“General Snex, those are your orders. Any questions?” X handed Snex the mission file.
“No, not really. Sounds easy enough… though… why do I have to take HIM with me?” Snex looked at Metro, who was standing beside the door.
“Since the information we have is obscure, we can not allow this to be a solo mission. I know that you two aren’t the best friends, but your powers go together well… if you deem it necessary, you may bring one more hunter with you.”
“Whatever…” Snex picked up his helmet from the table and walked out, Metro following. “Just don’t get in my way.”
“Same to you…”
“Don’t forget I hold a higher rank than you.”
“Oh, sure.”
Coming to an intersection in the corridor, Snex turned a way which wasn’t in the direction of the exit.
“Where are you going? That’s not the way out!”
“For the sake of… calm down. I’m going to ask someone else to tag along.” Snex was heading towards Silver’s lab.
“Oh, who?”
“You’ll see.” They approached the door, Snex knocking on it. “Hon?”
Silver opened the door, letting them in and giving Snex a hug. “Hi, honey! And hi, Metro.” She let go of him and looked at Metro.
“Hello, general.”
“Strange seeing you two together.”
“We’re assigned to the same mission…” Snex sighed.
“I don’t like it any more than you do, remember that.” Metro looked at Snex.
“Anyway… I was going to ask you if you wanted to tag along as well.” He handed her the mission file. “I could bring one more, if I wanted… and I doubt I’d stand being stuck with only him…” He mostly mumbled the last sentence.
“I’d love to, but…” She flipped through it. “There’s no way I can right now. I’m really busy with a few projects, I have to have some stuff finished already by tonight… I need all the time I can get. But if you want someone, why don’t you ask bro? This looks like a mission he’d appreciate.”
“666? I don’t know…”
“Please? I think he’d like it. At least ask him.”
“Oh, alright. See you later, then.” He gave her a quick kiss before leaving. Silver closed the door as Snex and Metro proceeded towards the exit.
“666… that mercenary, right? Haven’t seen much of him…”
“Noone has. Save for Silver. He never speaks to anyone else unless he has to.”
“General Silver called him ‘bro’… are they really siblings?”
“No, he’s not even a reploid. Don’t mind it…” As they left the main HQ building, Snex put on his helmet and looked up in the sky. “Now to actually find him…” He walked to the closest ladder and scaled it. 666 was not very far from them, lying down as usual. “Hey!”
“Huh?” 666 opened one of his eyes, spotting Snex. “What do you want?” Snex approached him as he sat up and lit a cigarette.
“Well, I have a mission. I asked Silver if she wanted to come with me, but she couldn’t. She told me to ask you, though.” He handed over the mission file.
“Oh, really…” As he looked it through, Metro climbed up the roof and approached them.
Snex turned to him. “Didn’t I tell you to calm the fuck down?”
“You may be a general, but that doesn’t mean you can insult me!”
Throwing angry looks at each other, they were interrupted by 666. “Now, now… I’ll tag along. Pay looks good, and I was starting to get bored anyway.” He gave the mission file back to Snex, who turned back to 666.
“Alright. I have to go pick up some equipment, see you both at the main gates in fifteen minutes.” Snex jumped down to the ground and disappeared behind a corner, leaving 666 and Metro.
“Just don’t get in my way.” 666 stood up and jumped down as well, leaving Metro alone.
“…oh, for crying out loud…”

“Wait here until we return.”
“Affirmative, General.” Snex, Metro and 666 left the jeep, walking in the direction of their target.
“We’re not sure about their exact number or how violent they are, but the reports talked about five or six, and I doubt there’d be that amount of higher classed mavericks at one spot, so we should be able to handle them no problem.” Snex led the way, 666 walking between him and Metro.
“Hopefully they’ll at least put up a fight…” 666 blew out some smoke and tapped Koe’s handle. “I’d hate going out on a mission all fired up and then it turns out being a walk in the park.”
“Aren’t most enemies a walk in the park for you?”
“Hardly. Most of the mavericks I run into on missions I can kill no problem, but I understand why the ones classified as more dangerous are classified as that, so to speak… just ask Silver, you hardly ever see me fight.”
“True, I guess.” Snex walked up to the door, knocking. “‘scuse us, we’re here from the Maverickhunters…”
“Oh, welcome!” The door was opened by a man in his thirties, wearing a lab coat, shaved head, glasses, a mustache. “I’m James, I was the one who called for you… welcome to my private little lab.”
“…little?” Metro closed the door behind them. “That’s an understatement… what the hell are you doing here?”
“Sorry, that’s classified.”
“Hm…” 666 still stood by the door. “I’ll wait outside.” He exited the building, lit a cigarette and climbed up to the roof. It was a storage building in a fairly uninhabited area. No other house close by. A forest just behind the building.
“They usually come in the evening… I don’t know what they want, but they have destroyed stuff for me… I hope you can take care of them.” James leaned back in his chair. “I can’t calm down…”
“Just leave this to us. We’ll observe and then take appropriate action.”
“Are you really sure you can do it with only three of you?”
“I’m a general. The guy outside is a highly skilled mercenary. We should be able to handle this, no doubt. Taking care of mavericks is what we do.”
“Hey, I’m here too!”
“Shut it, Met. Me and 666 could handle this ourselves. You’re only here because X assigned this mission to both of us. Well, since you’re here, you better make yourself useful later on…”
“You… bah! I’m going outside as well. I can’t stand staying here.” Metro left the room and exited the building.
