Yosh is a regular youth, only slightly above twenty years old. He hasn’t gone to school because of the dangers circling around town. For him, life has been hard before he found a job at the Maverickhunters headquarters. Yosh is a janitor. It’s a job that suits him. Before he came here he has been hiding with his family and is since long used to be quiet and unnoticed.

He walks to work as usual. It’s not far, since he works at the Maverickhunters he and his family has gotten a lot better life, and has an apartment near the headquarters. They keep everyone near safe. As usual he walks through the gate and to his locker. There isn’t really anyone that pays much attention to him. The guards let him pass without any fuss, if they even notice him. After a change of clothes from his daily clothes to his working outfit, he walks to the office.

There is already a couple of others there, since he’s a little late. But sneaking in isn’t really a problem.
“Good morning”, “Good day”, “Hi”, “How are you”, and all the standard greetings are sent his way when they notice him. He just smiles, takes his cart and starts walking towards the door when the boss stops him.
“Yosh, you’re late today.” He doesn’t really look mad.
“Sorry, sir.”
“It’s not a problem, just go through the rounds as usual. Here.” The boss gives him a note. Yosh takes the note and leaves. While he walks through the corridors he reads the note. Apparently Zero wants to get his drains fixed before noon. No problem, but first he wants to get to the generals lab.

He has always liked general Silver. She is kind and seems to smile most of the time. He gently knocks on the door.
“Come on in!” He opens the door and looks inside. Silver is looking back at him from her workbench. It seems as if she is working on something new. Parts lying around everywhere.
“Time for cleaning, ma’am.”
“Go ahead.” She turns back toward the rubble on her desk and gets back to work.
Humming, Yosh gets the cart into the room and picks up his broom.

He likes his broom. There were a lot of complaints about him not wanting to use a vacuum cleaner, but that has settled now. Sure it both takes longer and does not get as clean, but it’s more quiet. Yosh never liked the screaming of the vacuum. Now he’s gotten requests for cleaning, because it’s more quiet. Mostly laboratories and the like. He is brooming the floor when he notices that Silver
is watching him.

He looks around a little nervously, not used to being watched like that.
“Yes, ma’am?”
“Could you do me a favour, Yosh?”
“What do you need help with?”
“Could you clean my apartment today? Before you quit? I’m probably going to work late here today.”
“Of course, ma’am.” He is happy to help. He likes to feel useful.
“Thank you.” Silver smiles and goes back to work. Yosh does the same. After a while, when he is sorting her books and putting them back on the shelf, a faint sound rings from the video screen.

Silver looks up and turns on the screen as Yosh keeps working. Zero appears on the screen.
“There is some trouble down by the harbour. It seems to be a battle going on. Reports are that the mavericks have crowded the area a while now. We would like you to take a squad and check it out.”
“Of course!” she gets up from the chair and walks over to a closet, filled with weapons.
“And, Silver. There are a few confirmed mavericks in the area and some others. 666 seems to be down there and Type might have been noticed as well, but none of them are confirmed. Be careful and keep in touch.” the screen flashes and turns to dark.

Silver suddenly picks up the pace and arms herself. Rushing towards the door she stops with the hand on the handle and looks over at Yosh. A small smile appears on her lips.
“Keep up the good work, Yosh.” Then she leaves in haste. Yosh looks around himself and smiles for himself. A compliment. Then he returns to work hoping that whatever is going on will calm down soon.

Next stop, Zeros apartment.
He gently knocks. No answer. Yosh picks up his hold of keys and starts looking for the right one. Zeros apartment is clean and proper. There aren’t a lot of personal effects really, except some books on a shelf. Well, the stuck drain should be in the bathroom. The bathroom is clean like the rest of the apartment, except for the flood in the shower. Not hard to find where to look at least. He gets to work. When done, he drops the ball of wet hair in his cleaning basket. In an effort to find something to clean his hands and arms he opens the cupboard behind the mirror. There’s a lot of different cartons and bottles. He takes one down and reads it. ‘To give your hair a natural shine’. He puts it back and tries to find soap. As he leaves he meets Zero by the door.
“Hello, Yosh, are the drains clean yet?”
“Yes, ma’am, I’ve just cleaned it.” Yosh bows some.
“Thank you.” Yosh leaves.

