend?” The man took Types head in his hands and looked at him seriously. “Well what do ya know! Maybe pink works with girls-” Type shook his head in panic as the man kept talking. “No? Not your girlfriend?” Type kept on shaking his head and waving his arms. “Good…” The man said with a sly smile on his face.
Before Silver could even react the man stood only a few inches from her. He was taller then her, and had a very well trained body. He moved his hand up to his shades and pulled them down a bit. She looked into his deep green eyes as he moved even closer, picked up her hand and kissed it gently.
    “Pardon the mess, I am Gary G. Xenox, and who might this beautiful angel be?”
Unable to speak, Silver felt that she was blushing.

The soldiers had been waiting for him when he returned from the mission. Some dangerous man had demolished Silver’s lab, and Silver was in danger. He ran through the corridors and up the stairs in panic.

    “Please don’t let her be.. please don’t” He kept saying to himself as he ran up the final stairway.
There where several soldiers outside her lab and to his surprise, so was the superiors. He pushed aside some of the soldiers trying to get to the door when X grabbed his arm.
    “Snex, I don’t think it’s such a good idea for you to go in there, there’s-” Snex pulled his arm away.
    “Why are you standing here!” He shouted. “Let me get in!” Snex stumbled through the door and saw Silvers lab in chaos. He panicked as he saw Type in a fairly bad state trying to get out of a window. He looked around and then he noticed her. She was forced up against a wall by a tall white-haired man, who held a huge double-edged sword in his right hand. Ferocious with anger Snex was just about to shoot when suddenly…!

“Until next time my angel.” Gary ended and corrected his shades. When he was about to move away he suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her against his chest and stole a kiss that lasted a good five seconds.
Snex’s jaw dropped and so did X’s and Zero’s and all the soldier’s.
Gary leapt out the window following Type. Behind Gary a storm of plasma shots rained, as a crazy Snex was about to leap out after him being held back by X and Zero.
When Snex had calmed down a tiny bit he ran over to Silver screaming:
Silver looked at him, still blushing and giggeling.
    “That was… Gary” She smiled with a sigh.

He walked down the corridor towards her lab. There seemed to be some kind of trouble in the building, but then again, there was always some kind of trouble in this building. He was just happy that she had called, after all, she was a busy woman.
He entered her lab knocking the door frame as the door seemed to be broken in two, which was a bit odd since it was a thick steel door.
    “Hello…” He became silent when he noticed the chaos. Silver turned around and smiled and walked over to him through the mess. She hugged him tight.
    “Hi, Raines.” she smiled as he blushed a bit like he always did when she hugged him.
    “Sweetie, what happened here?” As Snex passed them, Raines waved at him but only got a murmur and a grumpy look in return. Silver noticed.
    “Don’t mind him. Actually I called you here today because I was wondering something.”
    “Raines… do you any relatives… like a brother?” Raines groaned when she said this.
    “Gary. Is my brother the cause of this chaos?” He said and picked up a chequebook and a pen.
    “That is not necessary” She smiled awkwardly and tried to get him to put the chequebook away.
    “But yes, this was caused by …Gary” A grunt was heard from Snex.
    “Alright… what really happened?” Raines sighed. As Silver tells him what happened he looks around and starts scribbling something in his chequebook.

    “…Well, and then he was about to leave when he kissed me and-” She wasn’t able to finish the sentence as Raines suddenly, accidentally, stabbed the pen through the chequebook and broke it in his palm spraying ink all over himself.
    “He did WHAT?”

Story is © Peter A Svensson 2007
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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