“…are you SURE you can handle this? You seem to have a problem with communication…”
“Don’t mind Metro… he’s immature, though at least he knows how to handle his plasma… I’m in charge of this mission, and I promise you that it will be a success.”
“Alright, I trust you. Good luck, general… what was your name, again?”
“Good luck, general Snex. Now if you’d excuse me, I have some work to do.”
“Sure.” Snex got up and walked outside.
“Yes… good luck, indeed…” James smiled for himself.
Metro was sitting against the wall, playing around a little with his
plasma. Snex paid no notice to him and instead climbed up to 666.
“So… learned anything?” 666 looked at Snex as he sat down beside him.
“Not more than what we already know… so I assume we’ll just wait for them to come. He said they usually come at evening…” Snex started fiddling with some grenades.
“Oh well…” 666 took a deep breath on his cig and leaned back. “Might as well get some rest.” He finished his cig, crushed the butt in his palm and threw away the remains. Then he laid down, closing his eyes.
“I guess.” Snex removed his helmet and put back the grenades in his belt.

The evening fell. 666 was sleeping, Snex was still sitting on the roof, Metro was still on the ground. Suddenly an explosion was heard at the back of the building.
“They’re here!” Snex shaked 666 to wake him up, then donned his helmet.
“Finally…” He stood up and activated his claws, then the both of them advanced to the other side. Metro was running around the corner. In the dark, five figures could be seen. “Hey!”
“So you’re the ones!” Metro pointed his arm towards them as one of them came closer, becoming more visible.
“Backup, eh…?” It was a dark blue robot, looking heavily armed. His feet were tank treads.
“Who are you? And why are you doing this?” Snex charged his buster and pointed it at the robot.
“The name is Napalm Man. Our business here is with doctor James only!”
“…Napalm Man?” 666 reacted.
“Something’s wrong?”
“Something is seriously wrong… that’s an ancient robot… he shouldn’t even be alive!” 666 turned back to Napalm Man. “How the hell did you get here? Time travel?”
“I have traveled through no time, save for the present, for this. Our presence here is none of your concern!”
“In fact…” 666 jumped down as Snex spoke. “It is. We have been hired to get rid of you!”
“Fair enough…” Napalm Man let off a barrage of missiles in Snex’ direction and a pair of bombs at 666 before backing away. From one of the other robots, a laser beam was sent flying towards Metro. All three dodged the respective attacks and went towards the group of robots. Another came running towards 666, who slashed towards the robot, but he jumped over him and landed behind them. 666 turned around and saw a yellow and red robot with a large boomerang on his forehead.
“You would be?”
“Quick Man. I’ll take you on!” They dashed towards each other, but as 666 attacked, Quick Man jumped again, this time up to the roof. 666 followed him, turning his head to Snex and Metro for a second.
“I’ll handle this guy! You take care of them!” Turning back, he saw Quick Man jump down the other side of the building. 666 followed after.
Snex and Metro was looking at the group of robots. Aside from Napalm Man, there was a light blue robot with a crystallic ornament on his head, and a red robot with a large magnet. Metro pointed at the red one.
“Something tells me you’re named Magnet Man.”
“Damn right I am! And I’ll take ya punks down!”
“Always so unrefined.”
“Gemini. You know I handle things my own way!”
“Sadly, I do.” Gemini Man looked at Metro. “I think I’ll handle the one in silver. You two deal with that green one. The black one won’t last against Quick and-” Gemini Man was interrupted by Metro who dashed towards him, stabbing his arms made into plasma blades at him. They were dodged, and Gemini Man shot another laser beam at Metro. He deflected it with the plasma blade. “Have fun.” Gemini Man ran backwards into the forest, showering Metro with lasers.
“General, you deal with them! That other guy is mine!” Metro started tailing Gemini Man, but was stopped in his tracks by some unseen force.
“Not so fast, brat!” Magnet Man was holding him back with a magnetic field.
“You forget something.” Snex ran up to Magnet Man and fired off an uncharged plasma shot at close range. Magnet Man released Metro who escaped before Magnet Man could start his magnet again.
“Now I’m angry! Napalm, you stay out of this! I’ll handle him myself!”
“You do that. I’ll visit our little… friend.” Magnet Man and Snex looked at each other as Napalm Man approached the building, blew a hole in the side of it and vanished into the darkness.
“Well, no matter who you are… you’re going down.” Snex started charging his buster as he grabbed a grenade in his other hand.

“Fucking hell, he’s fast…” Quick Man was running around the place at such speed that 666 had problems keeping up. “There you are!” Just as he was about to kick him, Quick Man jumped high up in the air, throwing three boomerangs towards 666, who took a small leap backwards as the boomerangs burrowed down in the ground. “Missed me.”
“Oh really?” Quick Man stood still. 666 started running towards him, but just as he was over the holes the boomerangs had created, they shot up again, two of them hitting him. He stopped and jumped back again.
“Playing tricks, I see…” Quick Man had once again started running towards him, holding three boomerangs in each hand. “Where do you even get those from?” 666 ran backwards and grabbed Nightmare. Suddenly he jumped forwards with a slashing leap, but Quick Man just jumped high again, throwing all boomerangs at him. 666 slashed three of them with Nightmare, then ran away from where the other three had hit. “The way he can shower this place with those, there won’t be any safe ground here… better deal with him fast…” He unsheathed Koe and looked at Quick Man. “Let’s see if the final edge style can take him down…”
“You have no chaaaaaance!” Quick Man came running again, throwing many boomerangs. 666 cut through a few, got hit by a few, and dodged the rest as he approached Quick Man. But instead of slashing when he was close, he anticipated what Quick Man was going to do and jumped as well. Their bodies collided and they both fell to the ground.
