Carcass. Part one

Dark red, as the crimson blood, the rain splashed and coloured the cliffs and the ground as dark red as it fell. She staggered there by the black rivers bank, feeling the thick fluid dragging itself down her bare arms and face. Staggered past the dark shapes. Shapes that either did not seem to notice her where she pushed forward or they did not care. She knew one thing that could save her. Save everyone. Even the dark forms that kept passing her by. She saw it. Through the mountain walls, through the thick rain, through the forms moving. The green glowing eye watched her as she were trying to reach it.

Stopping by the river bank, looking into a path into the rocky wall, she knew that she had to cross the river. Looking to each side, only the glow of it’s slow water passed by. Taking one step out, then another.

As he just noticed her, he tried to pull the steering wheel to the side and hitting the break far too hard, he hit her. The wheels refused to stop or even slow done upon the wet road. A second later she landed on the ground, dead.

“Mesh. I hate stakeouts” she said as she leaned the chair back and put her feet on top of the glove compartment. Looking out into the cold rain she sighed. The weather had turned for the worst the last few weeks. It had kept pouring down for several days in a row. It really turned into autumn. Soon the leafs would fall and then snow. Like a cold shiver along her back she remembered the cold Siberian plains she had wandered in just a few month ago. She had gotten enough of snow for a lifetime.
“Well, they are quite important in our line of work” he leaned forward upon the wheel. Looking out through the rain he watched the door of the might be felon. The brown trees seemed to lean against the wall surrounding the house. Lean against the wall like an old man leaning against his cane to keep upright. Then he let his eyes slide over towards his assigned cadet. Her face. Half of it human, with all the emotions and feelings showing as any human. Right now she seemed worried or tired. Could be the rain. The other half were as of a machines. Completely changed. No emotion showed there, just the brown sphere covered by the metal. “How did you get into the cadet school anyway?” she did not turn towards him giving him few of her emotions.
“My sister helped me. She works up in the hunters HQ” she made a slow gesture with her arm in no particular direction. Then she looked over towards him and squinting her eye she thought for a second before he got an answer. She were beautiful. Or would have been if not for machine parts. He knew about her arms, he had been told that during the briefing as he got her assigned to him. “She probably pulled a few strings to get me some active duty this early on”
“Your sister, huh. Is she a hunter?” he met her eye for a second before he pulled his eyes of her and along a car driving by through the rain. Small waves rippled along the road as the cars wheels cut through the small stream.
“Sis? Heh, no. She’s a scientist” she grinned some as she to turned her head out the window again, putting one hand behind her head. She did not like the feel of leather in her hair. It stuck in an odd fashion. At least it were better then the feel of cold metal. The feeling she usually got nowadays as both her arms now were that of a robot or reploids. For a long while they did nothing more than staring at the oak port of the villa they were watching. Every now and again they moved, sitting themselves in another position to rid themselves of the feeling they got from sitting down for so long. Only his coughing broke the silence every once in a while.

“How did that happen?” he asked after the long silence. Looking over towards her, he noticed that she stiffened up by his words. Before he got time to say that he were sorry their radio ringed and another voice rang through.
“Headquarters to car 17. Headquarters to car 17” they looked towards each other for a second. That’s their vehicle. She swung down her feet as she got the microphone. She seemed quick to reach for it. To quick for him at least.
“This is car 17. What’s the matter?”
“There has been an pedestrian accident nearby. You two are closest to the location. We need you to get there and see over the area as we send an ambulance”

She were pointing the traffic along into another road. The few cars that drove by this hour on the day. Luckily it had been a one way street. If it had not, they would have needed more men. One glimpse had she taken of the women then gone to work. She tried to hold a hard face, even though it tore her inside. Most of the road were red from the mixture between blood and rain. The stream pulled it along towards the nearest manhole. He on the other hand walked up to the hysterical man. At least he had been calm enough to call the police.
“Hello I am officer Josef Rain” he showed his badge and cursed his name for this day. Always a bad pun it seemed “that is Cadet Kay Mehkai” he pointed over towards her with his ball point pen as he pulled it from his pocket, leaving the badge inside it ”May I ask you a few questions, Mr..?” The thick trucker looked over holding a news paper over his head to try to get some of the drops away from his face. Not to much success.
“Elroy, the name is William Elroy. She just flew out from nowhere. It’s this blasted rain, sir, not even the wipers does enough for the sight, sir” Rain wrote down some of the words in his book, glad that he had a water fast pen. He looked over towards the body. She looked as one would expect from a person hit by a truck. Like a ragged doll that has been dropped from a few floors up. The white cotton spread out of the stomach. He were a little surprised by her t-shirt in a weather like this. Not even shoes. Coughing some he looked back towards the man. He did not like the rain. Not with that strange flu spreading.
“Has anyone touched the women since the accident?” Elroy shock his head, sending some water flying.
“I tried to check her pulse but I couldn’t find it, sir” Elroy looked over towards the body with a sad face. “You think I could talk to her family, tell them that it were an accident. I didn’t mean to hit her, she just showed up”

As the ambulance arrived to the scene, Rain were trying to calm Elroy down as they sat in the entrance to a stair case close by. Kay stood by herself answering questions that she did not know the answer to to the pedestrians walking by. Talking as she gestured the traffic on.