Now that that has been fixed and over with, he starts heading for breakfast. The drain took a little longer than expected. After he has left the cart, he moves along to the mess. The mess hall is where most people eat and has room for a lot of people, but Yosh tries to eat there when there are as few people as possible. Today X is sitting there eating a cup of noodles with his helm on the table. No one else is there, which Yosh likes. He simply gets his sandwiches and sits near an empty table. After a short silence and a few chews of the sandwich he gathers some courage and asks.
“Excuse me, sir?” X looks over, pausing his eating.
“I heard that something is going on in the harbour..?” he tries to make it sound like a question.
“Mmm”, X swallows, “Yeah, there are some mavericks there. But there’s no need to worry, we’ve sent General Silver to take care of it.” Then there’s are a short silence and they both go back to their food.

Before too long, even before he’s gotten the bread to his mouth, the door opens. Zero rushes in with his hair dripping behind him. He looks straight at X.
“X! There is trouble by the harbour! Silver has left a report…”
“Tell it.”
“She said that both 666 and Type has been seen. Type is in enemy hands and 666 is avoiding contact, AND there is a new kind of reploid there that seems to control the mavericks in the area. What is worse is that there are a lot of reploids in the area. There are fights between the harbour thugs and mavericks, mavericks against hunters and hunters against the thugs. And Silver has requested both backup and to leave her position to chase after 666 to confirm what’s going on.”
X blinks then rushes towards the door. Zero starts running as well. Yosh keeps sitting down and takes another bite. He looks over and notices that X has forgotten his helmet.

Running through the corridors with X’s helm in his hand he arrives by the teleporters just as X disappears. Standing by the teleporters he looks around and sees one of its operators.
“Excuse me? Could you give this to X when he returns?” Then he leaves. As he leaves a few people comes through the teleporter with nasty wounds, something that makes Yosh’s feet move faster.

Next stop in his route would be the medics, but he’s not sure he wants to go there right now. Usually it’s kinda calm in there, but today it might be full. He has just seen some patients enter, and those were not a nice view. But he has work to do, whether he likes it or not. As he enters the sickbay he hear moans. Most beds are filled at the moment and as he walks through the door Lifesavor meets him.
“I’m sorry Yosh, there is too much going on here at the moment. If you could come back  tomorrow, it should be calmer.”
“Yes sir, I will.” Yosh is a little thankful even though he wants to help everyone there. He knows some of those in the beds. He leaves, knowing that it’s probably the smartest thing to do and that it will help them more than if he starts cleaning. He feels the tension in the air.

Not liking the tension around the people in the the building, he decides to walk over to the warehouse and start checking the lists. He leaves the cart at the rightful place and starts walking across the yard. There’s one of the other janitors already with a lawnmower. The guards outside the warehouse are more alert then the ones outside the headquarters. Yosh believes that this is because of all the hunters inside the headquarters and that there are more things inside the warehouse.

After sorting through all sorts of things and while he is sorting amongst the explosives, checking if things are checked and set and checking if something is stolen, another person walks into the space between the shelves. A man in mostly green, carrying a pack filled with explosives, starting to put them back up where they belong.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Snex asks and Yosh finds himself looking at him.
“No, I’m sorry, but…”
“What’s the matter?”
“I thought you were in the harbour.” Yosh talks with care and slowly gets back to work.
“Why would I be in the harbour?” Snex on the other hand has stopped emptying his bags and is now looking at Yosh.
“Because of the fighting, most of the others are there, General Silver, X and even Zero are there.”
“Check these things out for me” Snex pulls down a few things from the shelves and rushes off. Yosh cant help but feel that he has made a mistake. It didn’t seem as if he knew.

By lunch he returns to the main building and gets to the mess. This time there are more people there, yet not as many as there usually are. All this is kinda bothering for Yosh. Sure, there is fighting a little of everywhere in the town, in the world even, but the hunters does not often charge in these numbers. It’s probably one of the biggest events in this city in a long while and he doesn’t even know the reason for it all. Of course he knows of mavericks and what they are, but why is this battle so different? There are a lot of rumours here, but which is the right one? Yosh tends to avoid listening to rumours.

