She were walking through the desert. A desert of scrap and sand. A war had played out there. A great war with machines and rifles. A great war, now long since forgotten. Even though the dress was thin and loose the cold night did not bother Her. Neither did the wind carrying sand. Her sons had been in this very desert in an archaeological expedition. They may not have found what they were looking for but what they had found interested Her. As they had told about their find they both seemed nervous. One of the children seemed to think of him as a master piece, while the other thought of him as a great warrior. Neither had had more than a glance. One thing they both had said. His eyes. Even if it was a creation, the eyes did not seem mechanical. Even if he was a warrior, they did not hold a bloodthirsty sight. The eyes. They could tell more from that glance of his eyes, than about the thing they were looking for. Wisdom. Pure wisdom resided within those eyes. They were eyes that could stop an army with nothing more then a stern look. That had awoken Her fancy. Really awoken. It was a rare fact to hear about someone that was interesting enough to actually look up. Rare indeed to someone Her age. A form showed itself amongst the rubble of a mechanical monster. A short man carrying a sword twice his size, or more. But it was not his size that She noticed, nor what he wielded. Her keen senses showed Her more than any mere mortal would ever see. It stirred within Her. This man would prove the story told, that with one glance. He was much more than a warrior, much more than an old man, much more than the history around them. Rare fact indeed.

She greeted him with a smile and an interested look in Her eyes. As their eyes met She knew. He was one of their kind. Not one of the blood, not even the flesh. But one of knowledge. One of power. True power. Those eyes held more than most of the ones of Her own kind.
“What might this rare creature wish to find in the cold ruins of an echo” his voice, both slow and rugged. She smiled and moved closer to him.

“My intent was to find a sole man in this desolate realm” their eyes were stilled locked. He seemed humoured by the words. “I do not suppose that the man before me would know where a man like this would be?” he gave a big grin back to Her.
“Why yes, a man like this might know where a man like that might be found. But may I ask which of the men that you mayhaps be searching for? A man by the sword? A creator? A guardian of life? Or may that be the man worshipped as a god?” She looked up and thought for a second before returning Her attention to him.
“Why, the man that I am on a search for would be all that and more. The stories told of him were enough to tickle my fancy. Enough for me to thread a place this cold and empty in hopes to one day find him”
“Who you are looking for does not exist, and neither would be. That man is no more then any other. Just a creation of time and kept within its walls”
“Ah, I suppose then that you are not the man that scared my children with nothing more then a gaze”
“My, you are an interesting specimen. Most of the mortal souls that meet these eyes would not be as blunt as to ask if I could oppose time itself. But then again, you are not of those” both of them smiled to each other.
“I travel with but one request to the gentleman I hope you are”
“Hmm? And what kind of hospitality would I give if I were to deny someone the right to ask a request within my lands“ She smiled as he replied and sat down on the hood of an old rusty vehicle, long since kept out of working order.
“Tell me your story”

“No one has ever asked that of me before. Not that I will not answer your simple request. Give me time to recollect my thoughts before I begin.

I suppose that I should start where any good story should start. At the beginning. There are many theories of how everything came to be, but one thing is certain. This big pile of rock that we call Tellus was either created or crashed together long ago and, with time, creatures started to roam its surface. Many times have races been formed, changed and even destroyed. But no race have been so eager to do this as man. Since the very beginning man has struggled to form the world around them to their own ways. If something did not wish what they had envisioned, they simply removed it from the path to success. This is the path it has always walked and still is walking. In that struggle it has formed the world around it in a rate that would erase their own kind before their time. Something was created. Theology. Religion. A way to control the many from becoming what their nature demands and stop them from destroying everything around them. A tool that your kind is responsible for, I would presume.”
“Human minds are often easy to sway”
“Indeed. This worked for a time. Sadly at some points it clashed since others created another, that most often did not agree. I do not know if this is by design or if it is because of the nature of man. I would guess both in many cases. Man, however, kept evolving their surroundings. They created ways to make the ground give them more of what they need. They created ways to move faster from one point to another. And they created, of course, better ways to destroy each other.