“Ow…” 666 got to his feet and looked at Quick Man, who also had reassumed standing position.
“You’re annoying!”
“That’s not half of what you are… alright, seems as if I have to get faster to compete with you.” 666 sheathed his swords and looked at Kage, who was hovering nearby. “Kage… wolf fusion.”
“You the big bad wolf, or something?”
“One could…” As the fusion completed, 666 started charging up his claws. “…say that.” He dashed towards Quick Man, but did not use the speed the wolf fusion allowed him to. He slashed with the claws on his right hand towards Quick Man, dispelling the heat charge, but it was dodged. Quick Man jumped high up in the air and started showering the place with boomerangs.
“Take this, take this, take this!”
“Fuck…” 666 jumped up in the air, faster than Quick Man could react. 666 first slashed him in the stomach with his left hand, dispelling the cold charge into Quick Man, who shortly thereafter got a foot to the back of his head, making him fall to the ground faster. 666 landed a little bit away, scanning the ground to see where there were boomerang traps.
“Ugh…” Quick Man got to his feet, looking at 666. “Seems as if you got a little boost…”
“A little is not enough…” 666 started running towards Quick Man, still using his nonfused top speed. As Quick Man started running backwards at high speed, throwing boomerangs, 666 sped up to his highest. Blazing towards Quick Man, he was even running so fast that he had passed the boomerang spots before they shot up.
“What the hell! That’s not fair!” Quick Man saw 666 rapidly approaching, so he turned around and started running his fastest. He took a short glance backwards, but couldn’t see 666. However, when he turned back, he had appeared in front of him. “How in the world!”
“You’re history, pal!” 666 ran up to Quick Man and put his right arm around Quick Man’s neck in a steady grip. “You were fast, but in the end, I was faster!” Putting his left hand at the lower part of Quick Man’s back, he thrusted forwards with his right arm. Quick Man’s body broke in two.
“Oh- damn- it-” 666 and Kage undid their fusion as Quick Man’s upper body exploded and his legs fell to the ground.
“That’s one down…” He deactivated his claws, sat down on the ground and lit a cig. Unbeknownst to him, he was being watched.

“Stop jumping around, damn it!”
“Ha! Imma take you out, punk!” Magnet Man launced another volley of magnet missiles at Snex, who destroyed most of them with well-placed plasma shots. He charged up and let a big blast away in Magnet Man’s direction, but he simply jumped over it, shooting a few more missiles in the process.
“God fucking damn it…” Snex grabbed a grenade and threw it at Magnet Man, who projected a negative magnetic field, stopping the grenade in midair and sending it back towards Snex. “You have got to be fucking kidding.” Shooting it to make it explode, he started running through the dust cloud, towards Magnet Man. But he was repelled by the magnetic field as well.
“Can’t touch me, loser!” He shot another kind of magnet at Snex, which made him fall over and stuck to him. “How do you like this, fool?” He removed the magnetic field and took a jump backwards.
“Heh…” Snex got to his feet and pointed his buster towards Magnet Man. “That could have worked.” He started charging.
“Hey, what the hell! You shouldn’t be able to do that with that stuck to you!”
“That could have worked…” He let away the charged blast followed by a barrage of normal shots, one hitting Magnet Man in the leg. “If I was a robot… but unfortunately for you, I’m a cyborg.” He took another grenade in his hand and started running towards Magnet Man, who put up another negative field. “Your field may stop me, but it doesn’t stop this!” Snex fired off a burst of plasma shots at Magnet Man, who removed the magnetic field and jumped backwards, but was hit by the shots.
“Argh!” It was followed by Snex throwing the grenade right at him. He put up a negative magnetic field at the last moment, but Snex immediately shot the grenade, making it explode in Magnet Man’s face. “That hurt, you fucker!” He launched a large barrage of magnet missiles at Snex, who started running in another direction, still shooting many plasma shots towards Magnet Man, though most of them missed. Suddenly stopping and ducking under a barrage of missiles, Snex turned back towards Magnet Man. He started running towards the building, avoiding Snex’ plasma.
“Cornered!” Snex started rapidly shooting as to trap Magnet Man against the wall, but…
“As if!” Magnet Man avoided the plasma and kept running… up the wall. “My magnets are for more than just show!” Running horizontally along the wall, showering Snex with magnet missiles, he started laughing. “See? You have no way of targeting me! Ha ha ha!”
“You’re seriously starting to piss me off…” He grabbed another grenade from his belt. “Last one…” As Magnet Man jumped down to the ground, Snex threw the grenade on the ground, creating a dust cloud.
“Your last grenade, you say? Take this, then!” Not seeing Snex, Magnet Man put up a positive magnetic field. Shortly thereafter, something came flying through the dust cloud at high speed, right at Magnet Man. “Gotcha!”
“…oh, really? My last grenade, yes…”
“Hm?” Through the dust cloud, two spherical things rapidly approached Magnet Man and hit him.
“…but I said nothing about bombs.” He shot a charged up plasma blast in Magnet Man’s direction.
“Oh fuck you!” Just as Magnet Man switched the polarity of the field to stop them, the plasma blast came through, hitting both the bombs, making them explode, and Magnet Man.
