Interviewer Page 26
December 13th, 2010

Interviewer Page 26

Those guns are gross simplifications of real guns, but the original weapons do exists. I’ve just forgotten what it’s called ^^;

Also, why are they using regular rifles when there are plasma bullets? Because they should be able to adapt to what they may have around at the time. And it’s their time off… and I’m to lazy to design stuff >_> shush


  1. KennyMan666

    The mandatory nitpick: “replaced for” should be “replaced by” or “replaced with”.

    Also, you’ve apparently lost letters somewhere on the way – “mechanica” and “ou”, in the first two panels.

    Also also, ah, unsound effects.

  2. admin

    Wee escaping letters :D

    I’m a bit sad that barker looks so regular. I always pictured him much bigger and rougher. ^^

  3. Bunny

    Escaped letters have been found and tied to their respective words. f, o and r have been released and substituted by w, i, t and h.

    Also… I did ask you to design them, Silver >_> you did not wish to do so. Only picture I had as a reference is the santa one, which really doesn’t attribute to his manliness… Thus this is where I landed =P

  4. admin

    ‘did not wish to do so’ I just haven’t felt inspired for it. :P But yes.

  5. Bunny

    Well. To be honest. I wouldn’t mind if you decided to draw him completely different if you ever drew him ^^; as long as he’s a man… The characters here are my take on them, and yours might be very different or not. That’s the perk of many artists =)

    (sorry for sounding annoyed earlier)

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