Summer was over the Maverickhunters headquarters. It was an especially hot day, but 666 was assuming his usual pose in his usual place – lying down on the roof. In his hand, he was holding a paper. His eyes were closed, but he was not sleeping. On the very same roof, not far from 666, very light steps could be heard.
”Should you really be around here?” 666 opened his eyes and looked towards the source of the footsteps. ”They’re not interested in capturing you anymore, but still…”
Type approached 666, looking at him. As always, completely silent.
”Though, there was something I wanted to ask you.” 666 lifted the paper towards Type. ”What do you think?”
Type grabbed the paper and started reading what was on it. He looked at 666, then the paper, back at 666 and then clenched his fist around the paper.
”Something told me that wasn’t you. Solo mission for me, but… you wanna tag along?” He obviously didn’t expect a reply. Type just stood there, soundless. ”I take that as a yes. Hope you can take some heat, ’cause apparently we’re going through a desert. Could probably fetch a ride, but hey, where’s the fun in that?” 666 stood up, placed Kage on his shoulder and jumped down at the back side of the building, closely followed by Type.

”There it is! Shoot it!” Several reploids lifted their weapons and pointed them towards a robot wreaking havoc. When the first shots were fired, it quickly turned tail and leaped up to the roof. Within moments, it was out of sight.
”It’s here! Guards!” The shout came from behind them. The group of reploids quickly searched out the source of the shout.
Just seconds later, 666 and Type found themselves surrounded by lifted weapons.
”Gee. Some welcome party.”
”Who are you… and why are you with that one? Are you also here to cause trouble?” The reploid that appeard to be the leader looked at them angrily.
”Trouble? I got here to clear up some trouble, but if you don’t want me here, I assume I’ll just leave.”
”Clear up… who are you?”
”666 is what they call me. Mercenary. Here as a representative of the Maverickhunters.”
”Oh, you are the help we sent for… thought there would be more of you. However, why are you with that… that maverick? Did you already capture him?”
”…wait a second here. Maverick?”
”Yes. That Maverick standing there is the source of all our troubles here.”
”What do you mean?”
”For starters… well, he may be a maverick… but he’s not of the violent sort. Quite the opposite, actually. Second, he has been with me all day, and he definitely hasn’t been here for the last few days.”
”The one that is rampaging our city is undoubtley a maverick according to our experts, a violent one at that… and ‘Type’ here is a bloody copy of it.”
”Copy, you say?”
”Those ears, that body, the legs… the stance… they look exactly the same.”
”In any case, we are here to investigate the matter. Now lower those guns, willya…”
As the guard patrol took their aim off the two, a crash was heard not very far from where they were standing.
”It’s back!” The leader of the guard patrol started running, his men following.
”Type…” 666 looked at his companion, who nodded at him before they both sped past the patrol. As they approached the place from where the crash had originated, they saw a dark figure disappear behind a corner, two very distinct pink ears flapping behind it.
”What in the world…” They followed after it, but behind the corner was only a dead end alley, with no sight of the perpetrator. ”Looks like there’s more of a mess around here than I thought…”
Shortly after, the guard patrol approached them.
”So… it does look like Type all right… escaped before we could get a clear sight of it, though. Has it ever killed anybody around here?”
”No, noone. It has attacked a few of us when we have attempted to stop it, but never killed…”
”Well, that’s also like Type… he never kills anyone. Something weird is definitely going around here…” 666 lit a cigarette. ”First of all, why would anyone make a copy of Type… and why would it be here, of all places? There has to be someone else behind this.”
”Hope you’ll discover it.” The leader raised his hand towards 666. ”Sorry for the mishap before – name’s Widden. Leader of the reploid guard around here.”
”I see. Well, we’re handling this now, I guess… we’ll keep watch from above and wait it out. You can go back to whatever you’re normally doing.”
”As a matter of fact, we don’t do much since there’s rarely any trouble here…”
”Heh. Well, see you later.” 666 turned to Type before they both made their way to the roof –  leaving Widden still standing with his right arm stretched out.

