He has watched them for a while now and they seem to be suiting his liking. They are both good fighters and strategists. Right now he is watching from the rooftops, watching the fight below. The mavericks did’nt have that much of a chance but it seemed that the hunters leader tried to keep the disaster at a minimum. So that there are no harm to the hunters side. Type leaned closer to the edge, his eyes were not of top quality. The small guy had taken most of the mavericks himself while some rookies were taking care of two others with the general watching over them through her gunsight. It was clear to Type that this was a training session for the rookies more than an important fight. He moved back some again, getting completly out of sight. Those two might be able to win against him, if they would work together. But that is not what he want from them, he want them to capture him. To take him into their HQ and that would only work if the general knew more. The short one would never spare him if he won. Type sits there for a while thinking, moving up from time to time to watch the fight below. He can’t wait forever either. When the fight is starting to end he rises, showing himself. Hopefully they will see him and start researching. Not before long they see him, the proof are the sharp hit into his chest that moves him back and gives a spray of flares. Now they will start searching, atleast.

   The fight were over now. She had seen something on the roof and now she saw nothing more than some thin white smoke creating a line into the sky. The rookies came back to Silver awaiting new orders, 666 were still standing near the broken reploids, lighting a cigarette.
   “Good work, everyone” Silver said looking around herself. “Now get back to HQ, I’ll be there shortly and we’ll discuss how this went” All the rookies started walking while she walked over to 666. He seemed to look up against the roofs himself. Whatever it was, it had taken his eyes during battle.
   “Who was that, brother?” she asks, watching the thin cloud dispers into air.
   “I don’t know” 666 reply turning his eyes toward her “But it has followed us for quite some time”
   “It has? I noticed it only yesterday”
   “I’ve seen it for a month” he was calm while he said it.
   “A month?” Silver looked at him with disbelief “I’ve not seen it”
   “That’s what worries me. It’s good at what it does, but now it has shown itself” he started walking “Who or what it is isn’t what worries me, but I have to leave you now. I have more things to take care of” he drops the cigarette to the ground.
   “Wait, you just going to leave, like that?”
   “Yeah, see you sis” then he starts running away.
   “Wait” Silver knows she has no way of catching 666, but this time it bugs her. Really bugs her. Lifting her head she watches the roof a second before she start chasing after the rookies.

   Proudly she leans back with a smoking cup in her hands. Finally she has found something. It had taken her several hours to find it, but there it was. On the screen in front of her a file was shown. A file about an ex hunter called Type. It’s specifications was unclear at best. Not because of lack of information just that there was nothing that was up to date and the only thing written about the reploid was that it were a maverick. Strange, she thought to herself. Everything were written in high detail up to one date where everything was changed to an out-of-date-status, the same date that it was changed into a maverick, many years ago. Now there was no real information about it, nothing more than it’s a high rank maverick. The last report about it says that there were noone killed, yet they had no chance against it. They didnt even seem to harm it. What is this thing, Silver thought clicking on it’s joining to the hunters, This thing has been around about as long as I but has no killing record for years. How can a maverick want peace? she thought while taking a sip of her tée.
   There were a small tapping on the window that caught her attention.
With a small smile she opend it letting in a cold breeze and 666.
   “You’ve been gone for a while” he said while lighting a cigarette and looking around.
   “I’ve been–” She suddenly remembered she was suppose to help with the rookies today to.
   “They have already left” 666 said while she started to collect her gear “What’s with you today, sis? You seem out of sorts” he sat down on the chair in front of the screen, watching her.
   “I’ve been busy” she stands still watching him “I have tried to figure out who it was on the roof the other day”
666 raised an eyebrow “Oh?”
   “Watch” she went up next to him putting her hand on his shoulder as she leans and points against the screen with the cup “That’s what was on the roof” 666 read some of the file while Silver walked over and closed the window. After a few seconds he looks at her again.
   “This don’t help us much”
   “So why should I read it?” he cuts her of.
   “You think somethings wrong?”
   “Yeah…” she looks down toward the ground. She has some bad memories of the mavericks. Somethings she’s not proud of.
   “It seems to be called ‘Type’, let’s try find it. If nothing better than to put your mind at rest” he had kept reading. This reploid seemed to have been a close-combatant. If it’s any  good it might be a fun time fighting it. Then he freezes. The cigarette falls to the floor.  Silver notice that something is wrong, but before she is able to say anything 666 starts laugh. “HAH!” Loudly.
   “What is it?” Silver asks with a wondering expression.
   “Look” 666 says and points against the screen “It has pink ears”

