They were walking along an overgrown path through a now wild forest. The concrete road had been ripped apart by the trees that now proudly covered the sky in their triumph. Someone had walked the path before them once already not very long ago, clearing off the worst of the branches and vines. They even knew who.
“Why is Zero sending us here again?” Snex asked as he poked a leaf with a branch he used as a walking stick.
“You know why. X was in here when he disappeared” Silver had Ares over her shoulder as she trudged along, avoiding the cracks in the concrete and the roots which had broken it. Last, 666 walked gazing into the woods as he tapped his cigarette before putting it back into his mouth. Kage was sitting on his shoulder. 666 could not help but feeling watched. Though he could not be certain of what it was or if his mind just played tricks. Their goal made the trees more sinister and the leaves to look like deadly knives. Knowing where they were heading none of them felt really safe. Anything could be an enemy that could lash out at any second.
“Yeah, but what was X doing here? I thought that it was condemned long ago” Snex slowed down some as they meet the gate. Vines had its victory against the walls, climbing up over its reach and hanging around an old security bat. Inactive since long ago. Though the vines had a recent loss against the one they were following. The open gate had some cut off vines still holding on, as it were shoved aside into the bushes.
“Checking if they missed something last time” 666 commented as he went into the yard, looking up towards the great menacing skull. The man who had created it had been more than mad. He had been one of the most brilliant minds of his time. Brilliant as a perfect diamond and almost as cold. Dr. Wily had terrorized the whole world with his robots and the great pale skull had been his castle. The center of all his operations. Zero and X had so far been the only ones inside the building. No one else had really dared and the few who had did not return. The three of them had only heard stories of what might lay ahead.
“What was Zero up to again?” Snex picked up one of his bombs and started setting a time to it. They did not really know if they would have to break open doors from this point on or if there would be anything else that could show up.
“He was in the south of Africa, trying to find some sort of key. He did not really say anything about it” Silver readied her rifle and kept her hand near the trigger. Looking up, the great eye sockets watched them intensively. At least it seemed that way.
“Didn’t you listen during the briefing?” 666 looked at the shining port. It seemed as if the security was working after all. Otherwise the door would either be open after X’s passing or covered in vines as most of the building was. Kage left his shoulder and lifted up into the air. Might see something else around the area.
“Heh, no” Snex smiled as he started to place the charges. Silver held herself a few steps behind. It struck her that the Maverick sign did not show anywhere. Instead there were the text ‘DR. WILY’ printed in big letters on the door. Looking around she also noticed a statue of the man now hidden in a bush. What worried her was that Wily had more advanced shoelaces than they had vehicles still today and the fact that he had that kind of power before the Mavericks had turned up led her to the thought that maybe, just maybe, there were Maverick reploids in the building as well as X. Maybe it had been they who had caught him rather than Dr. Wily’s traps. The fact that Dr. Wily had been one of the creators of the first reploid seemed to fit into the numbers as well.

