Creation. Prologue.

One night, three limousine drove up on the driveway in front of the giant mansion. Three men got out of the cars and as the vehicles drove off they looked nervously at each other before entering the residence. They enter into a gigantic hallway with two big stairs upwards meeting each other on each floor. Light steps started echoing amongst the stair case. All of a sudden a man were standing halfway down the stairs. The man did not fit the environment. Dressed in black but the white sneakers and sunglasses.
“Welcome, gentlemen, this way please” they turn to where he moved and noticed the open doorway.

They entered a room with paintings and books covering the walls. The fire place heated the room and gave a warm light. There were classic furnitures and in the other end, a small bar with drinks. The man walked past them and through the room. Standing behind the bar he gestured them to sit. They all sat down in one of the couches. He walked back to them after pouring some drinks, each different. One White Russian, One Guinness beer and a glass of Scotch. They looked at the drinks given to them and to each other, being given their favoured drink by a stranger. The man put away the tray and sat down in a armchair opposite to them.

Awkward silence. The man had pulled out a small knife that he played around with. Not paying to much attention to the three men.

“Hrm…” one of the men started “When is the old man coming?” the man looked up towards them.
“Oh, I am sorry. I thought I should let you drink up before talking” they looked astonished at him not knowing what he meant.
“Oh, I am sorry again. I am the old man that sent for you” he said with a vague smile. They kept staring at him not knowing what he meant. The man rose and started walking around, still playing with the knife while he spoke.
“I have called you here because I want you to help me with something. This new kind of robot, the so called reploid. I want you to help me build one” they looked at each other not knowing what to say. Each one were a specialist in their field but they had never met each other before.
“Oh, again I am sorry. I should introduce myself. I am Raines W. Xenox. I am willing to pay each one of you an hefty sum for assisting me in this project” an artistic silence “I work with, and construct weaponry and I wish to try these with this new technology” the man in the middle, the one with the big round glasses rose carefully.
“You can’t do that, it’s forbidden by law…” the beer in his hand shaking.
“Ah, yes. Well, as we speak. In each of your accounts there is now one million dollars. Either for your cooperation or for your silence” with a renewed vague smile he sits down leaning back into the armchair, still playing with the knife in his hand. One of the others, the one on the right pulled out his cellphone and while the others watched, he made a call.

After a few seconds of silence he looked towards Raines.
“I’m in” the other two looked at him in awe.
“You did not let me finish. That sum is only the beginning. At the end of this it will be at least fiftyfold or more” everyone dropped their jaws “And if anything would go wrong. Nothing will be pointed against you and you will still get your money”

Creation. Start.

Of course they said yes. I knew they would. I needed them. I set them in motion and told them that their hands were untied. They could do what they wished. For how long and at what cost necessary.

Dennis McNeil, the Bio Engineer, was to create the skeleton. This wonder child had already created different kinds of alloy’s by himself. Before I found him, he worked for a big corporation that mass-produced reploids for different purposes. McNeil worked at their department of research, testing and creating new kinds of skeletons. Created for durability and movement.

Steve Lyon’s, the designer. He were to give the reploid its looks. He had worked with technical design before. Most recently he had been working with the design of a new kind of vehicle. Lyon’s had never designed a person before, but I trusted that he would be able to do this.

Roger Bahm, former robotics and power supply technician. He had created a new system for robotic coolant, that allowed them to breath. Bahm had also created some of the best and most stable power cells used. Now he where retired since some time ago but were still the best in his field.

I, myself, created the code. I let the others do their work while I kept to mine.

Creation. First sigth.

After a few years they came to me, eager to show what they had done so far. I went with them to their part of the mansion to see what they wanted to show. I had no expectations so far since I had not seen anything they made yet. They took me to the big laboratory and showed me to a something covered up upon the operating table.
“The skeleton is almost complete, ‘scept the chest and pelvis” McNeil started. Lyon’s continued.
“I’ve made it very sleek and slim. And I hope that it’s not out of proportions” they seemed to be very eager to show me.

The cloth were removed with one quick motion and in front of me lay a. Girl?
“Is something wrong?” Lyon’s asked after a long silence.
“Nooo, nothing is wrong, it’s fine, she’s fine. I mean uh” then I fainted.

