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A blast from the past, part 2

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Went through my Google Documents, and found some more stuff. Thus, five new documents today! Well, six, I noticed I had forgotten to upload Maverickhunter tales.doc yesterday.

Individual documents here, compressed archive here.

Three miscellaneous documents:
evolution666.doc was supposed to be the first in a series of articles, I had hoped for more people to write about their characters, but I never finished it and looking at it now I don’t really like how it was coming out. So I’m sharing it here instead.
NE-Stats.xls (that’s right, a spreadsheet) was a thing that was done, trying to give the Next Era characters stats, using the Fallout stat system… because at the time I was playing a pen & paper RPG that used those stats. It didn’t work well when applied to these characters, so it was temporary amusement and then forgotten.
Storys.xls was a listing of stories, and why or why not they were good candidates for being made into comics. And not much more.

Also, two story drafts:
Christmas.doc didn’t actually have any name, but it was supposed to be a story of a Christmas party. Eventually, I came to dislike the idea, but some concepts in it aren’t terrible. Notably, the short segment at the end includes a mention of Pallette, who here has a vastly different characterization than I would later give her, and before I had the idea of making her and Shiva a couple, but I believe this is where I first came up with the idea of putting the two of them together in some way. This story in particular provides some support for the 666/Shiva pairing, but as I eventually decided for that pairing to never have been this strong, there’s little to nothing in this story that could be found canon. Well, maybe Shiva borrowing clothes from Silver.

Rank was a very early thing where I utterly wanted to write a story without 666. I had some initial ideas, and I knew how it would end, but I could never progress with it, so it died off. Bonus: Discussion about things related to the story by me and Silver. In Swedish.

Got one or two story drafts I’m not sure if I want to try to actually do something with. If I decide I’m not going to, I’ll upload them too.

WordPress now updated. I’m not a huge fan of the top bar I get when logged in.