Interviewer Page 27
December 20th, 2010

Interviewer Page 27

Technically Carrie would be a noteworthy mission. But seeing how big they failed that mission, I don’t think they really like talking about it.


  1. admin

    Mmm spellcheck. XD Poor Lock.

  2. Bunny

    … Spellcheck? I can’t see anything wrong, I guess I’m dyslexic by now…

  3. admin

    If you’re using ‘gave me the freedom’ then ‘gave’ and ‘saw’ means it’s pasted tense, which means ‘need’ should be ‘needed’.

    ‘Not anything noteworthy’ sound overall odd, should probably be ‘Nothing noteworthy’.

    ‘But that just a matter of time’ you forgot an ‘is’. ‘But that is just a matter of time’.

  4. admin

    Oh, but check with Kenny first of course.

  5. Bunny

    so… nothing wrong with the spelling then xD
    Well, I guess I’ll wait until kent comments and reaps even more holes in my inability to formulate a single sentance.

  6. admin

    fine. GRAMMAR-NAZI! :D

  7. KennyMan666

    I see nothing wrong with either of those sentences. Yes, the tense-switch could parse a bit strangely, but she’s talking about what happened in the past (“They saw my potential…”), and then switches to the present to make a statement about herself (“I need freedom”). But “needed” woould not be wrong there either, so do whatever you want with it. And “not anything” works as well as “nothing”, though “nothing” probably parses better for speech. It’s not biggie, but I’d change it.

    However, you’ve got some other minor things – first of all, she said she was in the navy, not the army. Those are different things. Unless that was meant as Mona’s mistake.

    Also, in the aforementioned sentence with “not anything noteworthy”, you end the first line with a comma, yet start the next line with a capital B. You should keep the comma, so make that B into a b. Also, “that just a matter of time” – would be “that’s”. However, it should actually be “it’s”.

    Oh, one final thing i just noticed – “quite yet” should be “just yet”. Actually I think that’s fine now that I think about it a little more

    And this, kids, is why I’m the real grammar Nazi here. Heil!

  8. Bunny

    Spelling has been corrected. And that’s why I waited for the real grammar Nazi to correct me. Hail! (mostly cuss I’d just have to fix other stuff as well) xD


  9. admin

    Fine. I’ll keep quiet. >>

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