“Okey, we are leaving now” the door closed behind them. Type looked over at the children. All three looked up towards him in awe. He scratched his head some while studying them. The scientist had repaired him many times before and helped him without ever asking a favor. Not until now. They were going away for a few hours and needed a baby-sitter. When they had asked him he could not turn them down. Not after everything they had done for him. He looked upwards to the roof. If only the children would have been allowed outside.

One of the three walked up towards him and pulled his ear.
“We wanna play” she said when he looked down. He studied the three of them. All sisters. Identical too all points but very different personalities. After a while he shock his shoulders and made a gesture with his arm. All three scattered with happy laughter. Standing alone he watched the ceiling as he started to count.

As he closed in his counting he started wondering how to alert them that he’s going to search. They should get a warning. He looked around the corridor. Nothing but some thick clothes and shoes and a few paintings on the walls. Nothing to make a sound though. Getting to one million he overworked his fans making a deep buzzing and blowing sound. Hoping that the children would hear. Then he started looking. The first one were no trouble finding. He simply entered the living room. She were hiding behind the couch. He noticed that as soon as he came close enough. Still, he did not want to ruin her fun. Instead of just walking over he started moving around the room. Looking inside the porcelain cabinet. Down the big pot. Under the oak table. Slowly closing in on the couch. Then stopping, scratching his head some and leaving the room.

Instead of leaving he changed to his stealth mode and closed the door in front of himself. Then slowly sneaking closer to the couch, without a sound. As she sneaked a peak to see if he had left, he jumped over the couch and hugged her. After a quick scream it turned to laughter.
“Now I’ll help you” then they moved on into the kitchen, the girl holding one of his ears. Knowing that there were no one there he still looked around in the room, helping her to look at the top of the shelfs and looking in the cupboards and things like that. Then keep moving on. He did not want the others to be bored.

After they had looked through, quite throughly, they entered the laboratory. The children should not be in there without anyone else near. Their parents had told him before they left. Nothing seemed touched though. He noticed her sitting inside a crate in the corner as he walked outside the room.
“We are not allowed in here” the little girl said as Type started moving around. Putting a finger over his visor he pointed towards the crate. The child nodded and sneaked silently towards it. Type on the other hand looked around more closely since he had only found two so far. Looking behind some equipment he heard the girls argue behind him.
“We should not be in here” “You are just jealous for being found first” “I am not” “Yes you are” Type moved in between them both with a open hand towards each. They looked up towards him with pouting faces. Pointing at one then the other then motioning the room. The sisters looked at each other.
“Where is Ell?” they asked each other.

Scattering the two sisters started looking through the other rooms while Type slowly walked around scratching his head. It could be that she were sneaking around after them, but he should have noticed her by now. Watching the ceiling he suddenly got the idea. He just had to confirm it. Walking by the bathroom he found it. The ventilation were open and a small chair stood below. Stretching he looked into the opening. He did not like that. There were no way he could fit in there.
“Is she in there?” one of the others came seeing him. Looking back he nodded.
“Want me to look for her?” she said smiling. He shock his head then held out his hands over each other and clapping down.
“What’s going on?” the other one came from the other end of the corridor.
“Ell is in there” one said pointing towards the drum.
“We can’t go in there. It’s wrong. Ma and Pa sa…”
“Posh, we have to find her don’t we? Rather us than Ma and Pa” she started climbing in. Type still stood scratching his head, sadly she made some sense. He could not search for her since he were to big but the children would be able to. What if something happened.
“Come back” the other climbed up and yelled into the drum “We are not allowed. Don’t” then slowly climbing in after her “Come back”

He walked along side both of them listening to them talk looking worried at the ceiling. Not thinking about it he had started to run his claws over his ear. They were arguing as they climbed on. At least they were still moving. Suddenly hearing one of them scream Type braised down to jump up to get them out of the roof. Then hearing the other one complaining about the spider he calmed down some. If something would happen he would tear down the building if needed. It would be done in a heartbeat. After a while they found the third and started climbing out. Type stood with his arms crossed as they climbed out the ventilation. One of the three ran to him and hugged him tight as she cried.
“It were so scary” while the other climbed out laughing.
“I won” “You cheated” “Did not” “Did too” Type rushed his fans again to get their attention. Only the one holding his leg did not quite down. He made a gesture to the drum and shock his head. Then picked up the crying, hugging her, they moved back to the living room. The rest of the day he had them sitting with him by the television while he waited for their parents to return.

After the adults had returned and thanked him he left them. It felt a little strange for him to have taken care of children. He were not used of having children playing with him. He were not used of having anyone close. He boosted himself up on a roof to avoid humans. They usually did not approve of his presence. The scientist had been different. Standing still he looked up towards the sky. At least he had air above him now. Then he noticed that someone were watching him. Looking over he only saw a person dressed mostly in white walking towards him. The man had long white hair and some kind of cape that he threw on the ground as he suddenly dashed straight towards him.

