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Announcing Next Era: The Game

Friday, April 1st, 2011

At least, that’s the working title.

Yes, few of you know this, but I have been working on the Next Era game! It will be freely available on this very website when it’s is complete. It will be an action/adventure game, somewhat in the vein of Metroid, with nonlinear exploration and several different areas to visit. Features include:

– Play as one of six different characters with very different playstyles: Silver, Snex, 666, Shiva, Metro or Type!
– A whole new original Next Era story arc!
– Eight main maverick bosses to fight, and over 20 different enemy types!
– Very smooth keyboard and mouse controls!
– Play up to six players together on a local network or over the internet!
– Helpful advice from the three Navigators!
– Excellent isometric pixel graphics!
– A final battle with a well-known enemy!
– A number of secrets to uncover!
– And many more surprises!

I do not wish to release any screenshots yet, as the game is still in an unfinished testing state, and any screenshots would not accurately reflect the final product. As I have a lot more school work at this moment, I cannot promise any release dates, but I might have a beta out before summer. A lot of the groundwork is done, the engine is up and running, and I’m not making the graphics by myself, but many things still need to be mapped, and the bosses still require a lot of scripting to work properly.

But I felt it was high time to come with an update about something, and as this is the only really so far not publically announced project I’ve been working on, aside from some stories I haven’t mentioned yet…

Stay tuned, as there will be more updates, and eventually, screenshots. Development is slow right now, mainly due to school – but give me a few months…

The grain of truth

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Yes, yesterday’s blog post was my April Fool’s update. And some of you correctly identified it as such.

Only the joke’s on you. Or, should I say, one layer of it was. Because it was a two-layered joke.

Obviously, I’m not developing any new, shiny game. But it wasn’t all porkies.

Some of you did know what I was actually doing already.

You might want to reread yesterday’s update – with the knowledge that it’s actually a Starcraft map I’m working on.

I just described it in far too many words to make it sound like something it really isn’t.

Happy April Fool’s, suckers.