Interviewer Page 23
November 22nd, 2010

Interviewer Page 23

Let’s dance! To the sound on the radio. ~Sings… badly~


  1. SamBlob

    Raines caught doing his SRV impression (and yes, I know “Let’s Dance” is a David Bowie song, but Bowie’s guitarist at the time was SRV.)

    Isn’t he supposed to be able to sense her presence or something? ^^;

  2. Bunny

    Well, yeah, Raines would sense her presence. But that’s not Raines. The rest of the pages mostly contain characters never drawn before, or just shown in obscure places. Who and what that is will be shown on the next page ^^

  3. admin

    I know who it is! ..I mus admit though, I did not see who it was at first. I had to check up my own image of him.

  4. KennyMan666

    The thought of Raines sweeping the floor at Maverickhunters Headquarters is quite amusing, though.

  5. admin


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