“That’s freaking IT for you, you damned little piece of…” Snex came rushing through the dust cloud and grabbed the positively dizzy Magnet Man by his throat. He started charging up his plasma buster and pointed it right at Magnet Man’s head.
“Uuh… I…” Magnet Man opened his eyes, seeing the green glow just in front of him. “N- no!” He attempted to put up a magnetic field, but Snex held on to him.
“You’re going down… punk.” Snex smiled as he unleashed his fully charged plasma blast in Magnet Man’s face, removing his entire head. He let go of the body, which exploded after falling to the ground.
“Score!” Snex took a deep breath before looking at the hole in the warehouse wall through which Napalm Man had disappeared. “Guess it’s up to me to take care of that one, as well…” Counting his remaining explosives, he walked into the darkness.

“Where the hell did he go…” Metro was deep into the forest at this point. He had lost track of Gemini Man long ago, but knew he was around, since there were lasers coming from various spots. “Show yourself already! Or are you afraid of me?”
“You would enjoy that idea, wouldn’t you? I am simply proving to you that I am capable of victory without you ever finding my whereabouts.”
“Oh, for the sake of… fight like a man!” Metro made his right fist into plasma and started running towards the source of the latest laser beam. Punching it through a tree, a laser beam came at him from the other direction. He turned around, changed both his arms into plasma and shot a part of it towards where the laser beam had come from.
“So far away…” The voice came from yet another direction.
“Stop hiding, damn it!” Metro started shooting plasma all around, but it didn’t seem to help. “Alright, Metro… calm down… you can do this…” Taking a few deep breaths and recreating all his limbs, he stood still. Slowly looking around, two laser beams approached him from entirely different directions. “What the…” He ducked under them, started running in the same direction as one of them, formed his arms into blades and started slashing around, releasing a few pieces, piercing various parts of the territory around him.
“You have an interesting ability.” Metro looked behind him, and saw Gemini Man sitting on a rock. He turned to charge, but as he approached, three laser beams came flying from the right in front of his face. Coming to an instant halt, he watched as they hit a tree to his left.
“What the hell… a hologram?” He turned to the right and started shooting a barrage of plasma. Right then, he felt a sting in his leg. Turning back to Gemini Man, he was hit by another laser beam. “What the hell is going on around here?” Deflecting another beam, he took cover behind a tree.
“Are you really so surprised? Think about it for a moment… did you not hear my name?”
“Your name… Gem-something?”
“…Gemini Man. Don’t you forget it.”
“So that is what it is! Explains fucking everything…”
“Figured it out, have you…”
“I guess so.” Looking out from behind the tree, he saw two Gemini Men, both pointing their cannonss towards him. Changing his whole arms into plasma, he broke through the tree and rushed towards the Gemini Men as they started shooting him. He managed to deflect or avoid most of the beams, but got hit by two. As he approached them, one of them took a leap backwards. “Eat this!” Metro stabbed both his arms through the remaining one, who fell to the ground and shattered. “Ha! That’s half of you down!”
“Oh, so?” The Gemini Man in front of Metro smiled, as another laser beam pierced Metro from behind, luckily not hitting any vital parts.
“Gah…” Metro recreated his arms and held his right hand to the hole in his chest. Looking back, he saw yet another Gemini Man aiming at him. “Oh, for the sake of… just how many of you are there?”
“You’ll never know.” Suddenly, laser beams from not only the front and back, but also from the right and left, started heading his direction.
“Aw, shit.” Turning his arms back into plasma, he started dashing straight ahead, laser beams going through his arms with little harm to him. He ran straight into the Gemini Man in front of him and gave him a shoulder tackle, shattering him as well. “Have to… reform… can’t take this power leak much longer…” Ducking behind a rock, he started reassuming his solid form. “Only three left… I hope…” He took a deep breath and rushed out, shooting plasma in various directions. Shortly after he was showered by laser beams from above. Looking up, he saw a Gemini Man standing in a tree. “Bad move, dude…” Metro created a disc of plasma and launched it at the tree. As it started to fall, the Gemini Man jumped over him, still raining laser on him. Metro looked up, and just as lasers from other directions were closing in, he launched a large plasma shot straight upwards, which pierced the torso of the Gemini Man, who shattered.
“You are turning into a real nusiance.” The two remaining Gemini Men stood on opposite sides of him, both pointing their laser cannons right at him.
“That’s what you jerks have been ever from the start…” As they started to rapidly fire at him, Metro crouched and used his plasma to quickly dig a hole.
“Hiding, are we?” One of the Gemini Men ran towards the hole, pointing his cannon slightly downwards. As he reached the hole, he started filling it with laser, but Metro wasn’t there. “Hm?” Just then, he heard a rumbling behind him.
“Watch out!” The other Gemini Man started firing towards Metro, who suddenly had came up behind the first one from his newly-digged tunnel.
“Game over, pal!” Turning his fists into plasma, he clubbed the head off the Gemini Man, shattering him as well. He pointed his right fist, still in plasma, at the one that was left. “Why the hell are you shattering… you should be exploding!”
“Speaking of shattering… why don’t you take a look around?”
“You’ll notice something’s missing…”
“Huh?” Metro looked at the ground around him, and it was true. Something was missing. Apart from the one he had just downed, there were no parts of any of the other shattered Gemini Men on the ground. “What… you…”
“If you think I’m all on my own now, you’re sorely mistaken!” He started running towards Metro, shooting lasers. In the middle of the run, two other Gemini Men seemed to jump out of him, also starting to shoot.