With time they understood that this were no path to walk and they realized that the gods in which they held dear did not exist. Because of this they created an All Seeing Eye. A creation to take a gods place. It was created to cease all war and injustice. Of course, only a few chosen ones did know of its birth. The Eye did realise that man would not answer well to a stern fist and started to unfold a plan for time. This is where my tale splits into two parts. One path walked along with this new god, the other left to escape its sight. The first path led down until the Eye realized that it could not rely on man to do what it asked of them and had them create something else. Something new. A new race that would prove more useful to it, than the easily swayed minds of man. The second path leads to the creation of a new world. A realm that does not keep its existence on this sphere, but on another. To guard the entrance to this realm, three new designs were made. One to fuel the new realms vast need of power. One to travel between the planes without the need of neither the portal or any other means of movement. And me, to make sure that the Eye would never notice.
My name is Hailius. Very nice to meet you”
She smiled and nodded. “I am Mina Xenox. Leader of the elder clan”

   The Tales of Hailius. Tale One. Origins.

“I remember my third awakening. The past two had both been failures, as were this and the next. I remember that awakening since it is what gave me my perception of this existence. Because of those few moments I know what it would be like to pass on. As a mere head I awoke with no knowledge of what were around me. I know now of scientists and computer panels, but at that moment it was the same entity. Nothing were separate, yet they all seemed to be apart. Time did not exist as the sense of being linear. It seemed as if everything moved without its assistance. Or rather that it was forcing the whole world. If a man dies, one that has a soul. Which does not leave its temple, would they not see what I saw then? A world that did not have any reality but at the same time seems to create a reality of its own. A reality that you will never be a part of.

By my fifth birth I were given a body other than the one I have been given today. One of the strongest creations they had made yet. I was given a key and an order. A simple task indeed. Being created with an intent I was happy of my quest. Something that every soldier longs for when he does not have but loath when he holds. Guard duty. I was not the first creature of Athist but I did become the guardian of all other, securing the only gate to a world beyond another. And again I was sent into a reality in which I did not belong.
I was born with the knowledge of my duty and how I were to hold it. But knowledge and experience are two very different things. And to any guard on this duty these skills feel like they are fading. I made sure that the Eye did not watch, as I was suppose to do and I made sure that trespassers were either sent away or dealt with. But as years passed this task became mundane and dimmed. I now know that what I did were wrong but it were a choice that made a difference. I made contact with a village within my realm. Or that was my intent. Instead as I walked in between their built caves others travelled a similar path. A similar path but with another intent. Thugs that wished their demise. Little did I know that they were soldiers for the same power that ruled the Eye. And as its soldiers were defeated without its knowledge it started to look harder on its own blind spot.

At first only spies and scouts would travel into my reach, yet with time they realized how to stay beyond it. As time played out, they found out about a portal to another world. A reality long since lost to them. And with it, clues of what might be on its other end. Raids started to flow in over the dunes and a request of assistance were sent to those above me. Two creations were sent to my aid. With them by my side, a war was fought over the years to come. A war that no one were informed of. A war that no one knew. That was the Eyes doing. It kept the potential risk hidden and with the worlds armies under its sway, it would not stop charging on.

A lot of blood has been spilled here, given the soil a more red touch in some spaces. A lot of oil and mechanics has fallen here as well. As has my two companions. But one faithful day, the attacks came to their end. As the power of man shifted and the new race started to seek what their creators had done for long before them, the Eye found itself in the verge of failure. The new race did not do as it had wished. It did not wish to stop the fightings. Instead it started to be affected by what man were and started to create through its neverending path for power. The Eye could no longer sustain a war against me, nor could it sustain its control over the world around it.

Now it is more hidden then I, and I am still here. Augmented with my companions and holding the key of a world since long forgotten and since long dead. I am the sole witness of what has occurred here and you are the first to listen to my words“

The morning lights slowly traced the horizon. As the both of them stretched their legs and stood.

“I have to make my leave now” She said “but I wish to return to hear it all in more detail. It is a rare thing to hear a story of this kind. Your words fascinates me”
“Hah, I am but an old man telling a story of what have been. I have left parts out but if you wish I would gladly fill them in for you. Anyone interested in hearing a story, should have it told” She smiled to his words.

“Good day, Hailius guardian of Athist”
“Farewell, Mina seeker of the old”