Interviewer Page 19
October 25th, 2010

Interviewer Page 19

I’m not sure that it shows well enough in the final result, so I’ll explain it here. Many apologise. That last frame is Atos (shut up time-continuum) pouring from a milk carton AND a flask. I would guess, white russian, but that might be cuss it’s my favourite drink xD.

And the moral of this is, don’t trust anything Shiva orders… unless it’s liquor… but I guess she’ll find a way to spike liquor as well, if she really wants too…


  1. KennyMan666

    “she’ll find a way to spike liquor” – this is actually not far from the truth, as one of the drinks she’s invented involves dropping a shot glass with a salted rim into a pint of beer. And setting the alcohol in the shot glass on fire first.

    “don’t trust anything Shiva orders [for you]” is quite right too. Unless you like waking up the next day and wondering where the hell last night went. Which, incidentally, is pretty much how Shiva and Pallette’s relationship started. At least she’s tactful enough to not try to rope still-closeted lesbians into drunken one night stands.

    Also, “one drink” never means one drink.

    tl;dr stay out of the bar if Shiva’s there.

  2. Bunny

    So she invented a burning submarine? Personally, using extreme drinks, I’d pick the atomic submarine to enhance… it’s a shot of beer into a pint of rum. Now set THAT on fire =D

  3. KennyMan666

    Granted, her “inventing” basically consists of “Alright, here’s a lot of booze. Let’s try some crazy shit!”

  4. KennyMan666

    Also, “Burning Submarine” is a great name for that drink.

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