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A blast from the past

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Wait. An update? On the page?

Yes indeed.

Thing is, I was going through an old backup… and came across some stuffs.

Some old Next Era related things. From the time before it was even named Next Era, from the time we only called the entire project “Maverickhunters”. A bunch of documents. Documents, most of which were never released in any form. Documents that have in the past been seen by at most one other person.

Today, I’m releasing them. I’ve uploaded them all, here. You can browse and download what you want, or get them all in a compressed archive here.

They come in two folders, misc and stories. And now, I get to talk a bit about these documents!

misc holds… well, the documents that aren’t stories. Mostly related to 666.
666.odt is a presentation of sorts I wrote about 666 once. Mainly, it’s a listing of his attacks. The attack listing is from a time when I was high on One Piece, many of the attacks having direct inspiration from there. Some of the attacks were kept, but most have been discarded completely. At the very least, most of the attack names have been discarded completely, as they suck.
666boxlol.doc and Maverickhunters descript.doc are two variations on the same thing, the character presentation box that was used at the birth of Next Era back on Lunarstorm. The very earliest version is definitely gone for good, and that’s a good thing.
Maverickhunters.doc is in Swedish. Sucks to be all one of you who read this page and don’t speak Swedish. It’s the introduction test from the same period as above, and even earlier. Questions written by Silver and Flex were sent to people who wanted to join. These are my answers.

stories is of course the meat of this update. It’s a folder full of discarded drafts for stories I was writing once upon a time, as well as a list. This is what they were.

Angels is just a few lines, I hardly even started writing it. It was supposed to be a story that was written by both me and Silver, in that we had already written the story by acting it out over MSN – it was a duel between 666 and Silver. 666 ultimately won, but not by much. It was in this story Raiden and the Venom Fuse were introduced, as well as the Razor Angel fusion. Is it still canon? Doubt it. Raiden was retconned out, so this story would have to be pretty massively modified, too. If I ever find the logs of that MSN conversation, as well as other MSN conversations we had, I’m uploading them.

Blade is 100% a One Piece inspired story. And by that, I mean 90% of it is ripped from the Alabasta arc. The title of the story is actually Routine, and was supposed to have sub-chapters, with the name of the opponent. The basic story was that 666 and Silver were going on a mission, which turned out to be a trap. Silver was captured, 666 battled five guys, and then ran into a trap himself. The opponent in this piece of the story had a diamond coating, but could control the form of the coal, so it could turn into graphite too… whatever that was good for. (amusingly enough, just last year I reached the part in One Piece where there is a character who can turn his body into diamond… and he blocked a sword slash from the greatest swordsman in the world with that.) The entire secquence is almost identical to the Zoro vs. Mr 1 battle, and Soul Dance is a carbon copy of Zoro’s Lion Song. The Soul Dance was preserved for later use, and I believe was first ever actually shown in Love. Canon? Maybe parts of it, but definitely not as it was written here.

Executioners is a massive wreck and display of something that should never have been written. Since there’s talk of “entertaining” kills and the such, this one is very, very likely to have been majorly inspired by me playing Manhunt. I just wanted to write a story in which my characters kills hundreds of people. Since enough of it wasn’t written to explain the backstory, let me specify that this actually isn’t just a random killing spree, but the “town” is a prison, and the “citizens” are all criminals that were going to be executed anyway. So they hired people to kill them for entertainment. While technically something that could happen because they’re hired mercenaries, I’m going to go ahead and utterly un-canonize this.

Instinct was an early thing I worked on after Raines and Gary had been introduced, because I needed to get Gary and 666 together for a battle. The tournament idea is taken from Dragon Ball, and I had many ideas for this story that just didn’t pan out. The ending of the story is written, but there’s a large chunk of story missing in the middle, and it’s not written well at all. But it’s ten pages. Well, nine and a half. That’s right. Nine and a half pages discarded. It kind of pains me, but on rereading I’m kinda glad I dropped it. Definitely not canon. Particularly not the part where 666’s claws are detached. They can be shut off so they can’t be activated, but they’re not removeable.

Time was supposed to be the formal introduction of the Order of the Pentagram and its members, and the story of that one year 666 was away from the Maverickhunters. A mission in Norway. The story of when Razie died, and stuff. Note that I already back at this point had Shiva’s nickname for 666 decided, and she’d stick with “sixboy” for the rest of forever. One of the few stories I wrote in first person, and I believe Hate is the only one I ever wrote like that that ended up being released to the world. This one is technically canon, in that the one year did happen, the mission in Norway did happen, and it was there Razie died. What this was going to become, had I written it to the end at the time, would probably not be the way it happened, though. The campaign probably didn’t take a year, but I assume 666 spent some time after it on his own before returning.

Maverickhunter tales is just a list of stories I planned to write. Time started being written, as you saw above, but of the ones in the list the only one I remember anything about is Prison. It was going to be a story about 666 spending some time in prison at the headquarters, for… some reason, and Silver pretty much being the only one who were visiting him.

Meeting isn’t new. It’s the original version of the story, that was written like complete crap, before I replaced it with the version that didn’t have grammar with MPD. Here for your reading displeasure.

So that’s some history, and some stuff you almost were subjected to. Enjoy.

WordPress is telling me to update. I’ll do that tomorrow.