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Well here we are again

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

And it’s not the greatest pleasure, because it’s been two years, and you know what that means – that’s right, it’s time to cough up the cash to keep this site afloat for another two years. So, that’s $190.80, to be paid… well, as soon as possible.

As the hosting is being used for other things, we’re not going to take the full force of this, though. I’m going to have my brother pay at least half of that, since he’s the other one using the hosting the most, but that still leaves $95.40 for us to take care of. And this is right after I spent the extra money I had, and I have no real income at the moment. Fun times! Well, there’s three of us, so that’d be $32 each. That’s what I’m counting on. At least the dollar is pretty cheap at the moment, $32 is JUST above 200 SEK. Actually, since it’s not EXACTLY $32 each, but rather a smidgen below, a nice round 200 SEK each covers our half. It actually covers it EXACTLY, as that adds up to $95.40! Well, at current exchange rates, and there’s minor fluctuations day-to-day. But still.

And of course, donations are always welcome. The Paypal button is right there.