She ran up the dirty path knowing that her pursuers were both bigger and faster than she. Hopefully their size would work against them and the obstructions ahead would slow them down. There were a brick wall, standing almost twice her height. She pushed off the ground and used her momentum as one foot hit the wall to propel herself upwards. The hands got a hold of the upper edge and still moving upwards she swung over the top with ease, landing on the dirt on the other side. Her feet started her off again. A short distance from the wall were three pipes crossing her path. Using her own speed she slid under the first and, bracing against the next as she pushed off the ground, she head vaulted over the other two. Being upside down and backwards, she caught a glimpse of those behind her. They had to help each other over the wall. Perfect. She still had to make some distance and kept on running. The pool caught her by surprise, but before she fell into it she was able to push off the ledge. She barely crossed and her left leg was dipped into the water. Giving herself no time to slow down, she kept running even though she was getting tired now. She saw the escape ahead. A wire from the balcony ahead, and a trellis just below. She climbed the wall almost without touching the trellis and found herself on the balcony. A quick look backward as she unbuckled her belt. The pursuers was closing in on the pool now. With a proud smile, she threw the belt over the wire and used it to slide to the ground. The guy at the end pushed the timer button, then smiled as he looked at her. “I think that’s a new record, Woods. Next time we should set you against the robots” She just smiled and leaned to the wall, panting.

Story is © Peter A Svensson 2010
All characters are coyright respective owners.