After lunch he heads over to General Silvers apartment, even though she might not be working on what she thought, she is still working. Yosh wants to help in whatever way he can, if that means cleaning for someone else, so be it. When he arrives it’s already pretty clean. It seems that it’s mostly picking up things and putting them back where they should be. After a while, he looks at her windows and, since it should be done anyway, he starts cleaning them to.

Suddenly she rushes in through the door with a really mad expression on her face. She screams on the top of her lungs of rage. Yosh closes the window he’s working on, thinking that she’ll probably not like that everyone hearing her roar. He knows that he’s most likely one of them. As she breathes she notices him standing in the corner. Silver seems to paralyze for a second before she gains control. She has wounds and cuts on most places on her body, but she seems to be able to stand.
“I’m sorry, Yosh…” She walks over towards a armchair and slouch down.
“Ehm…” not knowing what to say, Yosh tries something else “What is going on, ma’am..?”
“No… It is just that…” She sighs. “Bro has been caught by the mavericks and taken away. I was put off the mission…” she cuddles together with a pillow in her arms. Yosh moves silently towards the door. As he opens the door, hearing her say “Thank you, Yosh, for cleaning…”, her voice is weak.

Walking through the corridors pushing his cart not knowing what to do, he walks past the sickbay. He takes a deep breath before entering. There is still both wailing and moaning inside and there seems to be more people. Before too long, he finds Lifesavor.
“Excuse me, sir?”
“What is it, I’m busy!” Lifesavor looks up from what he is doing with the patient.
“I thought I should tell you that General Silver is in her apartment. She seems hurt.” Yosh is a little stunned with the surroundings, he doesn’t like it here right now.
“I’ll look into it”, then he turns back to the patient. Yosh leaves again.

Not feeling all to well anymore Yosh decides too stop working for the day. He leaves his things and change before trying to find his boss.
“Yes, Yosh?” He looks at Yosh, clearly not understanding why the uniform is off.
“I do not feel so good, sir. I would like to leave early today.”
“You do that, it’s kinda wild here today.” Thankful, Yosh leaves.

As he walks through the corridors he passes an electrician fixing with the wiring in the ceiling. The electrician looks down towards Yosh.
“Could you help me some here? I need some tools handed to me.” Yosh looks down at the toolbox next to the ladder that the man stands on.
“Could you give me the screwdriver?” Yosh helps him. The wires seem to be malfunctioning somewhere where the electrician doesn’t find it. After a while he is done and thanks Yosh for the help.
“You are welcome” Yosh keeps walking. At least he is to some help.

As he exits through the door. Something is coming against the headquarters at a walking pace. Since Yosh isn’t really sure of what it is he holds back. Both X and Zero suddenly walks through the door, X has gotten his helmet back. They both look at the thing closing in, both seem ready with their weapons. Whatever it is it looks really odd. It has long pinkish ears, yet big claws and something that looks like cannons on its bent legs. It is carrying something on its back. Yosh doesn’t recognize the person at first but then he realizes that it’s 666. That man is usually not around inside the building.
“That is far enough.” Zero talks powering up his sabre. Type stops. “Why are you here?”
“Because he is helping me, blondie.” 666 starts talking “Now get someone here to get me to Lifesavor.” Zero gets an reddish expression.
“Now you listen here…” He suddenly gets cut off from a happy scream.
“Bro!” Silver runs through the door and runs past both X and Zero, towards Type and 666. She gently takes 666 from Type, who turns around and starts walking away.
“Wait!” Zero shouts. Type stops and turns back towards him. “Why are you doing this?” there is a short shudder in Types shoulders, then he starts walking again. So does Yosh.
“Now get me to sickbay, he can take care of himself.”
“Unlike you it seems” X, Silver and 666 throws deadly sharp eyes towards Zero.

Yosh sits down at a bar nearby. Everything seems to have turned out well but he is still a little on edge. Right now he takes a beer while sitting in a corner by himself. From this point he is able to look around on everyone else inside here. Most of the people here work or lives inside the compound, but today there is not as many here as usual. Maybe it didn’t turn out to the best anyway. Hopefully there won’t be any kinds of these battles again soon. After the beer is finished he leaves for home. There is another day tomorrow too.

Hopefully a good one.
Story is © Peter A Svensson 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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