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New adress!

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Hello everyone! Finally the page is up on the real adress! Now we can finally start telling people about this place, isn’t that great?
I’ve got some work ahead of me. I have to put up the comics… again. But hopefully it won’t take too long this time…

Scroll issues

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Hello everyone. I’ve been working some on the scroll issue on the big pages, such as the Comic Archive, and solved it, so no more double scroll, Hurray!
I’ve also looked into solutions for the layout in the Archive, and I’ll try something out once I have the courage to do so :)

I’ve also put up the base for the rest of the Crew presentations, now all I need is for Metro to correct some of the presentations and draw the images. That last part will of course take some time..

Also fixed a MhWiki tab instead of a Contact tab and put the contact information in the crew list instead. The Wiki information will be filled in when I have the time.

There will be a comic up either today or tomorrow.

Hello? …Is this thing on?

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

*tap tap* *cough*
Right, zis is a test. Zis is onlee a test.

And the lonliest number never was 1 but the square root of 3

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Well, I hope this work. So many rules, so scary Sofie D:
If I break something she will probally break me T_T
But atleast we are up and running, which is most awesome!
I hope this little journey will be filled with good times and kumquats.

And on the eleventh day, he created the Cast page

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

So, I’ve done things to the cast page. Tell me what you think. Thought it’d make sense to have it in the same style as crew. Pretty sure you can see the justification for why I think the listed ones are the characters that should be featured there. The order of them can be discussed, I just tossed them in.

Anyway, for that page, we just want short descriptions of them. For the painfully detailed information, there’s the wiki. So, ladies (well, lady) and other geeks, get to work.

Also, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

/Kenny, posting obscure words since 2001

He is back! Still kicking ass and looking good.

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Click me to see awesome stuff

(I might be just a little bit late on this, but heck! I missed it and my damned roomate though it was “of no greater intresse” and didn’t tell me. He might know more about everything then wikipedia but he have a interface that is just to hard to handle sometimes. Megaman, not that important? Geesh.)

Megaman 9! Woo!

It have been years since the last Megaman game was released. And to be honest, I did not fancy the look of it. It wasn’t really a BAD game, it just… didn’t feel right.
But now! Now he is back! Looking like he should, kicking ass the old fashioned way!
Some personal favorites are the dark megaman, the nifty looking dragon and that we atlast get to see megaman upside down!

Now then. Robotmasters!

* Magma Man
* Galaxy Man
* Jewel Man
* Concrete Man
* Hornet Man
* Plug Man
* Tornado Man
* Splash Woman

Is what the robotmasters are, if you want to belive wikipedia. Havn’t seen any information on the robotmasters anywhere else thou. Wierd.
But if its true and I just missed something then, atlast! Woman! If they actually had put in a “Woman man” too the joke would be complete. (Other variations are “Man man”, “Man Woman” “Woman Woman” and “Womans Man Woman”)
Also, Plug man? Well… after Hard man and Flash man I guess they just needed one of those names where you think twice before you just go “Nooo… they would not do that…. would they?”
Buuuut that might just be me.

Anyhow! This will be great. Now we just need a inbetwen game for the original series and the X series and I will be truly happy.


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I’ve been looking into the Archive issue, and I am starting to realize that it will be a hard to make it better with my limited php knowledge. However, I made a little dropdown menu seen on the right above the calendar. I don’t like how it shows the month and the posts, I’d rather like it to show the comic names. So if I am able to change the listing so you see the names, is a drop down menu an interesting idea?
And if anyone know any php and knows how I get the names instead of the month and count, please help. But I’ll look into it. Right now it is extremely weird, but I found out how I make it show the comic name. I just have to solve the fact that it doesn’t just get the comic archive but the blog archive as well. hm. How do I solve that one…

But just, it’s not done by far, so it looks like crap. Bare with me :P

There will be a comic up later today if I am able to contact a certain someone.

EDIT: I solved the issue! So when you press the drop down list it shows only the name of the comic, and when you click one it will redirect you to the chosen comic! Believe it or not, I solved this one myself! Man I’m GOOD! (also, mayor credits to for getting me started!) I was no thinking of having the rolldown as the archive, but in the Archive Page, create a better looking archive for each chapter instead of each page. What do you think of that? Opinions?



Monday, August 4th, 2008

Hello everyone!

Just checking in to say that the comic will be a day late this week. I couldn’t get home this evening since it was blowing so hard I was afraid I’d get a falling tree on my car on the way home..

The weather nowadays scares me. I can’t recall these kind of storms from when I was a kid. A change this rappidly? We are only talking a few years…

Right now I’m listening to the windows creaking and a can is rolling around outside on the pavement.. The rain is pouring down :/ Poor can…

But I’ll be back in buisness again tomorrow. The weather will change, it does that, quickly :/ Oh well. On a side note. I fixed up the Archive, hope ya all dig. There seems to be some problems with the calendar, I’ll look into that. Also, we got our first spam the other day! … wait what?



Monday, August 25th, 2008

Wow, long time no see huh? Last week I was in Gothensburg visiting Kenny and Flex and having all sorts of fun, and due to this I had to work over-time last weekend, as well as this one. So I haven’t been able to draw the comic… at all actually. Hopefully I’ll manage an update this week, but no guarantees, and I have no idea which day.. but I’ll try. I became sick yesterday to. My throat ached but I presisted on going to work anyway. *slaps* So I got a fever there and had to go home. Today I feel pretty good. My throat still aches, I sound like I’m in puberty, my voice changing constantly, but I’m at work, took one hour of extra sleep and at it again :)



Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Hello everyone!

I’m still feeling ill however I decided I wanted to share some of the nice images we took on the Gothenburg trip!

Lets start with the two gals who made the trip. We drove for .. a little more than 4 hours to reach Gothenburg, with, what believed was a broken stereo (afterwards we realized we only had to switch over to aux to make the cd work again >_>;;) Anyway. Here we are.
Of course, I’m the Blond girl, the other one is Miriam.

The first Day we went to Liseberg, which is Sweden’s biggest amusement park. There we met up with Kenny and later on, some of his Hikari-kai friends. They where really great people, and nerds, all of them! We only hang out for a few hours but they where really amazing people. Lets see if I can name them all. We never got to know their real names, well some of them but. Ok, here we go.
From the Left:’Katana’, Jenny, Chris, Kenny, Miriam, Me, ‘The Demon’ and up front is Isa.

Later on we met up with Flex as well, and here we are on our way to Kenny’s apartment. We all look a bit odd in this image, but we where thinking about food. I believe we where hungry :P So me up front, Flex and Kenny in the back.

I got a bit carried away when we where on the commuter train and attacked Kenny. I felt a bit like Type wearing those ears. Those ears was also a present for ParanoidBun ^^ He was very happy for them. Also, the poster I’m carrying is a HUGE printed out version of Until death us do part which Flex got for me. I have no idea where to put it since its so big but.. Pio~ thank you darling, I loved it!

Miriam and I also went shopping, gawd my feet nearly died. That girl knows how to shop. We also stumbled past this place. The sign says: CookieBuffet. All you can eat. 65 SEK. Oh. My. Gawd. That’s like heaven for me! Cookie-addict and all. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hungry since he had just ate. Oh well. Next time…

This is actually one of my favourite photos from the trip. Kenny trying to look cool as usualy, and I wanting to make him smile, found out that he’s very tickelish! Over all, we had a great time, My only regret is that I didn’t get enough time with my friends *sigh* but I might go up there more often now that I get payed at work and everything!


Let’s finish this blog by showing an image which was taken during a roller coaster ride, the coasters name is Balder, I love it :D We all agreed on making funny faces.. so yea.