Half an hour later we were sitting by the bar in the main room. I watched the ice cubes in my glass.
“Awake now, darling?”
“Shut it, Lyon’s” I muttered.
“We must apologize if we offended you, master Xenox” McNeil polished his glasses.
“No, it is alright, Dennis. I am to blame about this” looking slightly over towards Dennis I continued “I am completely inapt with the female gender” all three looked towards me with some wonder in their eyes. It took a while before the silence were broken.
“You know…”
“Shut it, Lyon’s” I cut him off, letting my finger trace the edge of the glass “I know this sounds odd but…”
“But come on! Dennis is like the biggest geek ever and even he has had his share”
“Shut it, Lyon’s” I and McNeil said in a choir.
“But, Raines. Your a handsome guy, you should be overthrown with women as soon as you leave the house. You do leave the house right?” Lyon’s continued.
“Yes, but…”
“Are you gay?”
“For the last time. Shut it, Lyon’s!” I yelled straight into his face. All three covered up. I returned to my glass, leaning on my hand.
“Master Xenox..?” McNeil started after a few seconds “would you please continue” I sighed.
“Well. Ehm. Let me tell you what women are to me. To me women are the beauty of the world. They stand for what is good and pure. Except my mother” I muttered the last part for myself “I have tried to talk with them before but I do not wish to soil their perfection and end up nervous. There has been a few who have caught intresst in me or my money but none to give the time I needed”
“You mean that no one waited for you?”
“Oh yes, they waited but I needed more than their patients or time” I remembered the persons that had died from me. People I truly loved.
“But your not that old, right? It can…”
“Oh yes, I am old. Time has been kind to me. You are like a candle that might be blown out with the next breeze. I am the fireplace always given another log” They looked at each other not knowing what to say.
“Are you getting drunk?”
“What did I say, Lyon’s?”
“It’s getting late anyways” McNeil yawned and they all excused themselves.
“Try not to drink to much” Lyon’s advised me as he closed the doors. I sat for a while thinking of how many I have known and how many lives I have lived.
“I need more water” I muttered to the empty room.

Creation. Awakening.

They kept their work without any difference to their original plan. It seemed as if they knew me better than I though. Creating a person and not a machine. On my part, I had to do some changes in the programming.

We had agreed that it should be me to activate her. I found myself sitting in a chair by the operating table as the others were looking through a window. I found myself sitting next to a half naked woman that I had been helping to create. I looked at the computer screen in front of me. Everything where set for the first try run.
‘The programs are running, you can activate it now’ I simply pushed a button.

First there were a buzzing from inside her then she took a deep breath. Some of the joints twitched then she slowly sat. She looked me straight into my eyes stretching her hand to touch my face. Then the power went and she fell back to the table. I do not remember what the others said as they entered the room but I got out of it before I fainted.

A few months later we had fixed the last problems and had her activated. I had made the programming so that she should learn new things. This made her like a child not knowing one thing from another. The following few years we taught her most things and she became as serious as a full grown.

She became a playful woman that were interested in most things. She learned very quick and even things that you tried to keep from her. Her emotions could vary from a great scale. One time you could find her dancing in the hallway. Another you could be asked about death and she would actually understanding what you told her. By the end she were as much human as any one of us and we called her in other words Silver, but to me, Sweetie.

Creation. Attack.

One night several months after she had been allowed outside of the mansion. One restless night I woke up from a faint sound. At first I did not realise what it were but as I focused on it I knew it were the helicopters from the police force. Then yelling from the hallway. I ran there but as I reached the staircase I jerked backwards. The lights were everywhere and my eyes were unprotected. I heard the voices beneath me and, looking down, I saw forms with rifles. I got about halfway down before I heard someone scream to me.
“Halt!” rifles pointed. I notice that McNeil and Lyon’s where already out and under threat as well.
“Which one of you are Xenox!?” I started slowly moving down.
“I am!” the sirens forced me to scream.
“Where is it?!”
“Where is what? You are breaking an entrance! Explain yourselves!” but before they could reply, a door opened and Bahm entered. I reacted faster than the officers but they still fired. I took most of the bullets but could not save Rogers life. I looked towards the men and leapt over the one that had shot. Ripping the rifle from his hands.
“What do you think you are doing! Breaking into my house, firing bullets!” then there were a scream.


I sat by her side looking at her bleeding body. Taking her into my arms, I did not care about the dead bodies in the room at the time. I do not know for how long I sat there before they entered. Lyon’s and McNeil.

Creation. Epilogue.

In time I got a note saying that I have broken the law in many different ways. I were to be put in jail and Silver to be destroyed. I sat down and told both Lyon’s and McNeil that their work were done and they had been paid. I told them to leave and not to return. Even though they complained I made them leave. I took in Silver. I changed her mind, giving her a human past before I let her go.

I had the chance of having a life companion but fate have taken her from me. Now she has one life and I another but I will always watch over her.

Story is © Peter A. Svensson 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.

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