She had been following them for quite some time. Another boring mission, she was thinking to herself. It’s all thanks to Snex, that idiot… always trying to ruin it for me. However, the recon mission she had been put on was about to take a very unexpected turn. She had not seen the suspected mavericks do anything that gave her the authority to take them out yet – but she would never get the chance. In a small forest clearing, someone she had never seen before appeared and attacked her targets. It was not even much of a fight – the stranger completely slaughtered them, hardly getting a scratch himself. She was very impressed by his skills. Even though she hated admitting it, she realized that he could easily defeat her – and since this definitely ended her mission, she got ready to leave, before he attacked her as well.
”Don’t think I haven’t noticed you.” The unknown robot pointed towards Silver’s location, holding an unlit cigarette in his hand. ”You might as well show yourself.”
Silver slowly stepped out of the bushes. ”That was amazing…”
”I’ve done better. So…” He placed the cig in his mouth and lit it. ”Who the hell are you, anyway? You got here just after these punks…” He looked at the destroyed robot bodies around them, and then at Silver. ”Are you with them?”
”N-no!” Silver took a few steps back, shook her head and rised her hands a bit. ”Not at all! They are… or rather, were, my enemies.”
”Enemies, huh… I ask again. Just who are you?”
”Name’s Silver. You?”
”They call me 666.” He tapped at the forehead protector he had tied around his head, with ‘666’ engraved on the metal plate. ”As a name, it’s enough.”
”Nice to meet you, 666.” Silver stretched her right arm out towards him, but it was ignored.
”Eh, skip the formalities. What the hell are you doing out here?”
Silver lowered her arm and looked at the destroyed robots. ”I was supposed to confirm if these robots were mavericks… but I guess my mission is over…”
”Bad luck for you.” The claws on 666’s palms suddenly flipped back into his hands. ”Though, they were definitely maverick…”
Silver looked at 666 again. ”Is that why you destroyed them?”
”Nah… ’twas a job. Though, I suppose I got the job to destroy them because they were maverick.”
”Yeah, job.” 666 removed the forehead protector from his head and tied it around his arm.
”Who are you working for?”
”Whoever offers the most money.”
”So… you’re a…”
”Yeah. Mercenary, bounty hunter, call it what you want. Gotta do something for a living. What about you?”
”I’m a lieutenant in the Maverickhunters.”
”Maverickhunters, eh? Heard about ’em before, never met one. So what do you have against mavericks?”
”Well… they-”
”Oh, don’t bother explaining. I don’t really care what reasons you have to hunt them. You do whatever makes you happy…” 666 turned his head towards a metal sphere hovering in the air above them. ”Hey, Kage! Let’s head back and collect…” The metal sphere lined up beside 666.
”Kage, my support unit. Farewell, Silver… we might meet again some day.” 666 turned around and started walking.
666 gave off a deep sigh. ”Oh, what now?” He turned to Silver again.
”I was thinking of asking you…”
”What would you say about joining us?”
”You… the Maverickhunters?”
”Yeah… you’re a great fighter. I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to take care of those guys that fast, not by a long shot…”
”Not interested.”
”But… why?”
”Being a part of something like that… not really my style.”
”Being as strong as you are, you’d surely gain ranks quickly.”
”Not interested. Gaining ranks often involves following rules, something I am known to not do.”
”You’d be famous among the other hunters.”
”Not interested. I hate being in the spotlight.” 666 turned around once again.
”You can get upgrades for free and become even stronger.”
”Not interested. First, I’m fine this way… second, I wouldn’t let you poke around with my systems.” He started walking.
”Much money.”
666 stopped. ”Money?” He turned around, revealing a smirk on his face. ”Interested.”
”Knew you’d have a soft spot for something I could offer…” Silver snickered a little.
”Alright, let’s get down to the point immediately. What’s the pay?” 666 walked back to Silver.
”Well, it varies depending on the missions you do.”
”Let’s say this one – destroying these mavericks. What’d I get for it?”
”Well, they weren’t completely classified as mavericks yet, but they were classified as highly destructive… I’d guess 2500 something…”
”2500 credits for something easy like this? Hell, this is starting to sound good… that’s way more than I usually get.”
”So… are you going to join?”
”As I said… I don’t really like being a part of something like that. However, I’d be willing to do missions for you…”
”Working freelance?”
”Something along those lines. But let me make one thing clear immediately, girl – I’m only in it for the money… and don’t try to order me around.”
”Heh… sounds like I may regret recruiting you later… but alright. I’ll take you to HQ.”
”Wait, wait, I gotta collect my money for this one. Wait here, this’ll only take fifteen-twenty minutes, tops. Kage, you can wait here too.” 666 dashed off at high speed
”He… he was THAT fast?” Silver looked with a surprised expression in the direction he ran.