“For the love of…” Metro rolled to the side, shooting off his plasma fist in the process, shattering one of the newly created ones. As he got back on his knees, he was greeted by one laser cannon pointed at each side of his head.
“I believe that this is the farewell for you.”
“Farewell, yes…” Just before the Gemini Men shot, Metro turned his legs into plasma for an instant, sinking down into the ground making the laser beams pass over his head. Immediately after, he turned both his arms into plasma spikes, shot up and pierced both of the Gemini Men. “Farewell for YOU, that is!” He smashed them into each other, making them explode. “Oh fucking FINALLY.” Metro reshaped his body, breathed heavily, and laid down on his back. “Need some rest… I hope the others have been dealt with…” He closed his eyes as he took a sigh of relief.

“Damn it, where did he go?” Snex blasted out another door and kept venturing down the corridor. “He could be fucking anywhere by now…” Coming to an intersection, he stopped and looked in both directions. “Oh, great. Let’s see here… since I came from that direction, that way should be… a dead end? Or leading outside. In any case…” He turned to the right and continued walking. After a few meters, he thought he heard voices down the corridor.
“No… no!”
Grabbing a bomb and charging up his buster, he started running. Following the voice, he got to a door. It was definitely here. “Alright…” Kicking the door open, he dashed in with his buster up. “Freeze! …huh?” The room was covered in darkness.
“What?” Looking around, the room lit up. Up on a ledge, Napalm Man were standing, over James’ body. “You…”
“Relax. He’s not dead, just unconcious… I can’t afford to have him dead.”
“Just what the hell are you trying to accomplish?”
“I have no reason to reveal our plans for you. You coming here must mean that you have killed Magnet Man… so you must have got some skill. He may have been an obnoxious jerk, but he knew what he was doing…” Napalm Man jumped down to floor level.
“I’m not a general for nothing, mind you…” Letting his full charge fly towards Napalm Man, he armed the bomb and started running. As Napalm Man dodged the blast, Snex threw the bomb at him, but the explosion was narrowly dodged. Locking on to Snex, Napalm Man fired off a barrage of missiles.
“How’s this one for size?”
“Cute.” Grabbing another bomb, Snex waited for the missiles to come close, at which he swiftly jumped backwards throwing the bomb at the ground, blowing up most of the missiles. The remaining ones lost their guidance and started going in random directions. Dashing through the smoke cloud, Snex started spamming uncharged plasma shots, hitting Napalm Man with a few. “You’re slower than the Magnet guy, AND you have a larger frame I can hit. Logic states that since I downed him, I will definitely get you as well.”
“Don’t blindly trust logic…”
“Oh, I know. However, I do trust my weapons!” Grabbing two bombs in his right hand, he started dashing towards Napalm Man, showering him with plasma. Napalm Man backed away and let two napalm bombs away towards Snex. Rolling to the side to avoid the explosion, Snex threw one of his bombs at Napalm Man followed by a semi-charged plasma shot. The explosion was avoided, but the plasma shot removed a piece of Napalm Man’s shoulder. “Gotcha!”
“Fast…” Napalm Man readied another barrage of missiles and proceeded to lock on to Snex, but he was gone. “Where…?”
“Over here, blue boy!” Standing on top of a pair of red tank treads, Snex threw his other bomb between them to keep Napalm Man from locking on to him. Napalm Man sent two bombs through the smoke, but Snex had jumped down and started running in the other direction. Charging up his buster, he fingered on his remaining bombs. “Hmm…”
“Where did you go?” Napalm Man started shooting a cascade of unguided missiles around the room, but to no avail.
“…it’s over.”
“What are you saying?”
Snex was standing on top of a container, pointing his fully charged buster at Napalm Man. “The game is already over. You may as well give up.”
“Over… over, you say? HA! It’s only STARTED!” Shooting a series of three red rockets towards Snex, Napalm Man charged ahead. Locking on to Snex and lifting his arms, he shot another missile barrage and two napalm bombs towards him.
“Phase two… check.” Backflipping down from the container, Snex charged up his buster and shot straight through it. Napalm Man’s full attack hit the wall behind Snex as Napalm Man jumped up on the container. However, being much heavier than Snex, and the container being weakened by Snex’ plasma shot, it collapsed under him. “Phase three… check.”
“Keh…” As Napalm Man got to his feet, Snex leaped up to a ledge just above. Napalm Man shot another series of red rockets towards him, but Snex countered them with well-placed plasma shots.
“Phase four…” Snex aimed up in the air, shooting the roof just above Napalm Man and leaping over him. A lamp started falling towards Napalm Man, who backed away and started turning to Snex. He was up at another ledge, charging his plasma again. Angered, Napalm Man took charge, unleashing an all-out attack towards him. Letting his charge fly, destroying a few of the missiles and rockets, Snex started running along the ledge. Ducking behind some grating, two missiles however found their way to his right leg. He fell on his back as Napalm Man jumped up on the far edge of the ledge, charging towards Snex. “…check.”
“This is the END!” Pointing his arms towards Snex, Snex grabbed a bomb and threw it right in front of Napalm Man as he was approaching. The ledge collapsed and Napalm Man fell down right on a pile of crates just as he shot his bombs. One of them went off in an angle with no possible harm to Snex, and the other was duly shot down. Snex stood up and walked up to the now missing part of the ledge.
