”We’ll settle stuff later…”
As usual, Type didn’t say anything. He nodded slightly in 666’s direction and then looked at all the mavericks around them.
”Where the fuck did y’all come from, anyway…” A dozen of the mavericks started moving towards them, but they were no threat – Type easily warded off those 666 hadn’t killed yet. There was nothing indicating they would have get serious. But there were many mavs, and more seemed to pop up all the time. ”Damn it, what’s going on here?” He turned towards Type, who kicked another mav in 666’s direction for it to get broken. ”Get out of here and see if you can find something out! These punks won’t be any problem for me to take alone…”

Again, Type nodded towards 666. He crouched, then jumped away with great force, scattering the mavs that were around him at the moment. 666 was left alone taking them on, but they still posed no threat.
”Bring it, fools.” Only a few of the mavs had gone after Type, the rest were still surrounding 666, attacking without pause.

”Silver to HQ. Silver to HQ.”
”This is HQ. General?”
”I caught a glimpse of something that might have been Type, but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet. No signs of 666 either, but… there’s a lot of activity down here. More mavericks than what was initially suspected. And I don’t like the tension in the air here… it feels like this could explode anytime, with the amount of conflicting parties here. The mavs, harbour gangs, us… 666 and Type, if they are here. We’ll keep- what? Don’t-” A series of sounds was heard at the other side of the line. A microphone falling to the ground. Gunshots. Electricity blasts. Metal clashing.
”General! General Silver, please respond!”
No reply.
”Oh darn… send a backup squadron immedi-” With that, the radio contact was cut.
”This is no good!” Silver grabbed Longinus and deflected a blast of electricity that came from an unseen foe. ”Someone cover me!” One of the hunters in her squadron walked up to her, shooting at some mavericks.
Silver started dashing in the direction the electricity had came from, and soon found herself in front of a wall. Where…”
”Somewhere.” Another blast of electricity came flying towards Silver from above.
”The roof?” She started scaling the wall, but when she reached the top, she didn’t see the source of the electrical enemy.
”You!” A voice was heard from the ground. Silver looked towards her group, and saw a familiar shape among them.
From the roof, Silver sniped off some of the remaining mavs. Type helped them to get rid of the rest, at least until the hunters could deal with what was left. He jumped up to the roof where Silver were standing.
”Type, so it was you I saw… do you know if 666 is here?”
Type nodded.
Type looked around, realizing he was not sure in what direction he had left 666. He shaked his head.
”I see…” Silver looked around to see if she could spot some clues. Right then, some tentacle-like things shot up through the roof directly under Type and wrapped around his limbs. Silver turned around, Type tried to get out of the way, but the tentacles were stuck. And they were giving off electrical charges, partly stunning Type.
”Gotcha!” Through the roof, a maverick – the owner of the tentacles – came rising. Silver shot a bolt of lighting towards him, but he countered it with his own electricity. Before Silver had time to resort to another weapon, he had escaped, moving at a very fast pace. ”And time to add some spice to this mix!” While moving, he sent blasts of electricity down at seemingly random spots. Like a signal, mavericks appeared from seemingly nowhere and started striking.
”What the…!” She quickly grabbed Ares and tried to locate the maverick that had made it off with Type, but no luck. She returned from her gunsight, and saw fighting had broken out everywhere – mavericks, harbour thugs… this could not end well…
She looked up and back at her group. A number of more hunters had appeared.
”We were sent here as backup – is everything all right?”
”Hell no it’s not alright! Everyone get here immediately! And bring me my radio!”
The hunters quickly made it up to Silver.
”You get down there and try to clear this mess up!”
”What about you, general?” A hunter handed her the radio.
”I saw something else interesting in the sight… I’ll be getting you some more backup, but I have to go! Are your orders clear?”
”Yes, general!” The hunters replied in unison and made it down to the battlefield. Silver started running along the roof.