The dust settled after a short while and Snex took a step over the thick door. He had not expected it to be as thick and hard as it was. He had hoped for a more dramatic opening than a simple explosion followed with pushing the door down. Then he smiled as he looked around. Now he knew what the other doors would need. Excessive violence. The room they entered was some form of reception and waiting area. It was almost like walking into a bank or a hospital. A service desk ran along one of the walls. On the desk were several, now old, computer screens. Behind it were a few cabinets that had fallen apart and spilled paper over the floor. There were tables with chairs as well as sofas along the walls. Even flowerpots standing in the corners with now nothing more than it’s former contents dead around itself. Only a small vine had reached one of the pots and started to claim it to itself. Even though X should have moved through here there was no sign of any new violence. Almost no old either.
“What if X isn’t here?” 666 tapped some of the ash from his cigarette. He had one hand on Koe as he started walking around the chamber. Kage shortly after him. “He might have found what he wanted and gotten jumped as he returned to the city. Might even have been him who locked the door” he looked up towards the ceiling facing an old dusty security bat. It seemed dead since long ago.
“We don’t know that for sure, that is why we need to do this” Silver studied the doors out of the room. Thick steel made those doors look more like walls than anything you simply opened and walked through. “Two exits” she counted and returned her eyes to 666.
“Split up, then?” Snex smiled at the idea, already with a few new bombs in his hand. Picking and plucking to make them more appropriate for the doors in the building.
“No, we need to stick together. We don’t know what lies ahead” Silver took Ares from her back. Maybe they were watched even now. By someone who was just biding their time.
“But we don’t know where X is either” 666 dropped the butt and set his foot on it.
“What if there are more corridors further ahead?” Silver looked over towards 666, trying to make a point. The castle was big. Probably bigger than the hunter HQ. They had no maps or even any clues. Might be miles and miles of tunnels beneath the building. Who knew what might be there. Knowing of Dr. Wily, probably the worst possible things.
“Then it will go a lot faster if we walk one way each. And if there’s any trouble, we have our earpieces. Just yell and get help. Simple” Snex shrugged his shoulder and took a few steps towards one of the doors. Eager to try out his new toy.
“No wait… Okay, sure. Who wants to go alone?” 666 had a hand in the air almost before she had finished the sentence. Snex smiled and threw a smaller bomb to 666. As he caught the bomb Kage moved away a little.
“Use that on the doors” 666 looked towards Snex then on the bomb.
“Just place it on – -” Snex moved over to explain how to use the explosives but before he could finish Silver started talking.
“Triple and I will team up and you go another way. I’m better with bombs” she knew that 666 had troubles with explosives and guns. It would be safer for everyone if he did not use them. Might use too much without realizing it.
“Heh, see you then. Here” Snex gave Silver a pack with smaller explosives and started going towards one of the doors “I’ll check upwards” Silver and 666 looked towards each other and shrugged before they went towards the other exit, moving downwards.
“And contact us via the communicators if anything happens” Silver yelled down the corridor.

They had gone through a long corridor and found some elevators and a staircase. With the security half active, they though that the staircase would be the safer route. Both had their hands on their weapons and Kage kept close. So far there were no signs of X. Not that they were surprised. So far there were no signs of a battle. That did surprise them. What they had been told, the ‘Skull Castle’ should be a place of monsters and technology but so far all they had found were close to antique computers and dusty old shelves. Not even a scorch mark on a wall that would show signs of any battle. The only thing that they had heard of that seemed to fit into the whole building was the occasional security bat. Called Battons, they were small black balls with wings, clambering to small metal rods. They had been hanging upside down and sleeping for so long that the dust had started to collect over their bellies. According to what they had heard, those bats had been everywhere, attacking at any given chance.
“What’s wrong, sis?” 666 was jogging beside Silver. He had noticed how she looked at everything. How she seemed to be ready to jump at any moving thing. He had the same feeling.
“Something is off” she was close to running down the stairs to keep 666’s pace “If the security is on, why do the bats just hang there?” she brazed against the wall to turn the corner of the stairs and keep her speed downwards. 666 did not need to braze.
“And why was the entry door closed if the security is off?” they slowed down on a new level and looked towards each other. Silver leaned back towards the wall. She could go on for much longer, but it still took its toll to keep running downwards.
“What are you suggesting?” Silver looked on his face. She already knew his words. They would be the only explanation.
“There must be someone still in here” but they gave a question.

He walked out from the elevator. Top floor. He was amazed at the scenery. A cavern of metal. Boundless. Snex could see how there were several floors above him and how there was a straight line in between the platforms. Seemed more like a shaft to the top rather than a fault in the design or a sign of battle. He, himself, was standing on a plateau with a steep ridge on every side. Looking down he could not see the bottom. Though he knew that there were a floor with offices just a few feet down. It felt familiar for some reason. As if he had seen it before.
Then something sounded. A metallic noise. As if something heavy just landed. Off to the side, on a small floating metallic thing he noticed it. A quick small creature jumping from cube to cube and pouncing on the wall it got up through a small hole in the ceiling with a ladder hanging down. Snex walked closer to the edge and looked down before looking over again. Whatever it was, it had been fast enough for him to not get a complete view.
“Guys?” he took a few steps away, getting ready to jump. If that small creature had been able to do those jumps, he should.
“Yes, honey?” he landed on the cube, half expecting it to fall from his weight. Not a movement. Like landing on a rock. How could it be that hard while not touching anything?
“I saw a small creature move up here. A small purple thing. Walked on all four, with a pointy tail” maybe the floor had some odd colour to lure the mind. He leaned over and touched the side of the cube. Maybe not.
“A K9-unit? You sure?” he readied a small flash bomb and threw it over the edge. Counting down.
“Dunno about K9’s but it looked like a dog.” no flash. Where did it go? Where was the floor below? Did it even exist?
“Follow it if you can. What floor are you on?” he started jumping, and kept his pace towards the ladder.
“Top floor, moving up” the cubes just hung there. Refused to move, even the slightest, to his weight as his feet landed heavily on top of them.
“Moving up?” he reached the ladder and started climbing. Now he wanted answers.
“Can’t talk right now, darling, need to focus”

