An explosion woke 666 up in the middle of the night.
“What the…” Hearing another explosion, he looked around and saw a large bolt of lightning strike another part of the building. “I’ve seen that before”, he said to himself. “Is Silver fighting someone? Better go check it out.” Dashing across the roof towards the action, he spotted a dozen hunters on the ground, also moving towards it. “Reinforcements, huh? Must be something tough if she can’t handle it alone…” He turned his head to Kage. “Kage, be ready for fusing at any time. I have the feeling that this is not my average opponent.” Another lightning bolt destroyed a piece of the building that was in front of him. “What the…” He activated his claws and started to move forwards slowly. As he reached the part that had been destroyed, he looked down to see a familiar figure. Around her, there were much rubble from the destroyed building and also a number of destroyed hunters.
“There she is! Attack her! Don’t hesitate!” The dozen hunters were running towards her.
“Lightning strike!” A big bolt of lightning appeared and struck the hunters, killing them instantly.
“What the fuck is going on here?” 666 looked at the hunters, then at her. “Oy, Silver! What the hell are you doing?”
“Silver, eh? She’s not here anymore.” She turned around, pointing Longinus at 666. “Electro Slash!” A few bolts raced from the sword towards 666 at high speed.
“Huh?” Barely avoiding them with a well-timed leap to the ground, a single thought were going through his head. “No… don’t tell me… that SHE’s back…” He leapt up to the roof again, seeing another group of hunters getting killed. “Sure as hell looks like that… oh well, then I guess I have to deal with her… how troublesome.” He jumped down to the ground on the other side, where X, Zero and Snex were standing.
Zero turned to him. “666… You know Silver. Do you know what has gotten into her?”
Without turning his head, 666 replied. “That’s not Silver…”
“What? You mean it’s an impostor?”
“No. If you excuse me…” 666 walked towards her. “So… you actually managed to take over, at last…”
“Heh… so you know my identity…”
“Sure as hell I do…” 666 made himself ready for battle. “I had hoped I would never see you again…” He dashed towards her. “Melissa!”
“At your service.” She pointed her arms towards him. “Lightning strike!” 666 barely avoided the lightning bolt and jumped back.
“Looks like I have to get serious already…” He put on his forehead protector. “Snex.”
“Huh? What?” Snex turned his head to 666.
“I’m going to attack her with full power. I won’t hesitate to kill her if I have to. Don’t try to stop me.”
“Do I have a choice?”
“Thought so. But you won’t… you won’t kill her unless you absolutely HAVE to, right?”
“Right… I don’t want her dead either, but that’s not your wife, or… my sister. That’s… a Maverick. That should be reason enough to get rid of her.”
“I suppose so…”
“Everyone else, I advise you to stay back. Not that I really care, but if you tried to interfere or help, you would only get caught in the battle and be killed. Other than that… she’s MY responsibility. I once promised Silver to take care of her if she ever took control…” With one hand on Nightmare and one on Koe, 666 dashed towards Melissa at full speed. “Let’s see how you handle this…” He did a slash against her with both swords at the same time. She barely avoided them, but managed to stay safe.
“Close call there… but not enough!” Melissa did an attack with Longinus towards 666. He managed to block it with Koe. “And take this!” She stabbed Deepwave towards his head. Turning it away, he only got a scar in his helmet.
“That was close… but close is not enough in a battle!” 666 did a leg sweep and Melissa fell to the ground. He pointed Nightmare towards her. “Now it’s my turn.”
Still lying on the ground, she pointed Deepwave and Longinus towards him in the same fashion. A burst of water that immediately was electrified by Longinus shot out towards him. “How’d you like that one, eh?” The electrified water sprout hit 666 in the chest, who lost balance.
“You bitch…” Pulling himself together, 666 raised and dashed towards and past Melissa. As he delivered a hard kick towards the back of her head which made her fall to the ground, he felt that his power cell was going crazy. “Damn… I’m going to need… some more for this…” He looked up. ”Kage! Time for… fusing. I need some of your power…” Kage immediately rushed towards him. “Since I have to end this quickly… the normal fusion will have to suffice. I don’t think the Razor Angel would do much good anyway…” With a beep from Kage, they fused. Just as their fusion had completed, Melissa got on her feet.
“Don’t think you’re the only one who can fuse… I can too! Rayden!” Rayden appeared on her shoulder, looking a bit confused. 666 dashed towards her at full speed.
“No… you…” Just as Rayden were crawling down her neck, 666 grabbed the end of his tail and pulled him out. “…can’t! Hey, Snex! Catch!” 666 threw Rayden to Snex. “I can’t let you fuse… I have to stop you.” 666 begun charging his claws.
“Annoying little punk!” Melissa lifted her right arm up in the air, and electricity started to flood around her hand. “Electro beam!” As she did a sudden move with her right arm towards 666, the electricity around it flew towards him. He ran towards her, and just as the electricity were going to hit him, he did a high jump up in the air.
“Heaven and…”
Melissa looked up. “Again!” This time, she started to flood electricity around both her hands. “Electro beam!” As she shot the bolts towards 666, she noticed he was pretty close to her.
“…HELL!” One of the beams hit 666 just before he completed his jumping attack by slashing her with both claws from above. Just as he landed, he crouched and delivered a kick to Melissa’s chin. All this made her take a step back and fall to the ground with a sound of pain.
“Ugh… you…”
“I hope that was enough to take you out… because I won’t be able to keep going much longer…”
“I still have… enough power!”
“Then you leave me with no choice…” 666 walked up to her and unsheathed both his swords. He inverted his grip and held them up in the air with the blades pointing towards her chest. He closed his eyes and lifted his hands as high as he could. “I’m sorry… sis…”
Melissa managed to get a grip on his wrist and started to send electricity through it, but to no avail. He had already started to thrust the blades towards her.
“…but you told me to!” His blades burrowed through her…

…and as he opened his eyes, he only saw the peaceful night sky. He sat up and looked around. Everything was as peaceful as almost always.
“A… dream?” As he put his hand to his forehead, he noticed his claws were activated. “Heh… I guess it was kinda hard to avoid, with all that…” He deactivated them and lit a cigarette. Then he stood up and started to take a walk along the roof. “Guess I have to tell Silver about this when she wakes up…” he thought to himself. Ten minutes later, he threw away the burned cigarette, lay down and went back to sleep.