“End, indeed…”
“You… impossible! You can’t have planned all this!”
“Not really… I just needed to get you where you are now. I noticed what those containers were labeled as…” Snex grabbed the two last bombs from his belt and started charging his buster.
“What… no!” Napalm Man had noticed he was lying amidst not only some broken crates, but also scattered explosives. He started trying to stand up, but had fallen in such an angle that one of his legs had become completely disjointed.
“I told you… the game was already over.” Throwing his two remaining bombs at Napalm Man, he let off his full charge right before they hit. Starting to dash backwards, the explosion was massive, Snex getting hit by the shockwave. “Phew… told you I’m not a general for nothing!” Looking over to the other side of the room, James was still lying unconcious. “I’ll take care of him, then meet up with the other guys…” Removing his helmet, he jumped down to ground level.

“There’s someone here.” 666 looked around, unable to spot anything. “I know it…”
“That would be me!”
“Hn?” Looking towards where the voice had come from, 666 faintly saw a figure before two throwing stars came flying towards him. Rolling to the side to avoid them, the figure was gone. He started dashing towards where he had seen it, keeping a sharp lookout for the figure. Reaching the building wall, nothing. Then two more throwing stars. Not sticking themselves in the wall – they went completely through it. 666 turned around, but still no sight of anyone or anything. “Fight fairly, damn it!”
“Fairly? You warriors and your honour crap.”
“I could care less about any fucking honour… but you’re just being a coward! Are you so weak that you know you can’t beat me in a real fight?”
“I do see your point. But weak, I am not…”
“Then prove it and face me.”
“I do, however, also-” In the middle of the sentence, 666 started dashing. Throwing a kick at seemingly thin air, the sound of metal being hit was heard, then a body falling on the ground.
“Amateur… I was only keeping up a conversation with you to track you through your voice.”
“Cunning… I see you’re not the average warrior. I did know that from watching your battle with Quick, though… alright, I will give you a fair duel.” The robot uncloaked, revealing a blue and black figure somewhat resembling a ninja, not much larger than 666.
“It’s about time.” Removing the forehead protector from his arm and tying it around his head, he sized up the robot. “Name’s 666.”
“Shadow Man.”
“I will hold no regrets. All out.”
“All out indeed…” 666 dashed at full speed towards Shadow Man, poising his hands to strike. However, as he let his fists fly towards Shadow Man, his wrists were gripped. Followed was a leg sweep. Parrying the fall with his right hand, he was quickly back on his feet. “Impressive. Not many can keep up with my speed…” He activated his claws as Shadow Man started to swiftly move towards him. Slashing with a throwing star, 666 blocked it and sent it flying. He followed up with a series of slashes, a few hitting their target but most getting avoided.
“And now, ninja arts!” He put up his hand in front of his face, index and middle finger in front of the nose. Suddenly he seemed to disappear for an instant, and when he came back, there were more than one of him surrounding 666. “Now can you find me?”
“Pathetic…” 666 looked around for a second, then did a swift move and smashed his elbow into the head of Shadow Man. “If you think I’m fooled by images, you are sorely mistaken.”
“Heh…” Jumping up in the air, Shadow Man threw four throwing stars at 666. He avoided all of them and approached Shadow Man as he landed. Slashing into where he was, 666 knew something was off. A slashed-up piece of metal fell to the ground.
“Replacement technique, eh? It’s a cunning trick…” Turning around, 666 started walking. Just then, he turned around and executed a roundhouse kick, sending Shadow Man flying. “But like everything else, it has weaknesses. With the way you disappeared, you had to have cloaked again… waiting to attack until I dropped my guard. Let me tell you something… I never drop my guard!” Dashing towards Shadow Man with his claws lifted, 666 got a strange feeling. “What in the…” Instantly halting, several smoke bombs went off in front of him.
“Hmph. Seems as if you saw through my little trap.”
“Hmph on yourself… did you really think I’d fall for something like that?”
“Well, whatever. Time to kick this up a few notches…”
“Almost thought you weren’t going all out…”
“Neither were you. Ultimate ninja arts… chaos storm!” Several throwing starts came flying at very high speeds through the smoke cloud. Then Shadow Man came blazing at incredible speed, going past 666 several times.
“Oh, seriously…” Getting a cut to his waist, 666 faintly saw Shadow Man disappear around the corner. “Fuck… I underestimated him…” Holding a hand to the wound, he dashed after at full speed. “Kage… something tells me I’ll need the speed for this…” Instantly knowing what he meant, Kage zoomed up to him and the wolf fusion was a fact. Charging up his claws, he dashed at full speed after Shadow Man.
“Seems as if it’s party time.” Turning into the forest and leaping up in a tree, Shadow Man threw four throwing stars towards 666, who managed to catch one of them and dodge the rest.
“Maybe so.” Leaping after Shadow Man, 666 raised his other hand and came slashing down, but only managed to cut the branch Shadow Man had been standing on. When reaching the ground, he saw Shadow Man disappear into the forest. Setting full speed after him, 666 knew he had to finish this quickly.
“And give me back my shadow blade.”
“Huh?” Looking to the side, 666 saw Shadow Man poised to throw another series of blades.
“…sure.” Setting full speed towards him, Shadow Man threw them right at 666. Throwing his own shadow blade as hard as possible towards Shadow Man, 666 rolled to the side just before getting hit. However, his projectile was also dodged, and lodged itself in a tree a short distance behind Shadow Man. Instantly getting back to his feet, he once again charged up his claws and set full speed towards Shadow Man.