“What the?” Jay asked herself as she notice that the water in the shower were several different coloured streams of paint. Scratching her head while she held the towel with the other, she looked towards the bathroom door where a quite laughter were heard. “How did she..?”

The rain were still falling hard. Thick drops kept haunting the city street. Even the Mavericks seemed wise enough to stay inside this day. Kay on the other hand had even said no to a chance of getting lift to the headquarters. With the jacket pulled up as far as it possibly could, she challenged the rain. Seeming to make it even more angry. She were not walking the direction of home. She had to check something out. She had a hunch. Not that she never had seen death before. She had. Even worse than this one. Still, there had been something that had bugged her ever since she first got there.

Stopping by a pool of water she looked down to see her own faint reflection. The already blurry face disappeared for a second as a car drove by and splashed her. She looked after the vehicle as it turned to a faint shadow in the rain then go down another road. The extra water had done nothing to her already soaked state. Looking down on the road again she tried to find any trace of what had happened during the day. Even the blood had been washed away with the current tide. Crouching down she watched the water splash into the river growing. She had a hunch during the day. She had had a feeling that could have helped her. Looking across the road. In there perhaps.

She entered the torn down alley. Kicking a bottle aside. It would have been impossible to know if anyone had been there. The water were everywhere. Washing away anything it could carry. Kay kept walking ahead. Maybe she would find some kind of clue. Then she felt something. The same feeling she had felt during the day. Looking over she only saw a door. A old rusty back door with a run through triangle on a sign, not hanging straight. There were something inside that called.

Looking around as she walked closer reaching for the door. Pushing the handle down she pulled the door open. Inside she saw a short staircase downwards leading into a dark corridor. The air that came out were warm and carried with it a scent of something burned. Walking down the corridor she decided against turning on the light. It could let the people, who might be further in, know that she were coming. With her eye she had no problem to see in the dark. The dust lifted as she put her feet down and the water spread out, yet it seemed as if someone had disturbed its peace already. Some of it had not settled yet. In the end of the corridor there were a door. One door. Not as rusty as the door before, yet time seemed to had set its toll upon it. As she reached for the handle she realised what her feeling were. Not a hunch. Not any more. Inside her she felt how she slowly got scared. How fear slowly crept up behind her as a dark shadow. She knew that something were on the other side of this one door. Gently pressing down the handle she pulled it open. No sound but a odd humming. A faint green light slowly filled the space around her as the door came open.

Inside were a laboratory. Kay had seen quite some of those in her life. Laboratories of most kinds. Still, she had no idea what this could be for. All the equipment were stacked along the walls, only leaving room for two other doors along one side. Some things were even piled upon each other but there were a lot of free space. The only thing that not were stashed were a pillar. A round container of sorts that reached from the floor to the roof. In its middle it were of glass, showing what it held inside. A green glowing sphere. As she watched this sphere she felt how everything around her slowly faded away. Until one of the doors suddenly opened.

Moving her eyes from the orb, she swayed as everything seemed to fall back into place. Looking towards the door she saw a reploid holding a note pad in its hands. As most reploids it were built as a animal. It were built like a female lion, standing on it’s hind legs. Its body were formed smoothly with both animal and female forms. The biggest thing that Kay thought seemed odd were the fact that this reploid were wearing glasses and a lab coat. Before Kay were able to regain balance, this new threat noticed her. Its smile presented a lot of teeth.
“Good evenings” it had a female voice. Soft as silk, yet sharp as the edge of a knife “What have we here?” it lay the pad on top of a pile of cylinders and walked closer. Still grinning. The slowly spreading fear inside her suddenly caught her. One thought ran through her mind. Run. Then Kay ran.