Simply rolling away from the man, Type avoided the fist. Apparently this one were not friendly. Immediately he started to analyze what he fought against. First thing he noticed were the strange sword on his back. Second were the exoskeleton on the upper body. Blocking the next blow he felt the strength in the arms. Not good. Leaning back he avoided yet another blow and then took his chance to run past him and jump to the next roof.

The man looked after not seeming to understand that Type just fled. Pulling out the sword he started after. Jumping over the gap down to the street below swinging the sword against a surprised Type, scratching him over the chest. The quick turn of the sword forced Type to jump into the air giving the man the opportunity to circle up with his leg and continue his turning. Catching the leg, Type used it to push himself backwards, taking the blow. Then with a quick turn he were running again.

As Type landed on the next roof a half of the mans sword were coming down. Falling backwards Type avoided it. Looking towards the other roof he noticed that the man in white were going to jump after with the other half in his hands. Taking the handle of the one between his legs, Type dragged himself to his feet and pulled out the sword. Who ever it were, he meant it. Readying the halved sword he waited for the man to land. Instead of blocking the blow he lured the mans sword into the holes of his own. Then, trying to disarm the man, he turned it. To his surprise the other one followed the movement. Both stilled for a second and looked towards each other. Who ever it were, his physic were perfect. The only thing wrong were something in his blood. The man did look surprised by what happened then gave a quick laugh as he let go of the sword and gave a high kick. Type dodged and ran under the leg. This time he jumped down towards the ground.

Landing on the ground he looked around. This were fun. It were rare to find one that would last this long. Still it were sad that it had to run all the time. It seemed as if it had gotten away. Either that or it were hiding. Then one of the cars started moving. Readying himself he saw how Type lifted the vehicle over his head then threw it against him. Running straight against Type he noticed something. The car flew to high, it would not hit him. He gave a quick turn and jumped up as he made a quick circle kick, catching the car in the air.

As the man landed on the roof of the car, there were several parts flying. Both from the car and the ground. Type noticed something. The second before the kick had been made, the mans blood had changed. Type now knew that this were no regular human. That scared him. The sound of his boosters charging gave the man a head warning. Jumping down and tearing away the cars door, he threw the door just above Types head as Type fired away. Type flew into the house and crashed upwards along it’s wall. Then tumbling down again towards the ground.

The man walked up while Type got himself to his feet.
“I’m sorry that I have to finish this” he said with a relaxed yet panting voice. A few seconds later it were over. Type were lying on the ground motionless and in parts as the man were on his way back to where he came from.

“I had to destroy him” he said calmly into the phones receiver while walking “No, I had none. Send it to my account” hanging up he noticed his arm. Claw marks? Touching inside his clothes he got his fingers wet of the drops of blood. He stopped with a grin on his lips. Checking the rest of his body he notice another string of marks along his other side. Impressive.
“I gotta get him fixed” he said to himself before he jumped up on his motorcycle and drove off.

Walking up the path to the mansion he did not see any lights in the windows. Were he not home? Knocking, pressing the doorbell. The man stood and waited for a while. No answer. Guess he have to enter anyway. Kicking down the door he walked over to the security box. What were the numbers? It has been a while. After a while of thinking he pressed a few random numbers and got a green light. Guess those were right. Standing in the hallway he looked up along the stairs. What to do while waiting?

Driving up the path he noticed something with the door. Leaving the grocery in the car he pulled out one of his pistols. Sneaking up towards the front door he suddenly got a thought. There were no sirens.
“Oh no” he rushed in through the door and down the corridor. Stopping by the kitchen door he saw who were in there. Putting a hand towards his forehead he groaned.
“Hi bro” the man waved towards the owner while taking another slice of the cake unto a plate.
“Hello, brother. Did you have to break in?” he said while putting away the pistol “And what happened to your shirt?”
“This? Nah, nothing I could not handle. I could need your help though”
“What is the matter?” he closed the refrigerator.
“I broke a… ehm, a robot I guess. Could you help me fix it?”
“Bring it here and I will see what I can do. And stop eating that, I made that for later”
“Oh, lighten up”

Returning to where he had left Type he noticed that it already were bound of by miles of yellow tape. They had not caused that much of calamity had they? He sighed and walked down the alley where he had left Type. Opening the dumpster he noticed that Type were gone. Someone must have found him first. Someone other than the police. He leaned against the wall, thinking. After a short while he walked back to where he had found him. The house with the children.

Knocking on the door and a small child opened. Looking down on her he blinked for a second then she suddenly ran away screaming. Shaking his head he walked in and closed the door. Suddenly he heard a buzzing sound behind him and an old man with a rifle stood in the other end of the corridor with three daughters around him. The man smiled some.
“You the one that picked up the robot?” he asked with a calm voice. He knew he would be able to get to the geezer before he would be hit.
“What if I am?” the old man put the weapon against his shoulder.
“Is it active and may I speak with it?”
“Do you think I am an old fool? I will not allow you near him”
“Then tell him that I wish to speak. Not battle, but speak with him” the man turned and left the family.

Later Type came out of the building and boosted up on the roof. This time he knew that the man in white would be there. Ready to fight as the man came closer he got stunned when the man smiled and stretched out his hand.
“I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Gary”

Story is © Peter A Svensson 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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