“Kah!” Grabbing another two blades, Shadow Man set full speed towards 666. Colliding with a loud bang, 666 stood with his right hand holding a shadow blade, and his left hand shoved right through Shadow Man’s right shoulder. His own left shoulder was pierced by a shadow blade. Standing in the same position for a few moments, they both took a few deep breaths. Suddenly drawing himself backwards, getting his shoulder more ripped up in the process, 666 crounched and lounged forwards with both fists. Shadow Man fell backwards from the impact, dropping both blades.
“Hah…” Approaching Shadow Man, another smoke bomb went off in 666’s face. “Shit.” Jumping backwards, suddenly he felt stings all over his body. The next moment, Shadow Man ws standing behind him, three shadow blades in each hand. Looking down on his body, 666 noticed lots of small rips. “Damn it…”
“Ninja arts, smokescreen into wild blade. And now…” Smoke bombs went off all around 666, obfuscating his entire view.
“…do you like to dance?” Grabbing both Nightmare and Koe, he closed his eyes and concentrated.
“The coup de grace!” Dashing towards 666, Shadow man held his six shadow blades ready to strike.
“Personal arts…” Opening his eyes again just as Shadow Man appeared, he struck. Shadow Man fell to the ground in four parts. “…wolf soul dance.” Breathing heavily, 666 undid his fusion as Shadow Man exploded.

Snex exited the warehouse as he saw 666 stappling out of the forest, holding his waist. “Seems as if you had a tough time. Results?”
“Two down… a speedy bastard and a ninja. You?”
“Two down as well. The magnet guy and the leader guy. Hope Metro got that last one…”
“Assuming he was the last one.”
“It adds up nicely… that makes five of them, which was what we was told.”
“…true…” 666 sat down against the building wall, lighting a cigarette. “They were tougher than I thought…”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. They did have a few unexpected tricks, both of them. At least I didn’t suffer any serious damage… just my leg is starting to act up…” Snex sat down beside 666. “All out of explosives, as well. As soon as Metro comes back, I say we leave…”
“Reported already?”
“No… James was knocked out cold, though nothing life-threatening… he should be alright if he only gets some rest. I’ll return tomorrow and wrap things up.”
“Right…” As 666 blew out some smoke, a deep rumbling was heard. The next instant, a vibration was felt in the ground. “What the…?”
Snex stood up, looking around and lifting his buster. “Don’t tell me there’s more of them…” Right then, the ground in front of them was pierced by a big drill rising up.
“What the FUCK?” Throwing away the cig and activating his claws, 666 got to his feet. The drill detracted as the ground crumbled. Up through the hole, something big and white came rising. Roughly sphere-shaped… two round holes… “A skull?”
“Seems like it…” As it continued to rise, it was indeed the form of a skull. Four legs gave it support as it towered above them, the drill being visible in it’s mouth.
“Alright, what the fucking fuck is going ON here…” Putting himself in fighting stance, 666 was breathing heavily.
“WHO ARE YOU?” Snex charged up his buster as he shouted towards the skull. Letting his shot fly, it didn’t seem to scathe the vehicle notably.
“I… am Wily.”
“You have got to be fucking kidding me! Wily’s dead since long ago!”
“Maybe he is… maybe he isn’t. You killed my robots, now I want to test you personally!”
“This guy is fucking nuts! Watch out!” The drill shot out from the mouth of the skull, aiming at Snex. Jumping out of the way, he let away some plasma shots at it. 666 dashed towards the drill, jumping up on it just behind the rotating part as it started to retract.
“Yeargh!” Jumping onto the skull and burrowing his claws into the skull, he felt a sting. Just as he let go, a powerful electrical surge was transmitted through the hull. Grabbing onto a leg to not fall down in the hole, 666 threw himself on the ground as some energy shots was released in his direction. “Hell… you ain’t playing fair!” Rolling to the side, two of the shots hit 666 as the others just hit the ground. “Shit, shit, shit…” 666 felt his power being drained at a faster rate than it should. “We gotta end this fast…”
“Where’s the brat, anyway…?” Charging up a full blast, Snex still didn’t visibly damage the hull. “This thing HAS to have a weak point…” Starting to run around it, he let a few blasts fly at the leg joints, also to seemingly no avail. Reaching the back of it, it started turning around and walking away from the hole.
“Bad move!” 666 mustered up enough strength to grab on to the back leg and made his way to the joint. Starting to slash it up, another series of energy shots was released towards him. However, this time he was prepared – sitting on 666’s shoulder, Kage started zapping the energy shots with fire and ice, halting them. Just as they approached them, 666 broke the joint and jumped down on the ground. With the weakened state he was in, he fell on his back and started to roll away as the leg broke down and the skull got off balance, but was still standing. Struggling to get up, 666 watched as it kept moving towards Snex.
“For the fucking sake of… why won’t you at least take some damage!” Dodging the drill again, Snex let a charge fly towards the open mouth. A small flash was seen just before the drill retracted. “There… if only I had some bombs!”
“Clever of you.” Suddenly, the eyes lit up, and a stream of energy shots was sent towards Snex.
“Crap!” Trying to counter it with plasma, it proved to be hopeless – they were spawned faster than he could destroy them. Just as he started running away, three plasma chunks came flying, nullifying most bullets. “Oh, finally…”
“Hey guys, sorry I’m late!” Reshaping his arms, Metro looked down on the scene, standing on the roof.
