Interviewer Page 30
Monday — January 10th, 2011

Interviewer Page 30

I whole-heartedly agree with Mona on that last statement. I do hope that there will be more stories of these guys in the future, but for now it’s been really quiet on all fronts (including mine) so I guess that this might be it. Well, let’s not say that this is the end, for I don’t want that. Let’s just say the comic is on hiatus. There are still a few more stories to be written, I know Kenny has a few on the shelf and God knows I’ve got some. I wish I could continue drawing, even if it has been hell only this one year I’ve been working, but I cannot for personal reasons that I believe everyone who should know about knows about.

About the comic? Yeah, it might seem to be the lazy way out, I was hoping for a feeling of reminiscence. Though I don’t know if I did a good job at that or not. In either case it sorta shows how much I’ve improved over this one and only year. Go back further and check out Silvers progress, that’s just amazing!

I feel like I should say something more, but I don’t really have anything more to say. Been fun, and now of to the next project! Be great, everyone!


This was probably not worth posting about

I have poked with the image and the css and the background image at the wiki no longer has large black holes in it. Not the consume-things-in-space kind, but bars of black between repetitions of the actual background image (the black bars were actually a part of the image, which repeated itself several times over). The trick was also to make sure that “navigation”, “search” and “toolbox” didn’t blend into the background, which was solved by discovering via web developer Firefox extension that those elements pulled style info from a specific part of the css, and as far as I can tell those were the ONLY elements that used that, so changing just one line fixed it, plus makes it so that I can increase the size of the boxes in the sidebar and they’ll still be fine. Science.

Yep yep.

I’m doing something, at least. Even if I’m currently seemingly only being the behind the scenes guy.

Wikipedia and a bunch of other wikis are switching over to Vector for their default skin. I entertained the thought for a moment, as smithing a mhwiki-style skin out of the css probably wouldn’t be that horrible, but after further consideration, I’m finding that Vector relies too much on gradients and fading as well as borderless elements outside of the main content area in a way I do not find fits the mood I always intended to create with the green/black terminal sort of look mhwiki has. So yeah. I’m the only one who actually cares about this, but…

Nothing has changed.

Nothing at all.

(insert some omnious music here)

This is why Kenny isn’t part of the artist squad

Alright, this was something that actually took place over a month ago, but I thought some of you readers might get a chuckle out of this.

There’s this one community I’m a part of, and there, we sometimes do something called “Coral Mayhem”, which consists of looking at weird or shitty pictures and giving insightful commentary on them. Back in August and September, I hosted two of them – which were entirely about art I had personally produced in fourth, fifth and sixth grade. And the second one of them had a subject matter which is relevant to your interests. Yes, that’s right, Mega Man. I even brought in our very own Lief as a guest commentator, though he’s not part of that community.

Warning for a bit of language and horrible art you will never be able to unsee also clicking around in the Coral Mayhem subforum will make you want to stab your eyes out

(the first part is here. It’s arguably even worse.)

And this, kids, is why you shouldn’t let Kenny near… well, anything, really.

I apologize for any physical harm these images may cause you. No, wait, I don’t.

I’m gonna sing the Doom song

As previously mentioned, here at the Next Era Network, we keep a close eye on any developments related to the classic Mega Man franchise, because, hey, that’s what we grew up with and the reason we are what we are today.

So there was things. Granted, there was never a post about Mega Man 10, but let’s forget about that for a second.

Now, if you’re not a damn kid that should get off my lawn, you know about Doom. And if you’re on this site, you know about Mega Man.

Now mix.

And you get Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. A Doom Megawad, built around Deathmatch, containing what appears to be ALL the weapons from the robot masters of the first six games in the classic series, and of course Mega Buster, plus special Blues and Forte busters, Mirror Buster, Sakugarne (or however you spell that shit), Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker. The stages look fantastic, it’s an amazing rendition of Mega Man graphics in a 3D environment. I haven’t played it yet, but am intending to try it. Trailers are on the site. Full game’s not out yet, but a downloadable demo which can be played with a sourceport such as Skulltag (I personally prefer zDoom for normal playing, but Skulltag is better for multiplayer).

So yeah.

Doom doom doom doom doom.


Doomy dooms of doom.

Also, doom.


Hi guys. I’ve finished another story that I wrote in two sittings and ended at a whooping four pages. Yet another part of the Legend series: Ball!

Also, remember to ask a question to a character of Your choice! (see post below)


Hi guys!

As you might have noticed, a reporter is skulking around the corridors of the Maverick Hunters Headquarters. Do you have any questions to any of the hotshot members of our impressive characters? Have you wondered why Silvers skin is grey or why Type has big fluffy pink ears? Or what about that little machine called Kage, that is always floating around 666? Give me your questions and they might popup on that little hand held machine Mona the Reporter has in her hands all the time. Has the people you wished to ask questions to already been talked to once? Don’t worry, I am sure she will have time to return to them and talk once more.