“Focus?” Silver looked over towards 666 “Since when did he focus on something?” 666 shrugged and kept his pace down the stairs. Floor after floor had they run. Straight downwards from ground level. The building’s depth was amazing. How someone had been able to even create blueprints for such an amazing building confounded them. Kage seemed to enjoy the ride. Simply zigzagging down between the floors.
“It didn’t sound as if he was in trouble” 666 stated simply while taking a few steps along the wall to get around a corner. Showing off some for Silver who had to braze against it and shove herself towards the next staircase. She was getting a little slower now, as they were getting deeper.
“There were movement up there, there might be more fiends up there” she slowed down into a walking pace. A little to the surprise of 666, which left him a floor below her before he reacted.
“There are small creatures here too, sis” he looked up towards another security bat as Silver came down the stairs. It hung upside down as its brothers. Hanging upside down, collecting dust over decades.
“Yeah… you’re right, Snex can handle himself” Silver panted some after the march downwards.
“Heh, could be discussed” she grinned to the words and stretched some before letting out a sigh. They looked at each other as Silver leaned back towards the wall and 666 lit another cigarette.
“How much further could he have built this thing?” Ares had not helped her running. The rifle had been caught in the railing a few times in the beginning, before she got used to it. Still, it was a little clumsy in small areas like this. If they were running into a trap she would have to get more space to use it properly.
“One more floor” 666 proclaimed as he turned and started down the last few steps to the lowest floor of the building. Silver looked first and walked down after him. Somewhat relieved she readied Ares. The quick rest had helped her a lot as she had mostly recovered. They looked at each other before 666 pulled out Koe and opened the door.

He climbed the ladder and got to the next floor just as the mechanical dog jumped up to the next floor. He did not worry about how it was a lot faster than him. His worries were more on the surroundings. The room had a gap just as the floor below and the floor below did not show through it. With it there were those cubes again. Still hovering in the air and nothing more. Along the walls were smaller spikes. Spikes clean from the dust that covered the floor and cubes. Snex started to feel worry for these spikes. They were a kind of trap. Dr. Wily had been a genius in designing them. At the foot of the spike was a kind of battery that charged up the metal with an massive amount of electricity. If a person or machine or anything else were to touch one it would get the power surge through their bodies. Very few things would survive it and the battery would hold for several centuries if they were untouched. Being no dust upon them meant that they were still active. Destroying the grain as it landed upon them.
Landing on the first cube he saw the spikes in the dim light in the depth below him. Still, he was sure that the flash grenade, with that amount, would explode if it would touch a spike. It could not be spikes in the gap in the floor below. As he landed on the second cube a voice rang through the area.
“Who, the hell, are you?” a light man’s voice echoed “And, what the fuck are you doing here?” a low rumbling surprised Snex and seeing how the cubes before him and behind him suddenly disappeared into the thin air, without leaving a trace, he got really worried. He would be able to jump back to the ground again but if he made a mistake he might hit one of the spikes. It would rip him apart, with nothing more than a nudge. He cleared his throat before he answered.
“Checking for a friend. X”

