Hi. We’re the people that makes it happen.


Magnus “KennyMan666” von Goës Karlström
Writer, web admin, weird and a bunch of other stuff starting with W. Don’t ask where he currently is or currently does. Fueled by a mixture of music, manliness, manga and a bunch of other stuff starting with M. No longer girlfriendless. Plays strange japanese homemade games with magical lolis shooting each other. Can and will verb your noun (whatever that means).
Interests: Karaoke, Kingdom of Loathing, cooking and a bunch of other stuff starting with K. Yeah, shut up.


Peter “ParanoidRabbit” Svensson
Writer. He is currently studying Media Techniques (Mediateknik). Translation: Cinematics, storytelling, design and programming of different kinds. Has created a religion with several believers and shrines. He might seem strange at first, but people tend to enjoy his company as they get to know him better.
Interests: Drawing, writing, arting in general, bunnies (to an unhealthy extent), books, films, art in general, mature nudity and interactions and more.
Listens to: Well, anything with sound.


Jessica “Metro” Whitmore
The… wait… what does she do, anyways? Jessica serves as the resident native english speaker, playing grammar nazi for all those crazy swedes. Oh, and she writes too… barely…
Interests: Computers, reading, writing, drawing, anime, TV, and staring into the abyss, letting the emptiness slowly drag her from the shores of sanity. Likes power metal.


“General Silver”
Our awesome head artist. Currently on a break from drawing Next Era, however, in favour of pursuing other venues. Watch this space. Actually, don’t.