The General


Silver earns her way as a low ranking General in the Sniper Division at Maverickhunters HQ, where she also lives with her husband Snex, and their ‘son’ Atos. From time to time she works as an engieer. She is a good leader who cares for those under her command, but she has some trouble balancing her personal and professional life.
She is strong-willed, kindhearted and fun-loving. She also cares for other people strongly and feels incomplete without people around her to care for. She is a terrible cook, and ends up ordering food almost every time when Snex is on missions. Chinese food is the favourite.

The Other General


Snex’ first contact with the Maverickhunters was after an incident that landed him in a cold cell in the less pleasant parts of HQ. Confused and with a sever memory loss, he was forgiven for the damage he had caused and enrolled to Bomb Squad. He advanced quickly and ended up a general, married to Silver and living with their ‘son’, Atos. He is a carefree person that loves to play, explore and discover new things. Even though he has a serious side it almost never shows and when it does it is usally for just a mere second. He is a chemist at heart and loves cooking, especially when it is for Silver or Atos.
He is a cyborg but the few parts that still are human have been enchanced. He has two siblings but due to his memory loss he does not remember them or his father.

The Mercenary


A mercenary employed by the hunters, 666 originally intended to only stay with them for a short while, but has remained for over ten years. Despite the fact that he most likely would earn more if he became an official hunter, he has always refused such status, not wanting to answer to anyone.
A warrior at heart, he enjoys himself the most when in the heat of battle. Few are those who equal him in close combat, in which he utilizes both great speed and strength. When not out on missions, he spends most of his time on the roof of Headquarters, keeping to himself. He has few true friends, but cares about those he does have.

The Other Mercenary


Another mercenary offering her services to the hunters, but who does not want to become one of them. Had a brief relationship with 666, but has now found the love of her life in Pallette, one of the head Navigators of the Maverickhunters. She immediately moved in with her. She’s an energetic girl, and when she has her mind set on something there is little that can be done to stop her. Likes to drink.
She is a cyborg, but all of her biological components are entirely synthetic, making her more of an artificial human. She was part of a larger family of cyborgs of the same type, but she is the only one of them still alive today. She battles with a long spear and stasis fields which she can generate with her hands. Skilled in unarmed combat as well.

The Bunny


A pure-breed machine. Type is built in a vastly different way than normal reploids or cyborgs, making him unique in both design and programming. His connection with the Hunters has been a long and twisted one, both as friend and foe. At the end of the day, he always protects the weak and tries to stay safe while doing so. A fight with Type is a haphazard thing as he uses the environment to his advantage. He is, however, a coward at heart and flees if the chance is given.

The Young


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The Inventor

Raines W. Xenox

As part vampire, Raines lives longer than normal humans. Because of this he feels that he has an obligation to help those in need, unlike the rest of his family who more or less leaves the world alone. He lives alone, occasionally visited by his brother. Many years ago, he was the one who started the project which led to the creation of Silver.
He has many interests, and loves inventing things. He is also very pedantic and proper about himself but he does not let it be at the expense of others. He loves to cook and likes gardening. He also becomes extremely nervous around women.
Current occupation unknown.

The Pretty Boy

Gary G. Xenox

Unlike Raines, Gary is a full vampire and also a vagabond. He has always been travelling around, mostly training and keeping away from the rest of the world. He is a fierce hand-to-hand fighter and masters almost every known fighting style. When he is training, he is gone for several years, and contacting him is virtually impossible. Even though his love for fighting keeps him occupied, he always finds time for his greatest interest in life: women. All in all, he is a fun-loving, food-loving lone wolf. Favourite quote: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.”

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