”This doesn’t make sense.” 666 threw away his cigarette and laid down. ”And now I don’t know where the hell he is…” He closed his eyes. A few minutes later, he heard a voice above him.
”Hey, bro! What’s up? How do you feel?”
”Huh? Oh, Silver…” He opened his eyes, sat up and lit a new cig. ”It’s good. I’ve just been thinking.”
”Type. Stuff that doesn’t add up. You saw my fight with him, didn’t you?”
”Yeah, parts of it. What about it?”
”Something about it bothers me. You saw Type fight from a distance… he did fight with everything he had, didn’t he?”
”From what I saw, yeah… and I think I know what bothers you. He defeated you.”
”No… no.”
”No, that’s not what bothers me… he wasn’t the first, and will not be the last to defeat me… it’s something else.”
”Then what?”
”Well, it is also possible that I’m mistaken… I was quite angry when I clashed with him. I want to find him again, but… I don’t know where to look.”
”Then I think you’ll like these news… he’s been sighted again. There’s a mission up. You want it?”
”If I WANT it? That’s the stupidest question I’ve heard all day.”
Silver laughed. ”Thought you’d say something like that, so I already took it. But knowing you, you’d not want me to get in the way, so it’s all yours. He was sighted in residential area twelve, three individual sightings in two consecutive days.”
”Finally a lead… thanks, sis.” He stood up and walked to the edge of the roof.
”And oh, bro?”
”Good luck with the hunting.”
666 smiled. ”Thanks.” He jumped down to the ground and sped off in the distance towards the city.”
”…and be careful…”

Residential area twelve. Very close to the harbor. A very quiet and calm place.
But that was of course yesterday.
On the schedule for today: chaos.
The Maverickhunters weren’t the only ones who had found out that Type was there. Why he was there, noone still knew save for Type himself, but it didn’t matter to any of the parties. The Mavericks that were after him were at the spot. Type knew that hiding was pointless in the long run, so he just decided to encounter them. Despite the fact that he was very outnumbered, they didn’t pose a threat to him. Not yet, at least. He fought them off without taking many hits himself, but knew that if it continued for too long, it couldn’t end well… a single mistake… if he left himself open for just a moment, it would end. He planted his foot in the chest of an attacker, jumped up via the walls and escaped over the roof. He knew that he would be followed. He also knew he was being witnessed.

”Sheesh.” 666 stood in the middle of it. Between the running Type, and the Mavericks hunting him.Type was far away, there was no way that the Mavericks could catch up… but they could prove to be a nusiance. He watched them as they approached. ”Well, hello there.”
”What… who are you? Move!” The Maverick that seemed to lead the group pointed his weapon at 666.
”Heh… when the prey starts to fight back, it is often not long until the hunter becomes the hunted.”
”What the…”
”But that’s a different point. Type is my prey.”
”Hmph… it doesn’t matter. He will be back. We’ll just take care of you now!” He fired his weapon. 666 dodged it without problems and rapidly approached the Mavericks, his right hand on Nightmare.
”You’re hardly worth it.” It was not much of a fight. 666 sliced through the entire opposition with his blade before they had realized exactly what was going on. ”Keh. Weaklings.” He put Nightmare back in it’s holder and dashed off towards where Type had disappeared. What he didn’t know was that he had changed direction.

