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Nothing has changed.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Nothing at all.

(insert some omnious music here)

This was probably not worth posting about

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

I have poked with the image and the css and the background image at the wiki no longer has large black holes in it. Not the consume-things-in-space kind, but bars of black between repetitions of the actual background image (the black bars were actually a part of the image, which repeated itself several times over). The trick was also to make sure that “navigation”, “search” and “toolbox” didn’t blend into the background, which was solved by discovering via web developer Firefox extension that those elements pulled style info from a specific part of the css, and as far as I can tell those were the ONLY elements that used that, so changing just one line fixed it, plus makes it so that I can increase the size of the boxes in the sidebar and they’ll still be fine. Science.

Yep yep.

I’m doing something, at least. Even if I’m currently seemingly only being the behind the scenes guy.

Wikipedia and a bunch of other wikis are switching over to Vector for their default skin. I entertained the thought for a moment, as smithing a mhwiki-style skin out of the css probably wouldn’t be that horrible, but after further consideration, I’m finding that Vector relies too much on gradients and fading as well as borderless elements outside of the main content area in a way I do not find fits the mood I always intended to create with the green/black terminal sort of look mhwiki has. So yeah. I’m the only one who actually cares about this, but…