There were no corridor behind the door. Instead there was a bigger room. In the middle of the room there was an oily table with several old rusty tools. Drills, saws, anything that might be needed for either precision surgery or massive mechanical repair. Along the walls there were a lot of shelves and drawers with books and jars. Worn down by time. The stains along the concrete floor showed that the machinery had been used closer in time than the wearing of the closets. Maybe days or weeks.
“A sickbay?” Silver walked into the room. The smell of old mixed blood and oil almost forced her to choke. Something wrong had happened here. Something to her vile and disgusting.
“A torture chamber?” 666 walked in behind her. His eyes searched the room intensively, trying to find something that might lurk in the shadows. The feeling that someone watched them was more present than before now. As they realized that it was a room of punishment and questions, they both got their senses sharp. Only the bat in the corner. Silver jumped when Snex suddenly called in.
“Guys, I think I’ve got a dummy here” Silver looked over towards 666 “I’ve got him into a monologue but I think I might be in trouble when he stops” 666 pulled out nightmare. Not activating it but holding it in his hand.
“I’m going” he said calmly and headed towards the door.
“Wait” Silver grabbed his arm, holding him still “We can’t bo – – ”
“This room was used a few days ago. We need someone too look around behind that door” he gestured towards a rusty door hidden behind a shelf. The dust on the floor proved that it had been moved recently.
“Guys? Listen to this” a light voice screamed in an echoing background “He fucking already left here, nimwit! What do you need of that bloody half-breed for? A damn jackass!! He thinks he’s so righteous. Yeah, right. And he can’t even keep one rotten name! Rock, Blue bomber, and his last one. X! I mean, what the fuck is it with that!?” then Snex’s voice returned “I dunno for how long he’ll keep it up guys, but I don’t really like where I’m standing” 666 looked Silver in her eyes before he spat the cigarette out and Kage crept up on his shoulders. Soon they were fused and she heard how the steps quickly faded away as they ran up the stairs.

Whoever had made the screaming had silenced. Snex kept standing on the cube not wanting to risk jumping back. There was a chance that he would not make it and if he made it, he could hit one of the spikes. Instead he waited. Which probably was exactly what both the assailant and 666 wanted. The assailant to capture him. Snex smiled at that prospect. Blowing things up was fun. 666 to take on the assailant and take the glory. He could only hope that whoever had made the talking would be there first. After a while he heard footsteps from the floor above and a short robot climbed down the ladder. Mostly black and orange, with two winglike things springing off its head. Before he reached the end of the ladder a cube appeared beneath him, catching his foot as he put it down. They looked straight towards each other.
“You never answered my question. Who the fuck are you?” Snex gave a big grin.
“Snex, shorty, and who is the miniature I’m talking to?” the robot reacted to the words and clenched his fists before calming down and giving a smile.
“Forte, and that is Gospel” pointing towards the ladder’s opening the mechanical dog’s head looked out, before disappearing again. Snex lifted an eyebrow. He did not have a lot of time. Not with 666 coming. This guy did not look like much.
“You gonna fight, or the dog?” Snex smiled. Forte seemed pissed with him already. Far to easy too annoy.
“No, I won’t, junk heap” a thick wall suddenly fell down over Snex’s only escape, just as 666 flew up through the lower levels ladder’s opening. Quickly afterwards there were a series of echoes sounding through the room. Looking over he saw how Forte were climbing again, leaving the cube he stood on active.
“Good luck” He smiled before he disappeared. Then Snex heard how the cubes started to reappear and noticed how the one under him went away. With a small explosive charge under his feet he jumped to another one. From now on he would have to keep jumping. As one cube came to be, another ceased to exist. And a strong flapping sound were starting to close in.

