He woke up slowly. It’s hot where he lies and a slow wind drags his hair over his face. As he tries to arise he feels a sharp pain in his arm which throws him back to the ground writhing in pain. When the pain subsides everything is suddenly dark and cold. Again he tries to get to his feet, this time without one of his arms. Standing and looking around he realise that he don’t know where he is or how he got there. Looking around he only see a desert. Sand for as long as his eyes can see. The only light here seemed to be the moon and stars. He must have dozed of after he had tried to move his arm. Not good if he had a short circuite in his arm. Especially if it took him out for a while. Again looking around he tries to find out where to go. It seems like there are things both here and there but in one direction especially are something. Something like a mountain, but he’s not really sure.

With no other goal he starts walking in it’s direction, whatever it is, but after just a few steps, he stumbles over something and falls. Lucky, he did not fall on his damaged arm. Looking down toward his feet he sees a body. The upper half of a reploid is lying there. Cords and cards scattered around the area, slowly covering in sand. Suddenly, with a gush of pain, he gets a flash. A flash of himself and three others in a missionbrefing room. The one by his feet were the leader and got the mission. A mission to find something, but before that fact gets to him he regains concionce. He’s still on the ground with sand slowly draging by him. For some reason he is shaking. He knows it is of fear for something but what seems to keep itself at the border of his mind. Slowly he tries to rise again only to shock his arm yet again.

When he finally has gotten on his feet and left the remainings of his friend, he is walking toward whatever it is in the distance. Walking while he is wondering what it is that made this to him and his chief. Where the other two are. And wether he is walking against the thing he’s afraid of or if he is walking toward his saivior. His mind is still a blur, he figures it’s because of an electric shock. Something that worries him since the battery is what keeps him alive. If the battery would run out he would be lost in a big desert without any means of revival or even getting found.

Further down something seems to show itself, in diffrence to some bits and pieces on the ground. Some kind of truck. Strangly familiar. He decide to turn his feet toward what ever it may be. A truck lying on it’s side as if something has turned it with a raging fist. Something seems to be moving as he close in. A arm seems to streatch out from the back of the truck. ‘Some one there?’ a voice weakly ask. He slowly moves around and looks into the trunk only to see a familiar face of a person lying under the truck. Another one of his teammates. ‘John, help me, get this thing of me.’ and then another flash.

This time he sees how he is in the front of the truck driving along. Talking with the teams medic, the one lying under the truck. Suddenly and from nowhere something hits the truck, throwing it into the air. Then he finds himself lying on the ground again. This time he gets up without the help of his arm. Looking over he sees his friend lying still on the ground, not moving. Leaning down he streaches over and shake his friend. No response. He had got a flash when his friend needed him. With a heavy heart he start looking around again. The sun is high in the sky now and for some reason he is able to move his arm. Looking at it he realice that it’s fixed, or atleast temporary corrected. Again looking down at his friend, a bitter smile ‘Thanks, friend’

Moving on toward what lay ahead. He had found a rifle at the truck that he brought with himself. That and a name, his name. He wanders for several days. With the occasional blackout. He is still not in perfect shape, or even in something near a perfect shape. He is’nt even able to see how much battery he has left, or if he is running on fumes. The fact that keeps him moving is nothing more then the hope of saving or finding the last teammate. Before he arrives he finds that there is a gigantic ship that has crashed in the desert.

He decides that the best cause of action is to try and find a radio and radio for help and starts of trying to enter the ship. Before he finds a way in something is closing in. A man it seemed carrying something very very long. Not knowing wether friend or foe, he hides amongst some rubble. What the wanderer is carrying amase him. It’s a really big sword, it should weight like a small elephant. Another thing suprise him to is that the man stops a way from him, turnes towards him and start talking. ‘You see what they do? They try to find more ways to kill each other’ not knowing what to say he keeps hiding. ‘They come here occationally trying to find the way. But they don’t know where, won’t find it’

Slowly the man walks closer. ‘I know, and you’ve seen that I know. You may not know’ the fear returns and he stops being able to move his feet. His eyes fixed on the man infront of him. An older man, and still a reploid. Then another flash, and he feels himself falling. He sees how that sword get cut straight into a rock and a sphere suddenly appears. Three men arrives at the space which the sphere held. Then he does not see anything more.