666 returned twenty minutes later with a bundle of cash in his hand. ”One thousand credits. Not too shabby, after all.”
”You’re really fast…”
”People say that.”
”Shall we go, then?”
”Yeah, I’m all done here… Kage, c’mon.” Silver started walking, followed by 666. ”Is it far?”
”Not really… with this pace, should take about four hours to get there.”
”Four… can’t we speed up?”
”Well, I guess…” Silver started running. 666 quickly matched her speed, Kage flying next to him.
”You can’t go faster than this? Even Kage can keep this speed! And his top speed is just about half of mine!”
”Well I’m sorry if I don’t live up to your expectations, but I have never really trained my speed! Unlike you I’m not doing close combat, which requires it! I’m a sniper and a weapon engineer. I have never felt any real need for it, so I haven’t trained it!”
”Eh, whatever… so how long with this speed?”
”Should be about… two hours.”
”…your top running speed is just double your walking speed? Believe me, you seriously need to train up your speed.”
”So how fast can YOU run?”
”I’d say about twelve times my standard walking speed… fused, fifteen or sixteen. So… you’re a real slowpoke.
”You are not very nice.”
”Oh, I know. I’m somewhat of a loner, so I don’t have very good so-called ‘manners’. As if I’d need them…”
”I don’t think I like you.”
”As if I care.”
”You can’t have many friends…”
”More than you may think.”
”Hmph… in any case, I guess I should know a bit about your abilities so I know what missions you are best suited for. You said something about that your speed increased when you were fused. You can fuse with… Kage, was it?”
”’course I can. The fusion has some serious flaws, though…”
”When we’re fused, our power cells start going completely haywire. From both of us at full capacity, we can only stay fused for about one hour, then we’re all out. Recharging time after that takes at least six hours, often more.”
”Why is it like that?”
”No idea. Either it was supposed to be that way, or it wasn’t finished. But it doesn’t really matter… one hour is often more than enough to do whatever we need to do fused.”
”Why don’t you have your creator look at it?”
”First of all, it’s creatorS… there wasn’t only one. Second, they’re all dead.”
”Oh, I didn’t know… I’m sorry.”
”It’s nothing to apologize about. It was probably I who killed them, anyway.”
”Yeah… to be honest, I’m not really sure myself. But it’s nothing to worry about… what has happened has happened, and there’s nothing to be done about it.”
”That’s true… so, do you only use close combat?”
”Yep, it’s my field of proficiency. Only a very select few have ever been able to best me in a melee fight. Not even the electricity-using bastards have been any problems…”
”Electricity is… well, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but what harm could it possibly do… it’s my one real weakness. If I get hit by electricity, something inside of me overloads and my power cell starts draining power much faster than it’s supposed to. Same goes for Kage.”
”To let you know, I use electricity…”
”It kinda shows.”
”For starters, all those small lightning marks you have… under your eye, at your belt, at your ears…”
”Talk about exposing your abilities…”
”So, what are your weapons?”
”Main weapons would be my strength and my speed… for more damage, I use my claws or my saber.”
”You got a saber?”
”Yeah.” 666 drew his saber and activated it. ”This is Nightmare.”
”Nightmare… I’ve heard that name before…”
”You were a weapon engineer, right? I’m not surprised you have heard about it – it’s supposedly one of the ten best sabers in the world.”
”Now that you mention it… looks like a very fine blade.”
”Fine blade, is it…”
”There was someone else who used that term for it…”
”One of your… friends?”
”No… nevermind that. I see that you too carry a blade.”
”Yeah…” Silver grabbed her sword and held it up. ”This is Longinus Lance.”
”Looks too big for my taste. Electric based, I take it?”
”Yeah. Made it myself. It’s my masterpiece so far…”
”Spiffy.” 666 deactivated Nightmare and put it back in its shoulder holster. ”But let’s shut it – can you really not go ANY faster?”
”It’s this, or I teleport.” Silver put Longinus back in her belt. ”Bear with it.”
”You can teleport? Hmm… are we going to continue in this direction all the time?”
”Alright.” 666 stopped. Silver did the same.
”What now?”
”Point in the exact direction. Then you can teleport there, and I’ll just fuse with Kage and be there in no time.”
”Okay then…” Silver turned a bit to the left, looked up in the sky, thought for a few moments and then pointed straight ahead. ”It’s that way. You can’t miss it when you reach it.”
”Perfect. See you there.”
”See you…” Silver teleported away.
”Well, well… this ought to be interesting. Now then… Kage, you know the drill.” Immediately after the fusion was completed, 666 started dashing at immense speed in the direction Silver pointed. In just fifteen minutes, he reached his destination – the headquarters of the Maverickhunters…

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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