She was engulfed in ice cold water. The brutal hit to her head still had her disoriented and trying to find which way was up in water that slowly seemed to pull her away as it turned red in front of her eyes, she knew she was in trouble. Her chest started to hurt as she kept flaying with her heavy arms and legs. The sleeve of her jacket, suddenly caught on to something sharp and she found herself wondering if she were dragging along with something or if she was being pushed by the stream, or which might be worse. Pulling herself around, her feet set on the hard ground around the part she was stuck on, she pushed away as hard as she could.
    Gasping she got air to her lungs, for a short moment before descending into the painstakingly cold again, getting water in her chest. Forcing herself she got up over the surface again, spitting water and trying to breathe. Her eyes looked around and in the flashing light she could see a branch reaching the water. With a firm grip she could pull herself up enough to take a decent breath. Upon which she started to hurl up water. Her strength was waning as she tried to keep herself over the surface. The stream tried to pull her along and the heavy clothes kept weighing her down. There was another flash and bang nearby, but she could not see through the water and the hair over her eyes.
    A hand caught on to her collar and pulled her up without much of an effort. For an instance she felt this would be a good thing but when someone started shooting again, that feeling stopped. Whoever had pulled her up, kept holding her up as a shield. The two of them was yelling in a language she couldn’t understand and she was uncertain whose hands held her. The one who was shooting didn’t seem on her side at least. Or maybe hadn’t seen her yet. The darkness and the trees obfuscated the view a lot. More so for her, not knowing where she was any more. Struggling, she tried to reach for the bushes and the branches in the surroundings as whoever was carrying her was running away from it’s pursuers.
    It suddenly stopped and swung her around completely, twisting her into her jacket more and forcing the collar up around her neck, stopping her breath. He stood there, just a few feet away from the two of them, holding an enormous gun pointed straight towards her or it. His jacket swaying in the wind. Legend didn’t hold out a second before pulling his trigger, she could feel the wind as the bullet shrieked by her ear. The thing holding her shook back and threw her away as it screamed in rage. Landing on a slope, she kept rolling down the hill. Bumping into rocks and trees.
    When she finally stopped, she got a moment. Pushing herself to her knees, she tried to catch her breath as she rubbed her neck. Something was wet there. Wetter than water. Her hand was covered in blood, if it was her own was uncertain. Her body ached all over. Her arm was cut deeply where her leather jacket had caught on and her head bled as well from before then. The sound of rifles kept sounding from over the slope, automatics and not Legends gun. Forcing to her feet and trying to run, she didn’t get far. Light suddenly fell upon her and, looking up, she noticed it was connected to one of the rifles.
    The shape behind the light started screaming towards her, but her ears was still ringing from when Legend had fired. She put her arms into the air and kept still. More lights fell upon her as they started screaming towards each other and her. They were scared. More scared than her. By all right. The beast they were hunting should be nothing more than stories. Which put her in an awkward position of showing up right on time as the bullets started flying. One of the soldiers started down the slope towards her and as it reached the ground it’s partners started screaming.
    Bullets started flying everywhere, and she threw herself behind a tree as quick as she could. Looking up from the dirt, towards the hilltop, she could see the lights waving back and forth and the muzzle flashes as they fought the beast. Body parts flew in other directions than the bodies they once belonged to. She could see the beast for a brief moment as the light fell straight towards him. It’s white fur were covered in patches of deep red. Dark clouds came from it’s mouth as it turned towards the light source. It’s black eyes was set on the next target and then the soldier vanished.
    The soldier down with her, a man, stood staring towards what happened to his friends and kept the light towards the ground. As she noticed that, she darted out from her hiding place towards him. Having something closing in quickly from behind got him to turn and lift his weapon. Her palm landed on the barrel as her foot landed on his arm, forcing him to let go of the rifle. She quickly turned of the light, then jumped back behind cover, signalling to the soldier to do the same. Unarmed and still in shock, he followed her command and hid.
    Trained reflexes quickly looked over the squad automatic small assault rifle, with full nine millimetre thirty round magazine and an advanced combat optical gun sight. The rifle had been used more than once, as the barrel had several cuts and bruises. She felt more secure, holding the rifle in her hands, pressing it to her chest. Even though similar weapons hadn’t helped the people on top of the hill.
    A loud bang sounded off. Followed by a howl. A howl cut short by another bang. The beast was suddenly tumbling down the slope as well. She could see the wounds from Legends gun healing as it fell. The beast jumped to it’s feet and growled up towards the hilltop, where Legend walked out and looked down on it. He screamed something that sounded like an order and the beast replied by dashing up the slope, screaming, growling and being shot in the chest. Flying downwards again. Landing right next to the soldier. Instead of running, he started stabbing it with a giant knife. Aiming for the heart, but only got one good stab before the beast grabbed his arm and tore it of it’s socket. It quickly got to it’s feet and stared on the screaming man for a moment before turning it’s focus towards the man running down the hill, throwing knifes. The edges seared it’s flesh as it cut into it, giving of small wisps of smoke. Legend jumped the last part, with a big knife in each hand screaming ferociously.
    As the knife closed in, the beast stepped, deftly aside and got Legend to fall to the ground. It towered over him for a moment, grinning, holding the kill, before suddenly being shot in it’s back. She sat with the rifle in a firm grip, aiming straight for the only thing she knew would hurt it, it’s heart. Every bullet hit its target. Each in the same area of the beasts chest. She got it to fall before she ran out of bullets but the beast rose up shortly after and stared straight towards her with it’s black eyes and it was panting in rage. Legend placed his knife over it’s neck and cut it’s throat.

    They didn’t take care of the soldiers bodies, but she did keep the weapon as a souvenir. The beast got loaded into Legends trunk and would be burned before first light. She could already see the fur fall off, showing how the man had looked before he was caught in the fit of rage. Legend paid for her help and thanked her with an honest smile.
    Once back in the base the others wondered how she had been hurt during her vacation. She didn’t say, she never told them. They thought she had a boyfriend whom hit her and treated her badly, leaving such wounds. In a way she had. The best boyfriend she could think off. The hunt.

Story is © Peter A Svensson 2010
All characters are coyright respective owners.