   She was outside walking, her rifle over the shoulder, when he found her.
   “I heard you’ve got a new mission” 666 said while closing in on her.
   “Yeah, I’m going to search for Type” she does not look back at him, just keeps on walking.
   “Been a few days since last time I heard of fuzzy ears” he puts a cigarette into his mouth and lights it “What makes them think they found him now?”
   “They don’t think that he’s found, I’m sent to search an area”
   “Why alone?”
   “I don’t know…” she stops and looks up toward the rooftops.
   “But you know something new, don’t yeah, sis?” he looks up at the same roof then back at her “Cat’s…”
   “Yeah, I’ve done a little more research”
   “And..?” he urges her.
   “I’ve talked to both X and Zero about him” she turns towards him with a little confused expression “Both says that he was rescued by some hunters from a research facility, but he had been active for several years before that”
   “They said that he had been in a test run without any moving-capabilities”
   “So..?” he tapps some of the ashes from the cigarette.
   “Several years not moving or making a sound” she looks away for a second then starts walking again.
   “Is that what bothers you? Something with a bad past? Don’t everyone have that?” the last part were more of a murmur to himself than directed towards her.
   “What bothers me is that he never said a word during the time with the hunters either, even though there were people trying to make him talk” she stops again looking toward the ground.
   “Go on”
   “Yet when he comes back after being gone for months he is able to talk. As a maverick he says the password to that base. When he were seen today he fought, and won, against both mavericks and hunters. It seems that he didn’t kill anyone though, on either side” she finds herself touching the lightning upon her face “I’m not sure he’s turned” she wispers silently.
   “It might be a trap then” 666 says looking toward the rooftops when he sees something falling down against them. With a stomp Kage were flattend. “Shit” 666 activated his claws and gets into a fighting position. Silver on the other hand started pulling out her rifle, not reacting quickly enough for Type’s next landing. On her.

   “Bastard, you killed Silver” 666 murmurs while he’s running after Type. They were on the roofs, jumping from building to building. 666 found himself holding his sabers while running. Silver were out of count, but that would’nt stop him from destroying Type. That could be the sole reson. Kage were out of count, that to were reson enough. The one upfront were fast, sending out small white clouds behind him, but that won’t stop him. Sooner or later Type would make a mistake and that will the last mistake ever. 666 were pissed.
   Suddenly Type stops and turns. Without hesitation 666 charges on. A kick, before he were ready, hits the sabers from his hands and making him fly back to the edge of the building. Sadly the sabers did’nt stay on the roof. Quickly up on his feet, 666 is turned against his foe. “You won’t live through this day” he says and charging forward, now knowing that the legs were longer then he had expected, he manages to avoid the first kick. Thanks to that he got close enough with his claws. Sparks flew from the chest and he felt something against he’s back. The next thing he knew were that he was flying, straight into the building on the other side of the street. Through a window. 666 would not give up, back on his feet, out the window and up on the roof again. He saw Type standing with his arms turned backward and his head downward. 666 did’nt have time to react before he saw Type flying straight at him with a even higher speed than before, hitting him in the chest and everything went black.

   Silver had seen the end of the fight. She had had hard work climbing to the roof, one of her legs were broken and she would not leave Kage on the ground. She had watched through the scope on her rifle. She had seen 666 climb unto the roof where Type were waiting for him. The crash had sent 666 through the air and through the building he leapt out of. Type on the other hand had followed the journey with a line of white smoke behind him. He had stood without any sign of weakening. With tears in her eyes she had aimed and shot. Only flares came from the chest and then a white pillar of smoke were shown in through the air away from them. “Triple!!!”

   When 666 woke again he saw a lamp hanging above him. With a twitch, he sat. Silver were sitting next to him and his sabers were laying on a table next to her.
   “God morning, brother” she said.
   666 looked at her suprised. He did’nt think she survived. That had been such a blow.
   “Kage is on my desk, he’ll be okey” she smiled weakly against him.
   “What happend, I thought…” he stops and just looks at her, not really knowing what to say.
   “I don’t know really, I guess that Type were to much for us, next time, we’ll bring more people” she rises and starts walking toward the door.
   “Where are you going sis?” he watches her closly.
   “I’ll tell them that you are awake now” she stops in the open door, looking back against him “You know what, though?”
   “You lost” she closes the door fast and he can hear the running steps outside.
   With a sigh he lays back on the bed and looks through the window. A sly smile slowly appears on his lips. “Yeah, sis, finally someone worth fighting” he puts a cigarette in his mouth “Next time, Type, I’ll win” He lights it.

Story is © Peter A Svensson 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.

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