Something about stars and crafts

Something about stars and crafts

So many moons ago I made an April Fools’ joke about making a Next Era game. It wasn’t actually a game, but it was a custom StarCraft map that I was working on. It was never completed. But now that StarCraft and Brood War have been made freeware, I was reminded of it.

So I figured, what the hell, I might as well upload it here. So you can download (6) Assault on Sigma.scx.

Honestly, though, it’s not really in a playable state. It’s literally not playable in version 1.18, as in it won’t even start. I think you can run it in 1.16, and you can do some things, but it’s not completeable. It can at least be opened with ScmDraft.

And, at least, here’s some screenshots from the editor, showing off parts of it.


The starting point. It should be kind of obvious who is who of our heroes, but for reference: Fenix (Zealot) is of course 666, speedy humanoid with claws. Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost) is Silver with her sniper rifle. Guy Montag (Firebat) is Snex fairly good fit. Infested Kerrigan is Shiva, mostly because she’s kind of the only other female hero unit, but it’s not a terrible fit – would have been perfect if I could give the electric storm special to Silver, though. Fenix (Dragoon) is Metro, with the plasma. And finally, Devouring One (Zergling) is Type, also speedy and somewhat less humanoid than 666.


The entrance to the, well, fortress.


Flame Mammoth’s stage, mostly. The Zerg beacon, usually located after a boss fight, is consistently used as an “explosion pad”, that will destroy the nearby barracks – aka blockades, thereby granting access to the power generator. Eight in total and they all need to be destroyed.


Boss battle with Flame Mammoth, the Siege Tank. Starting out in deployed mode, when that one is defeated he would become the regular tank and drive around the pit. Didn’t have anything in place yet to make sure he could be defeated without ranged units.


Supposedly Crescent Grizzly’s stage, and sort of boss fight – he’s the Ultralisk. Was supposed to run down the corridor and meet the heroes at some point. Stage was never populated with enemies.


Cyber Peacock’s stage. Protoss beacons are teleporters.


Boss battle with Cyber Peacock, the Arbiter. If I recall correctly, touching the Terran beacon underneath him would turn control of the missile towers in the boss arena over to the player for a time (which I believe was through Pallette hacking into the systems), thus being able to see what he had cloaked and also attack him.


Sting Chameleon’s stage, most of it at least (and the editor doesn’t show the creep). Most of the colonies are invincible, so the ones that weren’t had to be destroyed to proceed. Burrowed Zerg units everywhere.


Sting Chameleon the Hydralisk’s boss battle. Pretty straightforward, but mind the Lurkers.


Vile the Marine guarding a path deeper into the fortress. He had a Goliath form as well, but that wasn’t ever placed anywhere.


Boomer Kuwanger’s still empty stage.


Boss battle with Boomer Kuwanger, the Ghost. Approaching the scanners would… well, scan the area, thus revealing Kuwanger if cloaked.


Dark Mantis the Dark Templar, who didn’t have a stage or boss arena built yet.


Morph Moth the Guardian, but I’m pretty sure he was supposed to start out in cocoon form. Also didn’t have a stage or boss arena built


The final stage, leading up to the final battle.


The final corridor. The Photon Cannons are invincible and hits super hard, so heading in here without first disabling them would get you killed. The way to proceed was to defeat the bosses and destroy the eight power generators – each one was linked to a Pylon, so when the generator was destroyed, so was the Pylon. Destroying all eight thus meant no power to the cannons. Nothing was really done past the final corridor, but past those doors, the players would have the final boss fight with Sigma, of course in two forms – first form being Tassadar as High Templar, second form being an Archon. And beating that would win the map.


And, well, there’s the minimap in the editor. That’s about it.

In other news some time ago I tried to update the wiki. Something went really fuckin’ wrong with that, and as a result, the wiki is currently unavailable. I may try to get it back up again at some point in the future when I have the time.

I’ll just finish up here with some shameless self-promotion, ’cause while Next Era is pretty much asleep, I haven’t stopped writing. Almost exactly eleven months ago – on May 14th, my birthday, 2016, I officially launched One Piece: Pure Corruption, a, well, One Piece fanfiction. It’s got 33 chapters published so far, and is currently updating roughly every other Friday. So if you liked my Next Era writings, well, you can check that out.

And finally, I may have a little Next Era-related surprise boiling. No promises, though!

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