“’twas about time, you chum!”
“Ha! Admit it, you need my help!”
“JUST DO IT!” Snex kept shooting into the mouth of the skull, but the drill was in the way.
“Heh…” Making his fists into plasma, Metro jumped down on the ground and dashed towards the skull, punching towards the lower side of it.
“I wouldn’t do that if I-” 666 shouted to Metro. Just as he was about to hit the skull, Metro got the electrical surge right at him, falling backwards. “…if I were you…”
“I… see what you mean…” Metro got to his feet and reshaped his hands.
“Come here for a sec…” 666 looked at Metro.
“Hm? What is it?” Walking up to 666, Metro saw how Snex was struggling again.
“We have to end this fast. You seem to have the most power left… if someone can pierce the hull of that thing right now, it’s you. I’ll get you up to the back of it… from there, you have to get through it on your own…”
“…get me up?”
“No stupid questions… Kage… I know nonw of us have much left… but a quick angel…” 666 got to his feet as he and Kage fused, this time forming the Razor Angel. Grabbing Metro, 666 shot up towards the back of the skull. “Go!” Metro made his arms into plasma as 666 threw him, just before canceling the fusion and falling powerless to the ground.
“I have to…” Burrowing his arms deep into the back of the skull, another electrical surge came. “Have… to… hold… GRAAARGH!” Taking the surge, Metro changed his legs as well and started burrowing deeper into the skull. “YEARGH!” Breaking through the hull, Metro found himself looking at what seemed like a generator. “Bullseye, Triple…” Sending his entire right arm flying at it, he reshaped his other limbs as his vision started to blur.
“What? NO!” The skull started stumbling. Suddenly, smoke started pouring out of the leg joints, and the skull lost it’s support. The drill stopped spinning, and the eyes blacked out. “No… my power…”
“Down… it’s down…” Snex looked at the crumbling machine as his leg went numb. “Now show youself, you ass!”
“…I…” A hatch at the top opened, and out climbed a familiar face…
“You… what the fucking hell? JAMES?” Snex felt his rage rising as he pointed his buster towards James. “Give me ONE GOOD REASON to why I shouldn’t shoot you right now!”
“I… I can explain… please… please forgive me…” James’ body was shaking as Metro crawled up to him and grabbed his coat.
“I hope for your sake it’s good…”

Sitting on the ground around him, James was on his knees. “Please… please don’t kill me…”
“Oh, explain already… just know…” 666 blew out some cigarette smoke in his face. “One shady move, and you have approximately three seconds to live.”
“I… I… alright…” James looked up. “I was born James Earl Cash… son to the famous roboteer Jacob Roberts Cash. Just like my father, I took up an interest in robotics… but I also started studying anthropology. After getting my robotics degree, I kept working for one in anthropology… along the way, I started wondering about my family ancestry. I started doing some personal studies on the subject, talking to relatives, checking official records, and other means of finding out. Slowly, I started reshaping my family tree backwards in time… strangely, there was none to be found. But I realized why, after I made the discovery…”
“Discovery?” Metro raised an eyebrow.
“Yes. It turned out that my great-great grandfather’s half brother… was none other than THE Albert Wily… after his crimes, noone in the family wanted to be associated with him… so my great-great grandfather took his wife’s surname, Cash, instead. After extensively researching the subject, I finally unearthed some copies of old blueprints… at least, parts of blueprints. I wanted to see if I could make what he once made… I managed to build a few, albeit with some modifications… some improvements, some shortcuts. They were very solid creations, the man was a genius… the only thing I don’t understand is how they ever worked with the AI described on the blueprints. I had to recode it from scratch to even be able to communicate with them!”
“So… why the fuck did you call for us? Something tells me I won’t like the answer…” 666 drew another breath on his cig.
“…I wanted to test them.”
“Test, you say… in other words, you risked the lives of us three, just to try out your toys? You’re even worse than me…”
“Tell me one thing.”
“Hm?” James turned to Snex.
“Those were supposed to be only robots, right?”
“So… where the FUCK were the three laws?”
“…the code did contain them… but…”
“But they weren’t prioritized in this kind of situation? And you’re supposed to have a robotics degree? The three laws are to be HARDCODED in robots! Even I know that, and I haven’t studied ANYTHING about robots! All three of us were almost KILLED out there!”
“Please… please, forgive me… I’ll never…”
“Being a Maverickhunter, I can’t take the law in my own hands… and you shut up, 666. We have to turn you in. This’ll get you a fair time in custody…”
“I’m… I’m ready to face my punishment…”
“And at the same time… your skills in robot construction were great. When you get out… pay us a visit, willya? We’re always on the lookout for talents like you…” Snex smiled at James and stood up.
“I declare the mission finished. Time to go home, guys…”
“And oh, Metro?”
“…yes, general?” Metro turned to Snex.
“…nice work. I doubt we would have been able to do that without you.”
“…you’re complimenting me? That’s a first.”
“Oh you little… when I’m being nice for once, you have to be sarcastic about it!”
“I didn’t know you were even capable of being nice!” Metro started running down the path to the jeep, Snex rushing after him. James looked at them, then on 666 sitting on the ground.
“…are they always like this?”
666 took a final breath on his cig and then threw it away. Standing up, walking up to James and grabbing his sleeve, he smiled. “All the time. All the time…”

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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