Come on! Ask a question!

Don’t ask…

Sometimes I get silly ideas.. and they end up being drawn. Some time ago I stumbled over some old Westlife song, ‘When your looking like that’. And a while back I had this idea of the Next Era boys dancing to some boy band song. So when I heard the Westlife song, I couldn’t help googling Westlife album covers and I took the silliest most boyband one I could find and re-drew it with the Next Era boys. The result was this:

Now.. yesterday I stumbled over a Backstreet boys song ‘As long as you love me’ and.. it happened again.

Those two, especially the last one, are probably the most gay images I have ever drawn. And I love them! XD
Also, covers can be found here:
Backstreet boys

Just felt like sharing.


Hi everyone!

I feel like I need to explain my absence. Since November I have had problems finding what makes me continue with this comic and I admit, I wasn’t far from quitting back then. I felt trapped in a very uncreative environment, and if you think back to November, you probably noticed hints of that.. I didn’t really feel like I got any support and sometimes it even felt like nothing I did was good enough. I’m not blaming anyone thought, so no evil rants please. However, I felt I had to finish up Hunter so I kept at it. Sure, all comics so far has had down periods, but that wasn’t what happened but I continued. But by the end of May my motivation had faded. I mentally said to myself, let it go for now. So I did. And suddenly a world opened in front of me and I felt lost. Let me try to explain it.. before, whatever I drew, I drew so I would be a better comic-artist. Consciously or sub-consciously, whatever. But when I mentally let go of the comic, I could suddenly control what I wanted to become better at. I felt liberated and extremely lost at the same time so I started drawing random things, trying to find what I wanted to work on. I found myself drawing faces, trying different style, different ways to evolve and it felt like it was worth spending time on. After a chat with the art director at work, we both agreed on that faces was something I should work on, both for my own sake and for my professional career. Later I will move onto bodies and landscapes. I want to evolve, I never ever want to stand still in my only ability, that I’m so fortunate to actually be working with! And at the moment.. It feels like Next Era is holding me back.. not helping.
I have a process when it comes to drawing. I draw, I finish, I like it for a week then I hate it and wish I could re-do it. A week is usually the standard time. But now during these two weeks I have drawn something one day, and hated it the next, thus improving every day, or at least it feels like it. I’m going to publish these things that I’ve drawn over at my DA some time in the future.
..Where was I? Ah yes. I’ve also started thinking about creating a dev-blog for myself so I can record my progress and maybe help other artists and discuss improvement with other artists. But where does that leave NE for me? I’m not sure to tell you the truth. When I’ve been practicing I have been using my characters from NE of course. I’m very fond of them, they mean very much to me, probably more than most of you realize and I don’t feel like I want to kill what I have, what we have here on NE, because I still love them. But I don’t know if I’ll get back to drawing them, at least not officially for the page. The stories are great, and I dream of visualizing every one of them, but that’s just a personal desire, not something I want to be forced into, pressured into. And who is forcing me? Well I am of course. I’m very dedicated to my projects and if I find something I love, I will keep it close to my heart forever, it will never fade. I still have tons of Lugia figurines in my bedroom since my Pokémon days! That’s also how I feel with the characters here at NE. They are family to me, and probably always will be, so this doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing them, they will hopefully evolve with me… But not here. So where am I going with this overly long explanation? I’m taking a break from Next Era. I don’t know for how long though, and I’m hoping no one will give me a hard time for it. I want to evolve, to become more than I already am and I hope everyone will understand that. ..The three (or something) of you who reads this. Where this leaves the rest of you, well you are free to decide that on your own, and if anyone have any questions, ask or mail me.


Also, quick note. Very much Gary in the main character in this movie ;)


Hello. Lately I haven’t had any flow with the comic so there probably won’t be one there today. So instead I created something stupid yesterday that I felt like sharing with you.

It’s not safe for work. Unless you are alone. But there might be some consequences such as extreme laughter.. etc. So yea, look at it when your home or alone or something. It cheered me up that’s for sure.

Next Era Chippendales



Yo gais, ’tis me again…

I’d like to explain myself for those interested, if you arn’t jump to the end and ignore this.
The legend-series might seem to be unconnected with the rest of the Next Era universe, seeing as it deals more about supernatural creatures than technological and described in such ways that new technology may or may not exist. That is because it is more about the Xenox family than the Hunters. Woods just happen to stand in between. If you do not like the fact that they are canon, you may ignore them as I have no plans in mixing the two at any point. I mostly write these in one sitting and with the intent of making them stand alone. Something I don’t do with the main-story I’m working on at the moment. But thats a secret for now.

Now to what may interest you. I’ve posted a new story: Hunt. Enjoy