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Where it went down

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

I keep thinking of new things to mention. But today’s a short one. I randomly thought of it, and realized I don’t think it was ever “revealed”.

Nothing big – just the location of the Maverickhunters Headquarters.

I don’t know where people have thought it was, and I don’t remember how much of it was mentioned in the stories, but given that we’re basing this on originally Japanese games, people could be forgiven for thinking it was in Japan. But we decided at some point that it actually was located in North America, and there is at least a mention of that on the wiki. Specifically – in California. And that the closest remaining city was Los Angeles. Basically, we figured that big cities would be the ones most likely to still stand after the wars, and I can very much imagine they even grew, as people clustered together in greater amounts and people from smaller communities moved to bigger cities, and after the war they expanded. At least the draft of Tribute mentions “the city” – which is supposed to mean Los Angeles. Anyway.

At some point, I found a place on some map serive. I don’t think it was Google Maps at that time. It was some kind of space communications center. I considered for a little while that to be the location of the HQ, but eventually I looked around even more, and what did I find?

Fort Irwin.

Another thing we had stated at some point is that the HQ was likely on the site of a former army base. And here we had one, in the area we had said HQ was, close to the spot I first had considered (okay, so it’s a training facility rather than a straight up base, but, y’know. The Hunters did a lot of remodeling anyway). I still considered the first location kind of a part of HQ – it was one of multiple facilities in the area they made use of, even if that one eventually fell into disuse and became entrely automated – it’s where Metro gets sent in Symphony, by the way. While it originally was the DSS-15 I found, there’s at least two other places – DSS-12 and Apollo – that are in the same area, in the same general direction and at enough of a distance that any of them could fit the bill, and they’re probably all used by the Hunters if they were still standing after the war. Basically, any sort of installation in the area that didn’t get destroyed in the Maverick Wars were likely at some point reclaimed by the Hunters.

My main problem with this was that I in Symphony needed a forest close enough for Bamboo Pandamonium to launch his missiles from. I eventually just figured that a forest could have been grown in the vicinity between “now” and then.

Artistic license, bitches.