Interviewer Page 30
Monday — January 10th, 2011

Interviewer Page 30

I whole-heartedly agree with Mona on that last statement. I do hope that there will be more stories of these guys in the future, but for now it’s been really quiet on all fronts (including mine) so I guess that this might be it. Well, let’s not say that this is the end, for I don’t want that. Let’s just say the comic is on hiatus. There are still a few more stories to be written, I know Kenny has a few on the shelf and God knows I’ve got some. I wish I could continue drawing, even if it has been hell only this one year I’ve been working, but I cannot for personal reasons that I believe everyone who should know about knows about.

About the comic? Yeah, it might seem to be the lazy way out, I was hoping for a feeling of reminiscence. Though I don’t know if I did a good job at that or not. In either case it sorta shows how much I’ve improved over this one and only year. Go back further and check out Silvers progress, that’s just amazing!

I feel like I should say something more, but I don’t really have anything more to say. Been fun, and now of to the next project! Be great, everyone!



And on a Whooping 326 words, I present: Run.


Hai gais… I’ve written yet another story in the Legend series: Divinity. Maybe I should stop telling people about it here in the blog, I seem to be the only one making any blog-posts ^^; which I usually ain’t. However, I wanna add that the inspiration came from this place: spotify:track:3t9sqLkpNxNoIICOpaJAUR or if you don’t have spotify: Link.


Hi again… The fellas that keeps track of our RSS is likely a little annoyed with me at the moment. Yet another text has been made. Water. We made a list of a few characters on the IRC then threw a die to pick two, after which I would write a story about them. This is the result, starring Loke in the lead for once.


I’m being productive… for once. It’s not a common occurrence, so I advice to enjoy it while you’ve got the chance. Another story has been made, a stand alone follow up to Legend. Written in the same manner. It’s a little longer, but it’s a rather different story as well. Truth I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


This went quick. Another story made, Legend. My apologies for the obfuscated leads… It just turned out to work I guess. If you wish to know who the two are, please ask.


Howdy all, I just wanted to tell you of Carrie. The latest addition to our long line of short stories. Enjoy.

It’s a lie.

I’m still mostly dead.



Hi everyone!

It’s comic-update-day.. and I’m not going to update. My computer decided it didn’t want the pressure-sensitivity on my wacom to work, and when I finally got it to work I wasn’t really in a mood to draw anymore. However instead I compiled two sketchdumps for you pleasure.

Oh and a warning; some sketches don’t make any sense. What so ever.

Also, on a different subject, my husband got his job back! Yay, how great isn’t that! He will start in a week.. so no more slacking for him!
My mom also called and told me she broke a bone in her hand at work today and now she can’t work for four weeks.. :/

Well. That is all I think.


(also.. some sketches was drawn during a game session.. what game were we playing? A cookie for the one who guess correctly! You can’t guess Peter. Cause.. you were playing the game.)

Two – Contest

Hi there, I just wanted to say “Hi there I’ve posted two one-shot-stories” so… I’ve posted two one-shot-stories! ^^


The two stories are about One and Other of Two… Who are they? Well, actually they’ve been mentioned in one of all our stories, with those names even. I’m gonna let you guys guess which, a contest if you please.

Here’s the rules:
Go to: The Text-Archive and find the first mention of the of Two!
The first to post the right title of the story will get a price. A PRICE!!! and what the price will be? You pick a theme for the next one-shot-story I will write about them. (A theme can be something like, Love, Fascination, 18-century art, Pants. One or two words simply)

A second rule, in the btw, those two of you that hold this site with me will have to let the others get an advance. Let’s give everyone else, say, two days before one of you two tell which story it is… AND if it’s you who tell it, you get to say the theme.
This means you, Magnus and Sofie and Saturday


A new year, a new chance for failure!

There was no christmas content, no new year’s content, and from me, no content whatsoever!

But, so, what’s going to happen 2010? A few things.

I have some projects going on – 2010 will see at least one new subsection of the website, named “Articles” (I was going to call it “Editorials”, since that’s a much more awesome word, before I found out that’s not the kind of writings that will appear there). There may or may not be another section added for something else entirely as well, but that depends on how much I actually get done, since I won’t make it happen unless I have a significant portion of content for it. Stay tuned.

Symphony should hopefully be finished sometime this year. Promising that is kind of a tradition for me now.

Stories that were started, which may or may not happen: Bridge, Mantis, Tag, Navigation, untitled non-canon story. Stories that were not started yet, which may or may not happen: untitled mindfuck/continuityfuck/clusterfuck story, untitled action story, another untitled action story, future storyline to follow up on Symphony with the collective heading of Cerberus, Fortress.

So there you have it.

Will there be more contests? Maybe. Has there been progress on Tribute? To some degree.