Interviewer Page 20
November 1st, 2010

Interviewer Page 20

This became longer than anticipated…

This is actually a topic that I’ve met a few times and acts rather strangely at times. Some people make a series of heroes that all are meant to be original and strong and perfect, but this usually kicks back and transform the heroes into carbon copies of each other.
I don’t think anyone disagrees with me when I say that our characters are made to be heroes and, looking from a distance, they might have similar background. (Shivas family killed, 666 killing his creators, Types creators killed before completion)
This might seem bad but if we take a step closer we notice that Shiva is a foul mouthed alcoholic (who never gets drunk, but sorta acts the part sober anyway) 666’s way closely resembles that of a sociopath and Type is an enormous coward.
And then we have other characters like Silver or Woods. Silver who is in a constant battle with her past history and past self. Woods who have a double life, one being in the HQ with the hunters and one fighting true monsters. But more on her later.
I’ve always been proud of our characters being so different from one another, and will try to keep it this way ^^ Even Mona is unique in her normalness… which might be a strange statement…

About the comic? Well, I got to draw a Callie rump, so I’m happy ^^; (Awaits Silver-wrath)


  1. admin

    I don’t know why.. but shiva’s body bothers me.. it has in all the images, but especially in this one. It kinda looks like she has a flobby stomach, which ok, is natural when you sit down, then you get tyres (not sure if shive would since she is so trained) but here it looks like she has a flobby stomach even when she’s not sitting.
    Somehow, for me, it looks a bit look an older, not as well trained shiva.

    I think it’s great you actually draw everything, that makes a person, and actually put which shapes are where, but in my opinion you use lines when you shouldn’t. Instead, I’d use shadows. Think about it like this: A line is a definitive. If you would draw all lines you saw on a person, it wouldn’t be that same person. In reality, we don’t see lines the way we draw lines. The lines are shadows. So when you draw a line, you tell the viewer that this is a definitive, this is the way it is and if you over-use that, the person will look ten times older, which is not always something you want. if you instead you draw a shadow, like in this case, make some creases on the stomach when she sits down, that shadow would tell us: she sists down, the skin folds there. And this is exactly what you want. You don’t want the viewer to go: she looks chubby.
    This goes for everything, knees, jawlines, dimples.. nipples. etc.

  2. Bunny

    I see your point. I havn’t really thought of it like that before. I guess I’ll have to try it out for the next page I’ll draw, which’ll be up in, err… four weeks xD

  3. KennyMan666

    You could also make a case for that she never gets entirely sober.

    Also, I wouldn’t quite call her foul-mouthed – she’s blunt, to the point and tends to not soften what she has to say, but she doesn’t swear much.

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