Type didn’t know where he was going. The only thing he was sure of was where he wasn’t going. He knew that the other person that was after him was from the Maverickhunters, but that one was… different. He would not capture him. He would kill. Type had defeated him once, and could probably do it again… but there was no way to be sure. He had turned away from the way towards the harbor, because that was where he probably would be sought. He jumped down from the roofs so there would be less chance for him to be spotted. Then he heard a click.
”Seems as if they lost you. I’m not surprised!” A large Maverick stood in front of him, holding a big rifle. In his left hand he held some small spheres. ”You’re good… but this is where it ends.” He threw the spheres – EMP grenades – on the ground in front of Type. He felt stings in his body, and started escaping. But he couldn’t. He was stuck in something. When the dust cleared, he saw something was shot out from the rifle the Maverick was holding… something that had attached to Type. ”Too easy.” Type changed plans and started running towards the Maverick, aiming a kick at the rifle, but missed. ”You can’t escape now!”
”Maybe he can’t. But thanks for that explosion! Now I’ve finally found him.”
”What… who?” The Maverick looked up towards the roof, from where the voice had came. He saw a black figure, who jumped to the ground.
”Your doom.” 666, who had gone into Wolf fusion to get some extra speed, charged up the claws on his right hand with heat and thrusted his fist through the stomach of the Maverick, who fell to the ground. 666 shattered his head with a kick, then broke the rifle, releasing Type. They looked at each other as 666 undid his fusion. ”There you are… I assume you know I was after you. And I assume you know why I am here. But do not worry… I am not like the others that are after you. I am no Maverick, and while I may be working with the Maverickhunters… I am not one of them either. I am here because I there is something I want to find out. I won’t kill you, not today… assuming I win…”
Type looked at him. There was no escaping it now. He had to fight his way through this. But maybe it wasn’t so bad after all… he threw a kick towards 666, who blocked it whis his claws.
”Heh…” 666 deflected the leg and ran up to Type, punching towards his chest. Type caught his hand and ducked, following up with a kick to 666’s leg. He stumbled backwards, but soon regained his balance. Type jumped up to the roof. 666 did the same. Dashing towards each other, trading blows of which many were closely avoided, deflected or countered, the speed at which they were fighting was incredible. They seemed evenly matched. He’s amazing, 666 thought to himself. Time passed, with none of the parts gaining an upper hand. Until…

They had only been fighting for ten minutes, but it was ten very intense minutes. 666 saw a very slight opening, and managed to give Type a punch to his head. Type reeled from the blow, doing a swift move towards a close wall. Using a rebound from the wall, he passed 666, who turned around with a slash, which hit Type’s right shoulder. But the slash had left him open. Very shortly, but it was enough for Type. Using both his legs, he delivered a kick with insane force to 666’s stomach. He was sent flying into the wall, his back first, and sank down into a sitting position. As he tried to come over the pain and stand up, Type dashed towards him, thrusting his right hand towards 666, who blocked it with his left arm. Then he threw a kick towards Type, who had sent his leg towards 666’s head. And his long legs decided it all.
For 666, everything turned into darkness.

When he woke up, once again he found himself in sickbay. Silver was sitting beside his bed. ”Argh.”
”Finally back? I was worried about you. How do you feel?”
”I have the worst headache I have ever had.”
Silver giggled. ”It figures. You have a very nasty mark on your helmet.”
”So… how’d I get here?”
”You didn’t come back, so… of course I started worrying, and went to find you. It was my mission as well, you know.”
”Oh yeah, the mission… what was the exact assignment, again?”
”Investigation. You think he’s a threat?”
”Definitely no.”
”Yes. You remember how I told you that something was bothering me?”
”Yeah, have you figured it out now?”
”Indeed I have. But it still doesn’t make sense. Type does fight with all his might, yet… he fights without instinct to kill. I don’t understand.”
”It’s what it said in his files too… he never killed anyone…”
”He never kills anyone when fighting, yet he can beat me… twice. But I know I can win over him.”
”No. It would give me a victory, but I don’t want to use it against him. Not my swords either. It’s got nothing to do with honor or any crap like that, this is personal… and I know he won’t kill me either. And I probably won’t kill him…” Those last words he mostly mumbled to himself.
”Oh well, it’s good to know you’re okay, at least.” Silver stood up.
”Where are you going?”
She looked at him and smiled. ”I have a mission report to write.”
”Heh… alright, I’ll see you later.” 666 laid down on the bed as Silver walked away.

Type looked out over the sea, standing on the roof of a warehouse. He was thinking about that black guy. He was seemingly not his enemy after all. But what did he want? But did it really matter? Type looked up in the night sky. But maybe – he thought to himself – maybe he wasn’t so alone anymore.

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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