”Bro… I hope it actually was you I saw…”

”GOD FUCKING DAMN IT, CAN YOU JUST CUT IT!” The mavericks were still at it with 666, and there was no indication of the fight coming to a halt. ”Guess that he couldn’t do anything after all… I have to move, can’t
stand here all fucking day…” He rushed through a group of mavs, ripping them with his claws. Dashing over the rooftops towards the water, he glimpsed something. ”That looks… suspicious.” Tailed by a huge – and seemingly increasing – number of mavericks, he made his way towards a warehouse, with a boat moored down next to it. As he landed on the roof, he turned around and saw the onslaught of mavericks headed
towards him. ”How in the world…” He grabbed his swords and got ready for a slugfest. Right then, he heard the roof under him crack. Something – looking like a tentacle – shot out and caught his left leg. ”What the-” More tentacles shot up. He started attacking them with his swords, and while Koe left them next to unscathed, Nightmare managed to cut a few. He crouched and gave the roof a powerful punch, cracking it.
Still connected to the tentacles, he fell down into the warehouse. As he saw his foe, the tentacles started giving off electricity. ”Oh- hell-” Swinging with Nighmare to get rid of them, their bodies hit the floor. Although weakened from the electricity, he managed to get rid of most of the tentacles – until one shot out and captured his right hand, rendering him unable to use Nightmare. Struggling towards the exit of the warehouse, the gates to it opened. Two figures were standing there. The maverick who had captured him gave off a final lash of electricity before releasing him and joining the people at the gates. Through the hole in the roof, the mavericks that had been chasing him came dropping, but they did not attack – they simply surrounded him and stopped.
”Gehaha, look what dropped in…”
666 looked at the figures. A white and blue thing with tentacles, resembling a squid. A dark blue form of a hammer shark, holding an anchor. And a green being, that very well could be a reploid. 666 pointed at it.
”You… I assume… that you are… Rogue?”
”Perfectly right. You played right into our hands. You and your… friend…”
”My… Type?”
”The bunny ‘bot, yes.”
”What… what are you going to…” 666 coughed. ”What are you going to do with him?”
”Who knows…? But we have him now.”
666 looked at the others standing around Rogue. His eyes wandered from the blue and white maverick to the shark.
”I’ve seen you in the files… once a reploid working in a recycling plant, got corrupted by the Sigma virus and started creating clone mavericks out of the scrap metals… Metal Shark Player.” He paused for a moment. ”That explains the amount of these low-lifes…” 666 looked at all the mavericks around him.
”You are quite correct. These are my creations. Weaker than their originals, but many more. Which sometimes is what counts.”
”So…” 666 coughed and pointed at the third maverick. ”You would be?”
He shot a small bolt of electricity towards 666, which hit him in the shoulder. ”They call me Squid Adler. Expert at electrocution, electrification, electric lockdown of… various things.”
”LIGHTNING STRIKE!” A huge bolt of lightning struck the warehouse, hitting the large group of mavericks behind 666. ”Bro!”
”Si- Silver?” 666 looked around, unable to spot Silver. But the voice  seemed to come from above. ”What are you doing here?”
Silver jumped down at the point where her lighting had struck.
”Shark.” Rogue spoke.
”It will be done.” Metal Shark Player started running towards Silver, lifting his anchor.
”S- sis!” 666 tried to stand up, but was halted by Squid Adler who threw him to the ground and sat down on his back.
”No interfering!”
”Agh… should’ve brought Kage…”
Silver stood ready with Longinus and Deepwave in her hands as Metal Shark Player approached her, striking with his anchor. She parried it with Longinus, charging it at the same time. She let off the electricity towards him, but he dodged it. He took a few steps back, poising his anchor to strike – but didn’t attack. Instead, he lifted up his other hand, pointing at Silver with the open palm. The maverick clones that were left started moving towards her.
”N- no!” Struggling under the weight of Adler, 666 could do nothing but witness the fight.
”Oh darn…” Silver looked at all the mavericks and started blasting electricity at them. They didn’t require much. But she failed to notice that they stopped moving after a few seconds.
