“It doesn’t look good, does it?” 666 looked at the screen on the table.
“Not at all…” Silver looked at the same screen, shaking her head. “I don’t understand how this could happen!”
“Your troops died. That’s what happened.”
“Yes, but… but… this strategy has never failed before!”
“Seems like you underestimated your enemy, eh?” 666 smiled. “Haven’t I told you to never do that?”
“My enemy also has lost troops… let’s see here… that area is too dangerous… but if I do like that…”
“I don’t think you have any chance of winning this battle.”
“Quiet! I’m… I’m thinking! You’ve also told me to never give up!”
“Well, true, but… when it looks like THIS, there’s no point in continuing. Your troop leader is toast.” 666 lit a cigarette.
“There must be some way to still save him…” Silver studied the battlefield on the display. “This isn’t over yet! I’ll fight to the last man if I have to!”
“So you want to be humiliated, as well as defeated? Sis, come on.”
“I lost too many troops too quick, I guess…” Silver bent her head down.
“Exactly. So just face the consequences.”
“No! There has to be SOME option I haven’t considered yet!”
666 gazed across the screen. “I see at least twelve possible options, which all leads to the same result. You don’t have anything powerful enough to intercept.”
“Sometimes you don’t need power… sometimes a single unit has made it possible to win a war!”
“True, but I don’t think that really applies here.”
“Aren’t brothers supposed to encourage their sisters in difficult times?”
“Heh… not today.”
“Damn you… all right, then! I’ll just give these orders…” Silver pushed some buttons on a panel in front of her.
“Just what I wanted you to do.”
“This is the first time this happens.”
“Well, it seems like I won our bet. I expect my 200 credits to appear tomorrow.”
“Yeah, go on. Just rub it in.”
“Well then…” 666 pressed some buttons on the panel in front of him. “Checkmate!”

Story is © Magnus von Göes Karlström 2004
All characters are coyright respective owners.

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