She pulled the bookshelf out of the way and found the metal door poorly hidden behind it. The handle was red from either rust or old blood. She did not want to know which. As she tried to open it she noticed that it would not budge. Silver took a few steps back and rammed into it with her shoulder trying to break it open. That did nothing more than give her pain. Realizing what she had to do she sighed. She pushed the bookshelf over and pulled the table to it as well and anything else she could find that were movable, and collected it in one big shelter for what she planned for the door. She had no idea of how much explosives to use. Knowing Snex, it would not have to be much. Still, she set a normal amount charge, before she hid behind the debris. Better safe than sorry. The door went into pieces as everything in the room shook. After a while she dared to show her head to see how several of the security bats suddenly had gotten activated and flew in through the staircase door. Silver pulled out Ares and started blasting while moving back towards the newly open door. Pieces flew off the bats as more moved in through the door. The ones that made it through, spread out before charging towards her, forcing her to shoot a bigger spread. Slowly closing in. As she got through the broken door she noticed how the wall was cracked some way above the doorway. A few bullets in the right places and it fell down on top of most of the bats, leaving none on this side and no way in. Or out. With her rifle ready she turned to see the rest of the room. What she saw froze her shut. A great creature stood in front of her. Simply looking at her. Like a great dragon of plates and metal. A sound appeared as it moved its head upwards, like rubbing several rusty objects to each other. Looking up she did not see a ceiling but just a big blackness, stretching upwards. As the dragon unveiled its wings she saw how a lot of small reddish dust flew of it. Rust. The dragon was old. Still, it slowly lifted and flew upwards, disappearing into the blackness above. Silver just stared as it vanished, not sure what to make of what just happened.

After a few slashes with his swords he realized that he could not break through the wall. Not without risk of falling on the other side. 666 leaned back to the big metal wall that had fallen in front of him. He had recognized the robot on the ladder but had not gotten a very good view. Sitting down, thinking, he took out a cigarette. The room he sat in did not seem all that friendly. Spikes everywhere. Roof, floor and walls. Everywhere. 666 was not really sure if they were dangerous but he had no intent of trying.
“What you say, Kage?” he murmured to the little support unit “Try these out?” he picked two of the bombs Snex had given them. Small, black things, with a timer and a few other lights. Seemed a little too flashy for 666. Not wanting to take any risk he sat and studied it for a long while. Trying to find all the functions. Timer set, a start/reset button, a small lever for strength and a button called ‘light’. Kage had curled up beside him as he checked it. Timer set on twenty seconds. Should be more than enough to get away. Strength lever set on high. He used both to make sure. Then he pressed ‘start’ and ran.
As he came down the ladder he noticed that the cubes were disappearing and respawning and several bats were flying there. Not having the time to wait, he leaped out and kept jumping as fast as he could back towards the platform with the staircase and the elevators. The bats were no real opposition but he was a little uncomfortable with the cubes going away if he made a wrong step. The darkness below did not seem all too kind. He did not give himself the time to think of the strange lights in the big opening above. He had to get to somewhere safe before the explosion came. Knowing Snex, he knew that he would notice it.

A great dark shape slowly rose from the depth below. Snex had troubles to see what it was while he had to keep focus on the cubes. Not really knowing where the next were to reappear gave him little to no time to jump between them. Some were not in the same height as others. Some lower, some higher, some close and some far away. Always just barely enough time for him to find the next one. Seeing how something came up below did not strike him as odd until he saw it just by his side. Seeing a great metallic dragon right in front of himself as he landed on a new cube scared him. In panic he threw all the bombs he had readied towards it as he tried to jump away. In his jump he noticed how a great ball of fire followed him, stealing his focus completely. Snex slammed into the cube as the explosion behind him erupted. As he got up on the cube he jumped in panic towards the next one as the fire ball flew by him, just scorching his arm and before he landed another explosion were set off, throwing debris everywhere. Snex found himself in the air again, with a thick metal shard through his leg. Still blinded by the light, he could only hope that he would not land on the spikes down below. The vast darkness felt more comforting to him now. He hoped that the dragon was dead by now. So that 666 would not get that one. He hoped all wishes for Silver.

Just as he landed an explosion were heard and a light came down through the hole in the ceiling. 666 looked up. Was that it? Another explosion, big enough to shake the entire complex. Maybe he should not have had set the bomb to the most powerful setting. Then he saw how someone fell down from the darkness. Within a heartbeat 666 knew that it was Snex falling amongst the debris. Without hesitation he leaped out on the disappearing and reappearing cubes. Cutting through the security bats without any effort. Not even time to fuse as Kage was too far away. As he flew from the last cube he stretched out his hand to get Snex’s arm. Just missed. He just touched Snex’s fingers. 666 pounced off the wall and back to the cubes as it disappeared. Just fast enough to jump further. He did not care about getting back to the platform now. Whoever had done this would be punished.