”Wa- watch out!”
”Don’t turn your back on the enemy, girl…”
Silver started turning around. The next instant, she felt severe pain in her right shoulder. Metal Shark Player had stopped controlling the clones and instead attacked her with his anchor.
”Si- sis! Get… get away from here!”
Silver clutched her shoulder and started running towards Player. She closely dodged an anchor strike as she ran past him, turned around and started swinging Longinus towards him. But he was faster than she thought – he caught it with his anchor and pulled her in. He wrestled her down to the ground and started spinning at her, damaging her with his anchor and sharp fins.
”Geh… get… OFF ME!” 666 managed to activate the claws on his right hand and threw a powerful punch straight down at the ground, effectively cracking it. Adler lost his balance for a second, and that was 666’s signal – he broke free from the hold and ran as good as he could towards Silver and Metal Shark Player. He gave Player a kick which sent him through the nearby wall, halting his attack. ”Silver! Are you all right?” He looked behind him and saw Adler approaching.
”I- I’m…” She had cuts and bruises all over her body, but nothing seemed life-threatening.
666 turned his whole body around, started running and gave Adler a shoulder tackle. They fell in opposite directions. ”Ge- get out of… here… can you move?”
”I… think…” Silver managed to stand up. Looking towards the gates to the warehouse, she noticed that there was no sign of Rogue. She made her way towards the gate, but as she approached it, Rogue suddenly
appeared, blocking her way.
”And who allowed you to leave?”
”I did!” Koe came flying through the room, towards Rogue. ”Go!” He dodged it, and it stuck itself in the wall behind him. This gave Silver the time she needed – she ran to the pier and dived into the water, discharging any electricity she still had stored upwards before she hit the surface. Rogue looked in the direction she had disappeared.
”On it!” Squid Adler stood up and raced towards the water, jumping in at the same place Silver did.
”You have proven to be quite a nuisance.” Rogue looked at 666.
”Heh… I just don’t… give up.”
”And that will be your downfall.”
”Maybe so… but not today.”
”Oh? And how can you be so sure?” With those words, Rogue started running towards him, poining his weapon at 666. He fired a barrage of shots – electrical pulses – towards him. 666 held up Nightmare in the air, blocking a few of them as he got up. Rogue drew closer and lifted his right hand up in the air. He swung it towards 666 who caught it with his left. At the impact, 666 felt an electric discharge coming from Rogue’s hand. He quickly drew it back and swung Nightmare, but Rogue dodged it easily.
”You’re… pretty good.”

Adler had caught up to Silver, but they were evenly matched underwater. Adler was swifter, but Silver had her swords. None of them could use their electrical attacks, as it would backfire in the water.
”Annoying girl!” Adler tried to capture her with his tentacles, but she managed to avoid them – or cut them after getting caught. While Longinus didn’t do the job, Deepwave got through them easily.
”At this rate…” Silver thought to herself. ”I need to escape – get to solid ground…” With her wounds, she was surprised that she could put up this much of a fight against him. She did a move to get some distance – cutting one of his tentacles, then actually drawing closer to him. She shoved Longinus towards his head, a move that Adler dodged without problems – but that was followed by Silver planting her foot on his body and kicking off to gain some speed. She started swimming towards a ladder leading up to the pier, tailed by Adler. As she grabbed onto it, one of Adler’s tentacles caught her left ankle. She took Longinus and threw it with the blade straight towards Adler, who had to release her to dodge it enough. Silver quickly climbed up, but
Adler shot after her, blasting electricity. In front of her, she spotted several large containers lying around.
”Lightning barrage!” Adler started firing balls of electricity towards Silver, who ran in between some containers for cover.
”Phew…” She started flooding electricity around her right hand, still holding Deepwave in her left.
”Tri-thunder!” Adler started blasting triple blasts into the containers, with electricity starting to travel on the containers when it hit them.
