Interviewer Page 24
November 29th, 2010

Interviewer Page 24

That Yosh scares me a little. He always seems to know what everyone is up too and where they are. At All Times!


  1. KennyMan666

    It’s a valid question. How does he know all that? Actually, that seems like it’d be public knowledge, at least at HQ. It’s when he starts knowing that Silver recently and secretly came into possession of a pound of a highly dangerous and also not exactly legal to handle substance for her latest secret personal weapon project we should start being concerned.

    Did I really suggest that for the Zero part? Because the punctuation is all out of whack. That’s not how commas or semicolons work. No big change is needed, just drop the comma and semicolon and we’re there.

    And Mona has quite the case of giant hand in the final panel. Probably caught it from Shiva two pages ago.

  2. admin

    This Yosh feel ..overconfident. I’ve always seen Yosh as very timid and humble, and that was always confirmed in the texts. But this guy feels like a real player somehow..
    Also: Has Yosh ever been in a hurry and had to run? 0_0

  3. Bunny

    Kent, yes you did suggest that.

    Silver, overconfident? He got scared by her last page, he is crouching together at first as he is correcting his glasses. Only reason why he feels confident is because she asks a question he feels comfortable with answering. Wouldn’t you start talking about art a little to much if you were nervous and asked to do so? I would… In fact, I wouldn’t stop talking xD much like this explination.

    Also, he’s checking his naked wrist when looking for the time… i.e. he’s making an excuse not to answer the question.

    EDIT: The spell correction has been made.

  4. admin

    yea it could be interpreted like that, just saying how I interpret it. I think it’s because of the solid shapes. At the moment it looks like he’s not wearing glasses but shades since we can’t see his eyes and I think that might be why me and Sam thought it was Raines at first, that gives him a totally diff vibe which makes me see his ‘insecure smile’ as a very confident one.

    XD I saw the first panel a bit like *correting glasses to look good*

  5. Bunny

    well, I did draw his eyes in the last page under the glasses as well as an attempt to make it work… it seriously did not(which is why there still are none there or here), just looked cramped up with to many lines in a too small surface. =/ but yeah, I’ll let him be ‘Yosh the playah’ xD

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