Over the following few days, not very much happened – the Type copy appeared a few times, but disappeared before his trail could be picked up. But a pattern was discovered, leading to a lucky sighting of the copy – confirming that it, indeed, was a total copy of Type – an opportunity to take chase…
”It seemingly hasn’t noticed us yet… try to intercept it and chase it out the southern exit… I’ll be waiting there.”  Type jumped down to the ground and quickly thought up a plan of how to lead it to the spot. 666 ran across the roofs towards the southern exit, making sure to not be spotted by the copy. ”Kage… get ready…”
Not long after, a Type left town through the southern exit – only to get showered by metal feathers moments after. The figure of 666’s Razor Angel came diving from the sky, holding a glowing halo in his hand, which he was about to throw towards the Type.
”Taste the gloria!” However, he halted his attack when he saw that the Type on the ground made no efforts to counterattack or dodge. ”TYPE? IS IT YOU?” 666 shouted – in the half-male, half-female voice that was to be expected from his current form – to the dark figure below him. Right then, another Type came leaping out the gate. 666 looked at them both, his hand still poised to throw the gloria. ”Must be the first one then…” He flung the gloria towards the one he had intended to, but just as it was about to hit, the Type leaped away – making the gloria hit the sand and stop. ”Oh damn it… Type! Follow it!” Type leaped away in the same direction as the copy, 666 flying behind after collecting his gloria.
Both Types could, quite naturally, move the same speed – so the copy was ahead, but could not get further ahead than it already was. But, similarily, Type could not catch up. They had moved quite a bit away from the town, and was now in the middle of the desert. Type did not know how far away they really were. After about ten minutes of running, the copy was distracted by something that fell in front of him – something he had seen before. 666’s gloria. Shortly after, 666 himself shot down and grabbed the Type copy by the ears, intending to recreate his trump move against Type – however, despite that 666 was still flying a bit above the ground, making for more horizontal power, the overhead throw did not do much damage, as the sand was soft.
”Ah well…” 666 descended to the ground, regained his claws from the gloria and undid the fusion. As he assumed fighting stance, Type ran up to 666 and held out one arm in front of him, like he was blocking him. ”Type… very well, I’ll let you deal with your own impostor… if it really is a copy, you should be a better match for it anyway.” He deactivated his claws and lit a cig as the other Type got to his feet, looking at them. ”Have fun… there’s something I need to find out.” With those words, 666 dashed off in another direction as the Types leaped towards each other, starting the inevitable clash.

As one would think, they were evenly matched. They had the exact same fighting style, making it easy for both to exploit weaknesses in the style of the opponent – but also to fully utilize the strengths of their own, making for what would be a very interesting fight to bear witness too, but noone did see it. The blows were traded in a speed most could never hope to even come close to. It was already hard to see which Type was which – but a skilled eye would notice that there was slightly less grace in the attacks from one of them…

”I just KNOW that there’s someone else out here. It’s like I can feel it in the air…” 666 was searching the desert for the manipulator that he was sure was behind the events. His assumption of another party was correct – and that party was, unbeknownst to 666, watching him.
”Twice of the wild one, and the violent one… even I did not expect this.” From a cliff, an individual clad in a brown, ragged robe was watching the desert. He was standing in a small alcove near the top of the cliff, the sun lying so that the alcove was completely shadowed hiding him.
The cliffs had actually been in the corner of 666’s eye for a while. ”That seems to be the only place to hide around here, unless it’s playing mole and going underneath the sand… Kage, ready for another angel?”
Following a beep from Kage, they reassumed the Razor Angel fusion. 666 flew high up in the air  as he formed two glorias.
”An angel, is it…”

From all his recent fights with 666, Type had reevaluated parts of his fighting style. No big changes – just a few slightly altered moves. Covering up openings, not always attacking at first chance… ear control. He had never thought his ears would be his downfall, but then again, 666 was something out of the ordinary compared to everyone and everything else he had fought… with one or two exceptions.
The copy turned out to have a slightly wilder fighting style. It left a few more openings, which Type exploited – the copy had taken more hits, but damage was dealt from both sides.
The terrain was not in favour to any of them. The soft sand left very few possibilities to throw kicks with both legs, as it made it next to impossible to support the body using the arms. So both of them had to resort to hands and other kinds of kicks. It was not yet possible to tell who would win if it went on as it did.

The man standing on the cliff had lost track of 666. He had ascended high above the clouds at such speed…
A glowing halo shot through the air at high speed, piercing the cliffside behind him. However, it flew past him without danger. Shortly thereafter, 666 descended down to a rock close by, recreating his claws and undoing the fusion as he eyed up the man.
”My, my, my. To think it would be you of all people.”
”So… you think know my identity? Of course, I would expect no less from one such as you.”
”You seem to know a bit about me… and I’m pretty sure I know who you are.”
”So… who?”
”The living remains of Atheist…” 666 paused to light a cig. ”Hailius.”
”So you know my origins as well.”
”I’ve heard countless rumours about you. Quite a few saying you’re godlike… doubt that very much myself.”
”Gods are not to be taken lightly…”
”Are you saying that you are in fact a god?”
”Do you intend to find out?”
”I have a feeling that before this day is over, I’ll find out whether I intend to or not… no matter whether I want to find out or not.”
”I wonder… what is your business here?”
”You should know… that Type copy is your doing, is it not?”
”Copy? No.”
”What do you mean?”
”It is no copy of the wild one… it is himself, as he was once…”
”As he… wait, that’s an older version of Type? How…”
”Reaching into the past should not be a concept you are unfamiliar with.”
”You… you brought Type here from the past? How far?”
”From a time where he was… undoubtley irregular.”
”Irregular… so what you’re saying is that while the current Type may be whatever, the one he’s fighting is nothing but a maverick…”
Hailius closed his eyes and smiled. ”Indeed.”