”Electro beam!” Silver rolled from behind the container and discharged her electricity towards Adler, hitting him in the leg.
”Agh! But don’t think that’s enough to take me down… lightning barrage!” He shot another barrage of electrical balls towards her. She jumped behind another container. ”You’re starting to get annoying…”
Adler hovered up in the air, above the containers. ”Air barrage!” He started spinning around with his tentacles, shooting lots of lightning blasts down towards the containers.
”Hell… maybe I can…” Silver ran in the other direction and put Deepwave back in it’s holder as she jumped up on a container, charging electricity in both her hands. ”Over here, squidboy!” She held her hands together, still charging.
”Fool!” He turned towards her, continuing with his barrage. Silver didn’t move, but waited until the blasts got close.
”Thunder beam!” She threw all her stored electricity towards him, through his barrage. She got hit by a few, but her blast was stronger, cutting through his attack.
”Too big… no!” He stopped his attack and started to escape, but was hit by the blast and fell down amidst the containers.
”Yes… please don’t…” Silver breathed heavily and sat down on the container.
”Don’t… think… I’m… through… yet!”
”Damn…” Silver got up, struggling, and started moving towards a wall. She saw Adler moving towards her, charging up a blast. Right then, the wall started crumbling, and a voice was heard.
”Squid Adler! That is far enough! Freeze!” The voice was familiar to Silver.
”Z- Zero…” She looked up and saw Zero and X – strangely not wearing his helmet – accompanied by a squadron of hunters. Adler stopped dead with sixteen busters and a green-glowing saber pointed at him.
”Don’t move, or you’ll only make it worse for yourself.”
”Hunters… you’ll kill me anyway!” Adler started shooting electricity towards Silver, but Zero dashed in front of her and blocked it with his saber. The sixteen busters fired simultaneously, downing Adler in a matter of seconds. Zero walked up to him and finished him off by slicing him in half with his saber.
X walked up to Silver. ”Are you alright, general?”
”You seem hurt.” He looked at the numerous cuts and bruises on her body.
”Yeah, a bit… but I’m alright… I think…” As she spoke those words, Zero approached them.
”General, do you have anything to report? Are there any more high-ranked mavericks in the area?”
”I… yes. Metal Shark Player… and…” She paused for a second. ”Rogue.”
”Rogue is here?” X and Zero looked at each other, then at Silver.
”Yes… bro is… there too… and they have Type…”
”This is grave news… can you tell us where they are?”
”A warehouse… a boat… should be in that direction…” Silver pointed towards the location.
X looked at where she pointed, then at Silver, and then back to Zero. ”Zero! You take the hunters with you there. I will accompany General Silver to assure she gets back to HQ safely, then I will join you.”
”Affirmative.” Zero turned to the squadron. ”You heard him – follow me!” Zero and the hunters started running towards the spot, leaving the two.
X crouched in front of Silver. ”I’ll carry you.”
”Thanks, sir…” Silver climbed up on his back. ”Also… my sword…”
”Longinus? What’s with it?”
”In the water… there…” She pointed towards where she had climbed up. ”Should be… by the ladder, at the bottom…”
”We’ll get it back for you. Now we must get you back. Can you teleport by yourself?”
”I doubt it… I’m next to drained…”
”We have some equipment ready not far from here, we should be able to get you a little more up to shape… and if all else fails, I’ll just have to carry you all the way there.” X laughed a little as they started walking.

”I’m impressed you can still move.”
”I’m not empty yet, flashy.” 666 held his ground surprisingly well against Rogue.
”Is that right? You seem weakened.”
”Oh, shut it…” Rogue had been able to dodge most of the swings from Nightmare 666 had thrown at him. 666 was already mostly drained, and it was not getting any better. ”Damn it…”
”I expected more from you. I heard you were good.”
”You knew about me?”
”I have had underlings involved in missions you hunters have dealt with, providing me with a decent amount of information.”