As the door closed behind the women another door opened.
“Should we catch her?”
“No” came the reply after a few seconds “She will return. They usually do. Next time I hope I get to say more words. She had a familiar scent beneath the water“

Jay sat down amongst the others. The empty seat haunted her a bit. Kay were usually home by this hour. It felt lonely without her. Of course she had others around her. She sat by the high ups table. Still, without Kay it felt wrong. Hopefully nothing had happened. In this weather most things could happen. What if she had been in a accident? She would not be able to make contact with her. What if she already were trying to contact her, yet she sat here eating? Jay shock her head. Kay were probably late because of some paper work she could get. She has been quick through the police school so far. It would be understand able that they would give her more work. Jay picked up a potato with her fork and looked at it for a second. Then she noticed how Silver stared towards her with a anticipating look. What had she done now? Had she done something with the food? It smelled right. Maybe a laxative. Just for the fun of it. Jay put the potato back on the tray and walked away. She could go one evening without food.

An hour later Jay sat by a table in her room looking at the hunk of machinery in front of her. She were trying to concentrate on how she were going to build this device, yet her thoughts kept sliding over to Kay. Jay wondered where she were. Then she heard how the door closed in the corridor.
“That you, sis?” Jay shouted while leaning back. After a short silence she heard how the door opened behind her. A slow screeching sound “You are late”
“Yea…” Kay replied with a weak voice.
“Where have you been, I tried to get a hold of you” when she did not reply this time Jay turned towards her and continued “You never answered” then she noticed what condition Kay were in.
“Yea…” Kay were drenched in water, it were still dripping to the floor and she had an odd image on her pale face. A expression that seemed very confused. It looked like she had seen a ghost and gotten the ghosts colour. She were barely standing.
“You are drenched” Kay nodded weakly while leaning towards the wall. Water slowly running along its edges “Get a hot shower and some dry clothes, we’ll talk then” again Kay nodded and moved on towards the bathroom. Jay watched the toilet door for a while until she heard the water running. Then she walked to the kitchen starting a kettle for tee.

Everything were dark. Even his own hand were dark. He had realized that he slowly turned into one of those creatures outside. One of the shadows. Everything were so dark. He had been followed. At least in the beginning. Black shapes, screaming all kinds of monstrous words. Words he did not understand. That eye. That green eye. It had been in his blind spot since the beginning. Always near sight. Now it were in front of him. With its eerie green glow. Pulling a deep breath of the most distasteful air he ever breathed he took the few steps forward to the orb. The only reason he knew where to put his feet were because of the shadows. The shadows that were, were the only things that showed this caves forms and shapes. He stretched out his hand. Trying to touch it. Suddenly he noticed how he got pulled in. Yet his hand seemed to fade up into the air. His hand dispersed as a small patch of smoke. No pain. He tried to pull back his arm. Yet it would not let go. It kept pulling him in. Pulling him closer. As it reached his shoulder he screamed in panic.

Early next morning they had returned to the stakeout site. They had been sitting there for a few hours looking out through the window seeing the thick morning fog change into the heavy rain. At least it had been holding up during the night. Maybe the rain would stop soon. Both Josef and Kay had broken the silence every once in a while with their coughing. Josef seemed even worse this day, but had insisted on going to work anyway. Kay had caught a cold from her late escapades in the rain.
“I never got an answer yesterday” Josef started after a while. Bothered with the thick silence that lay in the car. Kay shock her head and cuddled up on her seat, leaving her shoes on the floor “You never told me how you got those arms of yours”
“It’s a couple of long stories” she replied as he stopped talking. Leaning back to the seat, Josef looked out the window on that thick oak port.
“We’ve got time” he said with a quite voice as he put his arms across his chest. Kay did not reply for a long time. Only looking out through the window, watching the occasional car drive by. It seemed to him that she had reacted, though. She kept hugging her knees for some reason. Of course it would not be a good memory “You might feel better talking about it”
“How would you know?” she said with a whispering voice “I have these arms that gives me great strength” she held her hands in front of her face, watching the black leather glove “They have all kinds of stuff in them. Things I would never even have thought existed” she looked over towards him, showing him the tears collecting in her eye “I never wanted this. It’s machines that gave me them from the beginning, why do I have to become one as well?” he stretched out to pat her shoulder but as he were to touch her, she threw up the door and dashed down through the rain. With the car door slamming shut behind her. Josef watched as she disappeared into the pouring water the leaned his head on the chair.
“You’re an ass, Josef. A real ass” he muttered to himself.

She pulled of her glove while she rushed through the rain, revealing the metal hand beneath. She had never really thought about her metal parts. Not enough for those kinds of questions, or rather. She had avoided the questions. Avoided the thoughts. Too her the hands and face were something that only reminded her of bad times. She had never wanted them. Yet without them she would never be able to hold a regular life. She hit her leg while moving one through the water. He had only meant well. She understood that. He were interested in her, in what happened. He would never understand. She had things in her arms that she never would need or use if she did need it. Jay would have been happier with all that junk than Kay were. Kay stopped by that thought and clenched her fists. She did not want her sister hurt. No matter the outcome. Jay had helped her as much as possible. If not for her Kays arms would have been a lot bigger, thicker. She would have stood out far to much. If not for her she would not have a home or a job. Sighing she looked about. She should not move to far now. It were still working hours.