Type had realized that it was no mere copy, but a past himself that he was fighting. The concept was confusing to him, as he could not recall ever having fought himself before. He did not know from when his opponent had been lifted, but it seemed to be from a time when he was more violent, even though he had never been so violent as to kill anyone. His attempts to stop the fight were only in vain. They were still evenly matched, and it did not seem like it would break from that state…

There are possibilites to alter the timeline, but it’s an iffy process. Saving the life of someone via time travel is extremely unlikely – many times it have happened that the person traveling to the past to save someone ends up being the one doing the actual killing. Killing someone in the past to remove them from the present is possible, but it leads to all kinds of paradoxes along the way. The chaos theory gets an entirely new meaning when you know what can happen.
As for encountering yourself?
Don’t even get me started on that, but there has been people who simply have ceased to exist at all points along the timeline after going into the past and doing something stupid.
That’s just a few of the reasons we’re doing what we’re doing, though… we mainly believe history shouldn’t be altered in any way at all, but our main concern are people who bend the timeline just for personal gain.

”Now, Hailius, I won’t ask just how you did it – getting that other Type here, I know there’s many ways of doing something like that – but there’s one thing I really want to know.”
”And that would be?”
”Just… why? I will not believe that you did it to draw out Type or even me, as you wouldn’t go through something as complicated as bringing something from the past just for that. Am I correct?”
”You are. I did in fact not expect any of you.”
”So…” 666 took a deep breath. ”Just what the hell are you doing? You manipulate time, bring a maverick to a desert town seriously lacking in the protection area, has it wreak some havoc… and you’re just hiding in the desert, watching? At least I’m pretty sure you didn’t do the part of time manipulation for your own benefit… else I’d have attacked you already, even though I think that’s a bad idea.”
”Do you wish to test me?” Hailius pointed his sword towards 666.
”I’m not stupid… foolhardy, maybe, but not stupid.”
”That is a wise course of action.”
”Answer my question, willya? Why are you doing this? You should know it’s nothing but a threat to Type as well… if the old Type had gotten killed here… now he’s safe as they can’t and won’t kill each other, but the sheer amount of time paradoxes that could have kicked in otherwise…” 666 sighed.
”So whom would you bet on as the winner of their bout?”
”Winner? Unlikely. Even though I believe the Type of today has more skill, I can’t say for sure that any of them in the end acts on much more than instinct. In the end, they can’t beat each other, because they are the same. And I have no idea for how long they can go… you’re not going to answer my question, are you?”
”The reason is less important for now, but as things turned out… a hole can be filled.”
”You keep not making much sense. Bah, nevermind this… I doubt I’ll ever get a straight answer out of you. I’m going back to try to stop them… at least I have a better idea of what’s happening now. Kage…” 666 threw away his cig as another Razor Angel was formed.
”You’re an interesting fellow, just like the wild one…”
”Something tells me that I haven’t seen the last of you.” Leaving a final remark in his dual voice, 666 did a backflip off the rock and shot away towards where the Types were fighting.
”No… you have indeed not.” Hailius stood up and looked in the direction 666 had flown. ”He is right… it is time to end this.”
When the fighting Types came in clear view for 666, he heard a voice.
”Unsurprisingly they are still at it.”
”…Hailius? Where the hell are you?” 666 looked around, but failed to spot Hailius.
”It’s all in your mind… anyway, let’s stop them. You take your friend, I deal with the one I took here…”
”How the hell am I supposed to know… wait, I think I see it. Whatever…” 666 flew high up in the air and hovered above the fighters, waiting for the right moment. When the opening he had been looking for appeared, he shot down and placed himself between them, blocking a kick from Type with his crossed arms. ”It’s over, Type… you can’t win. And even if you could, I think it would only be for the worse…” Behind 666, Hailius had blocked an attack from the other Type with his sword.
”The words spoken by the violent one holds true. This little game is over…”

Hailius thrusted his sword down the sand and put a hand on the past Type. ”Time to bring this wild one back to where he belongs… he will return to his own time…” Hailius’ eyes turned fully to Type. ”…exactly one week from the day I snagged him.”
Hearing ‘one week’, Type reacted, and a faint memory appeared in the back of his head. Or rather, a lack of it.
”I will possibly have more business with both of you in a future, near or distant… but one cannot know what will happen.”
”You’re one weird fellow, but I have a feeling this ain’t the last of you I’ve seen either.”
Hailius smiled. ”Feelings should be trusted. Well then…” Hailius and the past Type took a  step backwards. Suddenly 666 raised his hand.
”Hailius! Wait!”
666 smiled. ”Do you think… that I can take you on one day?”
”That depends on what fate has in store for you…” Hailius grabbed his sword, whirling up sand, forcing both 666 and Type to cover their eyes. When it had cleared up and they could see again, neither Hailius nor the past Type were anywhere to be seen.
”Fate, eh…” 666 sat down in the sand beside Type and lit a cigarette. ”What a day. In any case, it’s safe to say the mission is done… I’ll go back and report to that Widden guy, then I’m going back…” 666 paused in his thoughts. ”Yes… back home.” He looked up in the air and snickered. ”Only home I’ve ever had… anyway…” He turned to Type. ”You coming along?”
Type looked at him for a few seconds, then he shook his head.
”Oh? Well, it’s you… I know to not ask. See you another time…”
Type got to his legs, nodded and then set off towards the distance.
”…the wild one, huh…” 666 remained sitting there until he had finished his cig. He threw the butt away, stood up and started walking towards the city as the sun began to set.

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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