Interviewer Page 30
Monday — January 10th, 2011

Interviewer Page 30

I whole-heartedly agree with Mona on that last statement. I do hope that there will be more stories of these guys in the future, but for now it’s been really quiet on all fronts (including mine) so I guess that this might be it. Well, let’s not say that this is the end, for I don’t want that. Let’s just say the comic is on hiatus. There are still a few more stories to be written, I know Kenny has a few on the shelf and God knows I’ve got some. I wish I could continue drawing, even if it has been hell only this one year I’ve been working, but I cannot for personal reasons that I believe everyone who should know about knows about.

About the comic? Yeah, it might seem to be the lazy way out, I was hoping for a feeling of reminiscence. Though I don’t know if I did a good job at that or not. In either case it sorta shows how much I’ve improved over this one and only year. Go back further and check out Silvers progress, that’s just amazing!

I feel like I should say something more, but I don’t really have anything more to say. Been fun, and now of to the next project! Be great, everyone!



Happy new years everyone!!!
(and belated merry christmas)

A year done already, eh? It defiantly seems so. Hope you’ve all had a really great year past and let’s root for an even better one next year!!!

And to all those that feel forgotten in these times of celebration, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I myself already has some things hidden in my back-pocket that will arrive this year. A text in collaboration with our artist, Silver and me, and by the correctional help of Saber in Blue, a new text will arrive during the beginning of this year. The continuation of Beholder – Prologue (or rather the one foreshadowed in prologue) Beholder – BOMB!!!

Not only that!
More comics will be made. Our beloved artist has asked for a break after Hunter, then petty little me will make an attempt to make something called sequential art for a few weeks. Sketches has already been begun to be drawn!!!

Of course there’s more hidden in the next year. ANYTHING might happen! and I for one hope that it does! :)
Welcome to 2010, make it feel at home.

Musical Notice

HI THERE!!! *Waves*
So yeah… I randomly decided that I wanted to update something here since it hasn’t been since DH… Which we should’ve talked about after which that had happened but we didn’t. ANYWHOOO

I wanted to add something random. As I usually do when I am talking here… *whispers* That’s why I’m not allowed here very often, so don’t tell the others.

I’ve made a songlist based on the different chars of Next-Era and added a spotifylink ;) finding the songs on spotify were harder than anticipated though… So some songs arn’t what I originally intended. Some are less fitting then others and if you complain about that, please post a more fitting song =D

666 – Sword of Glory – Motörhead

Snex – Love Today – Mika

Type – Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot – Caramba

Silver – Around the World – Aqua

Metro – Dare to be Stupid – Wierd Al Yankovic

Shiva – Panties Wanted – Scooter

Melissa – Danger! High Voltage – Electric Six

Shade – I can’t Decide – Scissor Sisters

Please enjoy =]

Because traditions are traditions are traditions

This one mainly goes out to our Swedish fans. Yes, that means both of you.

But first some backstory lol no

Remember this?

It’s that time of the year again!

Yes, folks, this Saturday the five of us again assemble to form Voltron to do a lot of pointless things!

Because it’s once again time for Dreamhack Winter at Elmia in Jönköping, so for the third time, we shall meet there. Me and Flex coming by way of train from Gothenburg, the other three coming by way of car from that place that’s next to Skåne, also known as Sweden’s appendix.

So, we will have a day of much fun, much stupidity, much walking around but most importantly, much talking! We expect to get a lot of planning done, but when was the last time any of our expectations turned out to actually happen? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

As such, if there’s any of you at the spot, during Saturday, keep an eye out for a band of five, consisting of a blonde girl with a guy on a leash and three fat guys of which two have beards and of which one has glasses, wandering the halls, obviously lacking any sort of purpose in life, looking slightly dim-witted and surrounding themselves with an aura of insufferable geekiness.

Not that that description really helps, since I just described roughly two thirds of all the people at DH. Maybe we should get a flag.

Full report of the event with details and pictures to come at a later date.