”Correction…” 666 did a sudden dash towards Rogue, stabbing Nightmare towards him. Rogue sidestepped it, making 666 pass him. He lifted his weapon and fired some pulses towards 666, who got hit by one and dodged
the rest.
666 made his way to the wall and turned around. ”I am no hunter.”
”Oh? Then why are you attacking me, if you are not under orders?”
”Fuck orders… there’s no mission up about taking you out since noone really knows where you were residing… but now I have more than one reason to deal with you…”
”You mean Type? My sources have informed me that you two are enemies.”
”Your sources are sorely mistaken…” 666 started spinning Nightmare around in his hand. Rogue clenched his right fist, sparks flying from it. He fired some shots towards 666 and ran towards him. 666 grabbed Nightmare and let away a powerful swing towards Rogue, but he stopped a few steps short of the blade’s reach. He opened his palm and sent it towards 666’s chest at high speed. 666 managed to partly block it with his left hand, but the force of the electrical impact was serious. ”No…”
”Not enough.” Rogue pointed his weapon towards 666’s head.
”Not yet…” 666 ducked, trying to leg sweep Rogue as he fired his weapon, but both attacks failed.
”You’re still not through?”
”Definitely not.” 666 did a run for the gates.
”No escape for you!” Rogue put away his weapon and held his palms together, pointing them at 666. ”Bow.” He drew his palms away from each other, creating a half-circle of electricity between them. ”Go!” It released from his palms and shot towards 666, who had just grabbed the handle of Koe.
”What…” 666 reclaimed Koe, turned around and saw the bow flying towards him. ”You have got to be kidding…” He jumped to the side, but got hit in the leg, falling over.
”Noone stands after a round of these.” He held out his palms again, but this time drew one towards him and the other towards 666. ”Beam.” A line of electricity was formed inbetween. ”Go!”
”Oh crap.” 666 watched the beam approach him, and held up Koe to parry. As the beam hit the blade, he felt a sting in his hands, and quickly let go of the sword. ”That powerful…”
”There is no way for you to avoid this one.” He once again put his palms together, and drew them a little bit apart from each other, electricity inbetween. ”Wave.” He started moving his palms in a circle motion, making the electricity create a wave form. ”Extension.” He moved his hands away from each other, still circling them. The wave increased in size accordingly. ”Go!” The large wave, spinning rapidly, was going towards 666 at great speed. He held up Nightmare to attempt to block it. ”That won’t help you.”
”Maybe not, but I will.” Suddenly a large plasma blast came flying through the gates and hit the wave, negating both blasts.
”What… who?”
In through the gates walked someone 666 knew well.
”Snex… always coming late…”
”You should be grateful.” Snex looked at 666 sitting on the ground.
”Maybe later…”
”You need to learn some manners. Seen Silver around?”
”She was here, but escaped… had a mav after her, but she should cope…”
”I hope… now get out, seems as if I’ll have to handle this guy.”
”…alright…” 666 grabbed Koe and started making his way out the gates.
”You’re Rogue, aren’t you?” Snex pointed his charged buster towards him.
”Yes, that would be me. And you?”
”A hunter.”
”You hunters are just a bunch of no-good elitists, another one should pose no problem!”
”We’ll see about that.” Snex threw a bomb on the ground between them, followed by some buster blasts. Rogue dodged them easily, but lost track of Snex in the explosion. He created another electricity bow and
pointed it towards where Snex had been standing.
”Miss.” Snex was standing behind Rogue and fired his buster. Rogue tried to dodge, but got hit in his right arm. ”No-good elitists, you say…” Snex threw another bomb towards Rogue, who grabbed his weapon and shot it in mid-air, making it explode. ”If we’re no-good elitists, how come we’re better than you?” Snex suddenly approached in front of Rogue, pointing his buster towards Rogue’s stomach.
”How… and why? According to the black one, there is no mission for my head!”
”True, no official mission to hunt you… but you’re still wanted. Dead.” Snex let off a blast from his buster, ripping a hole through Rogue.
