”Alright… how come every time we fight, we have to get interrupted by a bunch of stupid mavericks?” 666 pulled Koe from the head of the last dead maverick and sheathed it. ”At least you didn’t take this as an opportunity to escape.”
Type had no reason to escape. He knew that he was faster than 666, but there was no use just trying to run away. He’d just be sniffed out again. This fight was inevitable. Besides, he found it refreshing with this kind of foe…
”Let’s go on…” They looked at each other for a few moments before going back to their trading of blows, most of which did not do the damage they were supposed to. It was what you would expect from a clash between two forces with such speed, skill and power as these. A scratch here, a dent there, but nothing that would settle it. Both of them knew that the slightest opening could prove to be fatal. None of them could be said to be in control of the fight, they were evenly matched. But 666 knew that if the fight was dragged out, he would probably be the one to fall. ”If only I could…” He was quickly scanning the surroundings, searching for any structure or alike that could be used for a slight advantage. But nothing – the roof they were on was quite plain.
Type, on the other hand, did not fight with much of a plan. He had defeated 666 twice before and knew he could do it again. He blocked a slash, dodged a leg sweep, did a quick somersault and kicked towards 666 with the ground as a spring board. Not much success…

”Do you have any idea why he did this for you?”
”None… but I already knew he wasn’t an enemy.”
”But you’re still going to go after him, right?”
”Yeah… can’t leave it like this, can I?”
”Why? He’s knocked you out cold two times already. Isn’t that enough?”
”Not by a long shot. If it’s what it takes, I’ll be knocked out a few more times…”
”Well, I know that there’s no use trying to talk you out of it, but I don’t like this…”
”It’s my problems. But, you know what?”

Time passed. Five… ten… fifteen minutes. The status quo seemed unchanged. But it was finally about to take a turn.
”Take this!” 666 punched towards Type’s head with hir right fist, claws out. Type dodged it with no problems, but the action that followed came as a total surprise to him. 666 took a few small steps  towards Type before he did a slight turn. Just as Type managed to delivered a punch to 666’s waist, he felt something. 666 had grabbed his ear. Then it happened so quickly… 666 took a steady hold of Type’s left ear with both his hands, took a small leap forwards, and with immense power he threw Type over his head, still with a tight grip on his ear. As Type hit the ground with shattering force, 666 let go of him. Before Type could retaliate, he got a strong kick sent at him. He was sent flying a short distance, and when he saw 666 again, he was running towards him with his right hand pulled back, preparing to strike. He approached faster than Type could hope to do something about in the position he was at the moment. With much force, 666 sent his hand flying towards Type’s head…

”I’m starting to like the guy.”

Type had closed his eyes, waiting for the impact. But it never came. When he looked again, he saw 666’s hand. Claws deactivated, palm fully opened. 666 was breathing heavily and smiling.
”I win…”
At first Type hesitated, but it became clear to him that 666 had ceased to fight. He grabbed 666’s hand and got back on his legs.
”I want to thank you.” 666 removed his forehead protector from his head and tied it around his arm. ”These fights with you…” He lit a cigarette. ”Some of the best I’ve ever had. I hope I can fight you again… but for now, I should get back.” He turned around and started walking. After a few steps he reached the edge of the roof and stopped. He turned back to Type. ”See ya… friend.” Type looked at him as he jumped down and sped away in the distance. Type pondered his words for a few seconds before starting to leap away towards the harbour.

About twenty minutes later, 666 strolled in through the gates of the wall around the Maverickhunters headquarters.
”Time for some rest…” 666 threw away his cigarette and started heading for the wall, intending to climb up to the roof. As he approached it, he heard a voice above him.
”Excuse me, 666, sir?”
”Huh?” 666 looked up, spotting the head of Yosh sticking out of a window he was cleaning. ”What is it?”
”Um… General Silver said that I should tell you that she wanted to see you as soon as possible if I saw you.”
”I see… alright, thanks for the info. Move.”
”Huh?” Before Yosh had time to react, 666 jumped in through the window, just barely not colliding with Yosh in the process. ”R-right…” As 666 left the room, Yosh regained his breath, closed the window and returned to his cleaning.
”What does she want now…” As 666 approached Silver’s lab, he saw that the door was slightly open. He opened it and knocked at the same time. ”Sis?”
”Oh, you’re back! Where have you been?”
”Uh, around. You wanted to see me?”
”Yeah. It’s a mission up. I specifically recommended you for it. I’m on it too.”
”Mission, eh… what about?”
”Capturing Type.”

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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