She suddenly noticed were she were. In a dirty old alley, in front of a old rusty door with a run through triangle on a sign, not hanging straight. With a trembling hand she slowly stretched out towards the handle. Pulling it open with a silent screeching and she again felt a familiar smell of something burned flowing out with the warm air. The dark stairs were still there as were the corridor afterwards. She stood in front of the door to where the laboratory should be, doubting what she were about to do.

Before she opened the door she heard voices inside. She leaned towards the metal trying to listen.
“What is it you are trying to accomplice?” Kay recognised that voice but she could not figure out from where.
“An apprentice. Like you were suppose to be” the women from the day before. The lion lady.
“Heh, you failed there. I wish you luck though, with this new one” then a door opened. In a curious frenzy, Kay threw her door open and looked over towards the two closed doors. The lion stood in the middle of the room by the container of that eerie green glow and low humming. Kay met her eyes for a second then noticed the many sharp teeth in the smile below those eyes. One step back, she were ready to run.

“Please wait” she said as soon as Kay moved “I would wish to speak with you, my sister” Kay watched the fiend for a short while before reacting. She should run. Get a few hunters and destroy whatever were being done here. Then again, she did not know enough to get anyone with her.
“Sister?” she kept herself in the doors opening.
“Why, yes. As you, I were once one amongst the humans. As you, I now have parts of reploids inside me. Unlike you however I am an android where you are just a cyborg. I am more machine now then human, as you” as she spoke the lion walked over to a few things stacked along the wall and opened up a small cupboard.
“What do you mean?” and why were this important?
“I mean that we are sisters by blood as we are cousins with the reploids, by their blood” she leaned back and closed the cupboard. Kay noticed something inside her hand, yet she did not know what “We, as they do, need not to worry about the small things any more. About things like sickness or pain. Just a chip in ones mind and you see the world through new eyes. More clearly” she walked over towards Kay. When she came close enough for Kay, she moved away. With a big smile the lion stopped, as if not to scare Kay away “Then again, that very same chip would be able to change your mind into worshipping any god they wish” she stretched her hand out towards Kay revealing what were inside. A golden scarab with a chain of silver “Give this to one human you wish to escape the upcoming cold” Kay looked at the scarab for a few seconds. She noticed a small yellow light escaping the small crap between its wings.
“Upcoming cold?” she carefully took the necklace. The lion smiled towards her and walked back towards the glowing orb. Kay somehow got the feeling that it watched her. That eerie green ball, floating inside some kind of container.
“Return tomorrow night and there will be more answers here for you”
“One last question” the lion turned towards Kay “Who are you?” the lion grinned a sharp grin. Menacing.
“I. I am” she went quite for a short while letting her eyes slide over the room. Thinking of the answer “I am Shannon, for now” with that said Kay closed the door behind herself and walked through the corridor once again.

As she walked through the rain outside she studied the medallion closer. The chain were a simple silver chain while the scarab seemed to be more then just a golden statuette. She tried, carefully, to push the wings aside without success, before she put the whole thing in her pocket. Then a thought occurred to her. A quick check of the watch gave her a realisation that she had skipped an entire day of work. She should rush home and call work. Call Josef. As she rushed along through the rain and people going home she heard a familiar ring. With a short curse and a quick gesture she turned her connection on with Jay.

“Yeah..?” she answered with a tired voice.
“Where have you been all day?” the voice that echoed in her head sounded pissed. As if she had done something against her.
“I’ll tell you when I…” she got cut off.
“Rain called. Remember him? Your caretaker? The one you are assigned too?”
“He called and said that you had left him during a stakeout. Do you want this job?”
“And where were you yesterday? Same place that you were now? I’ve tried to get a hold of you all day” Kay noticed a women that passed her by. A women which gave her a very disturbing look. Kay felt it. This complete stranger thought she were mad. She shunned her. She knew about Shannon. About the things that happened and she thought Kay were helping. Something horrible were in the makings behind the curtains and everyone knew except Kay.
“Wait, I…” she stretched a little weak after the women, but her back were already towards her. Kays voice did not seem to reach through the rain
“Where are you now?” the angry voice returned “No, just wait where you are. I’ll send someone to get you. Just wait there” then silence.

Kay stopped and looked back too see how the women slowly disappeared in through the rain. What was happening? What was that green globe? Something were happening. She could not put the finger on what. The rain did not help either. Her clothes pulled her towards the ground making it hard to stand. She just felt tired now. With a twitch Kay noticed how the vehicle pulled up beside her. A familiar face helped her home.