A while after the dragon had disappeared into the darkness, she had regained her sanity. The room was messy after her entrance but otherwise empty. Silver figured that it was the dragon’s sleeping quarters or that it guarded something. There were a few doors out of the room, more than the one she had blown, but one of these stood out more than the others. It was slightly heightened and had a small staircase with three gleaming metal steps. As she realized that there were no dust on the stairs she also noticed that the rest of the floor had been swept as well. It was clean, except for the rust that the dragon had left behind itself as it had flown away. Three steps, then a bite. She gave a yelp as she felt a stinging pain in her leg. Looking down she noticed how one of the security bats was gnawing at her thigh. In a quick motion she set the rifle to it and let it’s pieces scatter all over the floor. Turning towards the door she saw how the bats had found a small crevice through the debris and seemed fighting over who would get the next chance. Silver knew that it only was a matter of time before they would get through. With quick feet she jumped the steps and in through the door, locking it behind her.
She found herself in a bigger room with some sort of big canisters. Cords and glass with some kind of machine on top as well as below. They almost looked like small pillars that did not reach the roof. Most of them were empty but two of them were filled with a strange dark liquid. As she moved over she noticed that there were a small sign by the containers foot. She leaned down and read it.
‘Specification: Rockman’
‘Weight class: Medium’
‘Weaponry: No classified weapons in container’
‘Other information: Returned’
“Guys, I’ve found X” She felt relieved of the knowledge and started to figure out a way to open the canister “Guys?” Silence. Something was wrong. Like everything else in this place. Looking towards the ceiling she hoped that it just was part of the security to scramble communication. As she had her eyes on the concrete above she suddenly felt a rumble. She got to her feet in a flash and had Ares in her hands. Then with a sudden noise one of the pillars suddenly filled up with the dark liquid and, as it were filled, something glowed inside. She moved over quickly to read the sign.
‘Specification: Cyborg’
‘Weight class: Heavy’
‘Weaponry: A-Class Explosives, B-Class Explosives, C-Class Explosives, Unknown-Class Explosives, Unknown-Class Buster’
‘Other information: Captured’
She felt a little relieved as she realized that it probably was Snex inside the canister. This way she knew that he was alright. 666 usually could handle himself alone. Whoever had gotten Snex into this were probably soon in a world of pain. If not, she would be sure to do that before they left. She moved over to the second pillar. The last one to check.
‘Specification: Unknown’
‘Weight class: Very Light’
‘Weaponry: Unknown’
‘Other information: Captured, Possible Threat’
As she had examined the containers there had been three unmarked buttons. This seemed to be the machine to try the buttons on. She sighed as she leaned forward and pressed the first button. It seemed to be right as the liquid swirled away and the glass slowly lowered. Before she realized what lay on the bottom it went off. Blinded and deafened she fell to the ground.

He took the ladder without really touching it. The thick metal wall was gone with part of the floor and spikes. The cubes were still moving and the great dragon was still flying. Though there were cubes that only half disappeared while parts were damaged on the other half. There were some cubes that seemed half real and half gone. The dragon itself had a great gap in it’s stomach and seemed to force itself to fly more than waiting for him. 666 simply took a few steps along the aisle before jumping along the cubes. In one motion he pulled out Nightmare and readied Koe while jumping straight towards the metal dragon. It’s parts slowed 666 no more than the security bats did. Close to none.
A quick pounce and he was up the next ladder. In a bigger room. Along the walls were screens showing security feeds. Most of them were static. On a big screen in the end of the room were the letters ‘Dr. Wily’ written in big bold letters. In the center of the room were a circle of screens and keyboards. Everything seemed cleaned. None of this interested 666. What did get his interest was the now purple and black man standing under the big sign. Forte’s wings were spread as he motioned 666 to come with a big grin on his lips. 666 held back the urge of charging on. Mostly to wait for Kage. He wanted to do this right. To get an overkill.

She had gotten both of them out of the canisters and put them by each others side. She had done it mostly because she felt alone. Her eyes were still not working as they should, neither did her ears. She had to be quick, the bats might have broken down the door or there might have been some other fiend just waiting for it’s chance, hiding in the shadows. Because of the uncertainty she had to be quick. None of the two were moving. Probably hurt. She took up Ares and moved to the door. Still hard to stand up. It seemed closed. She put her ear to the metal. Nothing but the ringing in her ears. She had to take the chance. Before she could fire, she noticed motion in the corner of her eye. With a quick motion she turned and took aim. The wall seemed to slowly rise. She could only see one big shape on the other side. One big dark form.

