As I heard a door close, I did the same to my eyes.

Closed them.

“This… what is this all about? Why am I here?”

It had been two weeks since I left HQ, but it felt like it was just yesterday. The last fourteen days feels so far away… has this all been a dream? Have I been unconscious since I encountered that man? The only thing I can remember clearly is that he attacked me. I fought back… but none of my attacks seemed to connect. His attacks were of a strange kind… I did not experience any harm, but each time he successfully landed an attack at me, there was a bright flash in front of my eyes… it happened some ten times… I do not know what happened after that. The memories of the events are very blurry… but I can clearly remember a voice.


That was what it said.


What did it mean? Was I to hate someone? Or was it someone who hated me? Everything just feels like a mess. And then I woke up in this room… or maybe cell is the appropriate word. A small room, with only a bed… and thick steel plating for walls. A door with a single window, only possible to open from the outside. They have taken my swords and Kage, and drained my power cell. I’m running at only five percent… I can barely move around. Breaking out is out of the question – I would be easily overpowered.

But who are ‘they’?

I have no idea. No one has told me anything. The window in the door has been opened three times… all the times, all I saw was a gas mask-covered face that only looked at me.


What? Someone is trying to communicate with me?

“666, respond.”
“Who… who are you?”
“We will let you out now. We have no more use for you.”
“What? I want to know what this is all about!”
“Your power will be restored. Your weapons and your support unit will be given back to you.”
“What have you done to me?”
“Nothing. That is why we are letting you go.”
“Because you didn’t do anything with me?”
“Because we couldn’t do anything with you.”
“Couldn’t…? What were you trying to do?”
“We were trying to make use of you and your hate.”
“My… my hate? What is that supposed to mean?”
“But you… you do not hate enough.”
“I do not… what? Hate enough?”
“Every being – human, robot, cyborg – have some form of hate in them. We have discovered that this hate can be used for our purposes.”
“And that would be?”
“I can not tell you. We thought that you would have much hate within you… but even though we learned that you had lost loved ones, you simply did not have a strong hate.”
“Of course not… if you are talking about Ignar and Razie, I have no reason to feel hate for them being dead. Ignar killed himself to save me, and I already got some sort of revenge for Razie. Hate is, together with love, one of the feelings that cloud your mind the most… that is why I try to neither hate nor love.”
“Well spoken. But now, you will be let go. You will wake up far from here, with no memories of Project Hate.”

Next thing I knew, I started feeling nauseous and passed out.

As I awakened, I was lying in the middle of a desolate field. A single thought struck my mind.

“I remember.”

Project Hate was still in my head. They apparently weren’t able to wipe out all my memories of it. I still have no idea what the meaning of it was.

“Oh, whatever…”

I stood up. My power cell had been restored to full energy, my swords were in their sheaths, and Kage was beside me.

“Let them have their project.”

They had tried to make use of me. Maybe they were trying to control me. But I do not feel any anger towards them. They probably had a reason for doing whatever they were trying to do… and I have no reason for being angry at them. They failed in doing whatever they wanted to do with me. So why should I care anymore?

“Don’t worry”, I said. “I won’t say anything about your little project.”

I wiped some dust off my body, placed Kage on my shoulder and started to walk towards HQ.

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2005
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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