”Gah…” Rogue pointed his left palm on Snex’ shoulder and let off a discharge. ”Luckily my vital systems are… elsewhere…”
Snex coughed. ”Hmph. Only reason the one before me couldn’t kill you is that he can’t take electricity… I’m a bit more resistant to that. And that was weak. I assume I got part of your generator.”
”Damn it… you lucky bastard…” Rogue kept setting off discharges, but they were already weak and only waned in power.
”I prefer to call it skill.” Snex lifted his buster, charged up a blast and let it fly at Rogue’s left arm, effectively destroying it.
”Damn you hunters! At least I can take you down with me!” Rogue took a few steps back and started charging his entire body. Sparks came flying out through the hole in his stomach. ”What… it’s wrong… no-”
Suddenly, his entire body discharged and the hole expanded, ripping him in half. His upper and lower body fell to the ground, separated, sparks coming from the exposed parts.
”Now that’s what I call a nasty backfire.” Snex walked up what was left of Rogue.
”Damn- you- all-”
”You’re still alive, huh?”
”Hmph…” Snex pointed his buster towards Rogue’s head and charged.
”Halt it, general!”
”Huh?” Snex turned towards the gate, spotting Zero and a small group of hunters. ”Zero.”
”You did a great job taking care of Rogue, but having him alive a little longer may be valuable to us.” He turned to the hunters. ”Gather what’s left of him, don’t forget to make sure he’s inactive.”
”Affirmative!” The hunters entered the warehouse.
”General Snex.”
”I guess that takes care of the Rogue business…”
”Indeed. I actually found him disappointing.”
”Oh really?”
”Yeah, he wasn’t so strong after all. I think we’ve been overestimating him. Or he was just weak in close quarters.”
”In any case, you will get rewarded for this. I await the full report.”
”I’m sure you do. By the way, have you seen Silver?”
”General Silver is damaged, but nothing lethal. X made sure she got back to headquarters safely.”
”Thank goodness… this was quite a day.”
”Indeed. Shall we?”
”Let’s.” Snex and Zero left the warehouse, spotting X in the distance as they started walking away. Snex threw a quick glance the other way, but did not see what he was looking for.
”Anything wrong, general?”
”No… not at all.” He turned around, mumbling to himself. ”I suppose he’ll be fine on his own…”

”So he actually did it…” 666 sat leaning towards a wall in an alley behind the warehouse. ”Need to rest…”
”Do you really have time for that?”
”What in the…” 666 looked around, spotting someone he had seen before. ”You…”
”Yes.” Metal Shark Player approached 666. ”That… felt.”
”I hope it did…” 666 grabbed the handle of Koe as he tried to stand up, but he was too weakened. ”Aw heck…”
”I can at least take care of one of you…” Metal Shark Player lifted up his anchor, striking towards 666. He closed his eyes and held up his arms for protection. But the impact never came. Instead, he heard the sound of metal hitting metal. He opened his eyes, seeing an arm no longer holding an anchor and a leg he knew. ”Type!”
”Type… so you got away? Then… both Adler and Rogue…”
Type looked at Metal Shark Player as he retracted his leg and stood up. Player took a few steps back and attempted to spin, but Type approached him and kicked him into a wall.
”Darn it…” He stood up and pointed his palm towards where he thought Type was standing, but saw nothing there. ”Where…” Right then Type came crashing through the roof, planting his foot square onto the back
of Player’s head, who fell. Type gave him another kick, sending him out of the building – and another, sending him towards 666. Type pointed at Player’s trembling body as he looked at 666.
”Heh… you don’t want to kill anyone, do you…” 666 grabbed Nightmare and finished off Player. Type approached 666 as he sheathed his swords. They looked at each other for a few moments before Type turned around and crouched in front of 666. ”I see…” With some effort, 666 managed to get up on his back. Type started walking in the general direction of the headquarters. ”You know, Type…”
Type looked at 666’s head over his shoulder.
”We’ll settle stuff another day.”
Once again, Type nodded towards him.

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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