“What?” Forte started as 666 kept still “You won’t charge on?” he laughed “A coward!” 666 kept still and waited for the support unit that lifted through the big hole along the edge of the room. Kage slid through the air towards 666.
“I need speed, Kage” he murmured as he validated his foe. Kage placed himself near the neck and readied for the fuse. Forte was mid-range. He had a buster on each arm. Most likely fast shooters, but 666 could not be too certain. He felt the surge as they fused together. Everything seemed to slow down. Then he noticed what Forte held in his hand. Some form of handle. Disregarding it he tightened his grip as he leaped forward towards Forte. As 666 quickly came through the room Forte activated a saber, readying himself for 666’s attack. Just as their sabers would hit 666 suddenly felt a stabbing into his chest. As Forte had started his saber, he had also readied his other buster and, instead of using his saber to parry 666’s blow, he had shot. As 666 flew backwards Forte flew after with the help of his wings. When Forte caught on to 666 he stabbed downwards but only hitting the concrete floor as 666 rolled off and quickly got back on his feet. Before 666 could retaliate Forte lifted into the air and gave a burst of bullets.
“Kage” 666 started as he dashed backwards, avoiding the bullets “Change of plans… Razor angel” directly afterwards he felt the cutting pain in his stomach as the parts were pulled out.

She had gotten some kind of idea of how to work the controls and had already started lifting. It was not really as complicated as she had first thought. Slowly she lifted through the darkness. It felt strange somehow. As if something was looking through everything, through every little detail. Looking back, both of them were still unconscious. Maybe not really any surprise. They rose through odd rooms with some sort of cubes. She did not notice them until she almost crashed into one of the broken ones. Carefully she kept her path upwards until she entered what seemed to be the top floor. A weird door in the roof. She straightened herself as she looked out the front window. Seemed to be a computer room. Then suddenly the whole machine swayed as someone clashed into it. In the shock she pulled a lever the wrong way and crashed into the wall before she were able to get control again. Now she saw them. Two forms were moving in the room. Both had wings and glowing swords. Both moved around a lot. And fast. She started looking around the dashboard before she found what she were looking for.

He had the upper hand but Forte refused to give in. 666 kept charging on and on and on. Relentless he kept attacking. Finding every opening that Forte left open. Before he had the final cut they were interrupted.
“HALT” the echo of a mechanical voice rang through the room. Both of them split apart before they stopped “Which one of you are 666?” the voice came from a ship in the form of a skull. Morbid. Forte seemed surprised by its appearance.
“I am!” 666 shouted, ready for the worst. Then the room lit up with plasma. Straight towards Forte. As it calmed down there were not a lot more than a dark spot in the corner of the room and a robot destroyed beyond recognition. 666 kept still as his foe suddenly had been destroyed with an excessive force. The top of the skull slowly opened.
“Get over here and we’ll leave now” Silver stood in the opening with a relieved smile on her lips.

Silver sat by the helm of the ship and tried to keep it steady as they were returning towards their HQ. 666 sat in the back and held one of the cushions to his chest. Trying to stop the liquid from flowing out more than necessary.  Snex was still unconscious. X however had woken up. He was lying on the floor with his power cell cut out of his chest. Barely glowing. With a panting voice he whispered.
“Did you find her?” 666 studied X’s expression. He wasn’t sure who X meant but the face was a face of worry, not anger.
“Who..?” he asked quietly. Pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.
“Was… Was she in there?” X gasped and coughed before he gritted in pain. 666 sat quiet for a long while meeting X’s pleading eyes.
“Rest, we’ll keep looking”
“Unknown aircraft. Identify yourself” the radio suddenly blurted.
“We are home again” Silver shouted back before she answered the call. 666 studied X and Snex a second longer before he moved up to the cockpit.

Story is © Peter A Svensson 2006
All characters are coyright respective owners.
All Megaman related characters are copyright Capcom.

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