In addition, this post has been brought to you by the song Private Idaho.

Gallery update 03

Uh.. sorry no comic today. I’m in a bad mood.

Instead, check out this random rough sketch of 666.


Gallery update 02


Back with a small update in the gallery. A piece I’ve been working on for.. a month and a half I think.
A kind of tribute to a great artist, my favourite artist, Alphonse Mucha.
Art Nouveau is not an easy art form. I’ve tried it before on several occasions but grown very frustrated with it. But I still think it’s a gorgeous artstyle and I’m glad I finally made something nice using the style.

Enjoy some Xenox aweomeness.

Also! Boobpreview!
(see what I did there? New word people can search for on google. Boobpreview.)

TVTropes will, if it has not already, ruin your life

It sure as hell has ruined mine!

Anyway, I just wanted to inform you people about that now we don’t only have an internal Tropes page but also (and of course, it’s my fault) an actual page for Next Era on TVTropes. We had 37 pageviews yesterday, but none of those actually seemed to come from there, so…

But hopefully, in time, more people will discover Next Era, and this could be a step on the way.

Also, I take absolutely no responsibility if you spend your next four hours in a jungle of thousands of tabs and links that lead to more links that lead to more links.

Additionally, December is (sort of) approaching. This message doesn’t foreshadow anything at all.

Bonus content: Here’s what people searched for to find our page yesterday!

x ray images – 6 views
x ray – 6 views
xray – 5 views
adult comixxx – 2 views
hunter 27 – 1 view
x ray pics – 1 view
xray photos – 1 view
x-ray – 1 view
mercenaries – 1 view

In addition, Hunter page 19 was the most viewed page, with 19 views. Since six out of the nine search terms above have to do with x-ray, no surprises there. In comparison, the second most viewed page was the Gallery, with… 2 views.

Additionally additionally, the other day, someone had reached the site via specifically googling “ doctor-page-44”.


Gallery update 01

I thought it would be a nice idea to tell in the blog when you update the gallery with a new piece of art. This will be my first update!
Recently I got the idea to draw Next Era characters in styles I’m not used to. The result turned out to be hilarious. This time I tried Disney’s Kim Possible style and I think they all look smashing! A very light piece since I didn’t spend much time on it, but it was fun! Any suggestions on other styles I should try out? Maybe Marvel style, who knows!
Suggest interesting styles to me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m up for a challenge!

Press the little preview to view!

Also, this beauty is availible in wallpaper size! Click link to download:
Next Era – Kim Possible style

Also, Kim Possible is copyright Disney.


Downloadable comic

Hi, just a short notice here.
I have fixed downloadable files for the finished comics just to make things easier for new readers!
They are availible in respective archive as Zip files. If you find anything funny with anyone of them, please let me know.
Hunter will be availible when it is finished, until then, the archive will have to suffice :)


Battle Cry Challenge Winner

Hi everyone! It’s time to reveal whose the winner of Next Eras first challenge, The Battle Cry Challenge!

We’ve had.. well 3 contestants.. which is about as many as I thought we would get! But anyway, they all submitted quite a few so there was many entries anyway!

After looking through all the submissions Tommy has decided on a winner!

And the winner is…


Dark Ravage!
With the motivation: As a nerd I had to choose this one. Plus, I choked when I saw it. That’s a good sign.

The price was, as you know, a cameo in our upcoming comic, Tribute!
Dark will get a note the upcoming days for more info.
I want to thank everyone who’s been helping out with this competiton, and I also want to thank the competitors. Thanks guys!

That concludes Next Eras first Challenge! Got any ideas for upcoming challenges, just comment :P


Battle Cry Deadline

Hi everyone!

Just a short notice telling you guys that the Battle Cry Challenge has reached it’s deadline and the submission time is over. The winner will be announced on Friday, in two days that is.

So keep yer pants on until then will ya? :D

Also, we are currently having some hacker problems with the page so if It doesn’t work.. we are on it. Darn it.

Cheers people!