Interviewer Page 18
October 18th, 2010

Interviewer Page 18

Eyes are out off place, anatomy is strange, Shiva looks like a man, the script sounds fake and the punchline is poor… But then again, if you’ve paid attention you’d noticed that Mona knows everything about everyone, something really strange must be up if she don’t recognise someone. Wait, is this a plot-hook or just poor writing? Or has she just not looked him up on that little touch-pad she has there..? With the record of questions answered this comic has so far? I bet none of this gets an answer.


  1. KennyMan666

    Alright, guh… this would have been research failure if it weren’t for the fact that it’s entirely my fault that you couldn’t do research because I haven’t clearly written it out anywhere yet.

    “Unkown creator” is not quite right, and I wouldn’t really call it “strange events”. Three of them died/disappeared under pretty strange circumstances, but the remaining eight not counting Shiva died in pretty clear ways. Yes, “somewhere in Asia” is the only location I’ve ever given for their origin, but I’m fairly sure it was India, and while their creator/”father” wasn’t much for attention, he made enough of himself to cross people in higher places who decided to take him out… yeah, that whole story is on the wiki. I just never named the guy. I probably should. Officially, Shiva DOES have the same surname as him, but she doesn’t want to use it and thus never tells anyone what it is. She hasn’t even revealed it to Nuclean or 666 or Pallette (Mizuki most likely knew it, but there was very little she didn’t know about members of the Order. It got a little creepy at times.).

    I’m not telling you to pull this page or anything, but I feel like I now have to conjure up information (without flint and tinder) so that first speech bubble can be more accurate.

    Kenny is very, very sorry about this. (you should probably have asked me, though. Also, I’m not sure if I ever noted it anywhere, but Shiva’s nickname for Type is “Ears” oh wait that’s also actually on the wiki.)

    And, as per tradition, you have a grammar mistake, but since I’m probably going to rewrite that entire bubble for you, I’m not gonna bother pointing it out.

  2. admin

    ..Type is cute there.

  3. Bunny

    Yeah, well, send me the new and updated bubble and I’ll change it… but I can’t ask things in beforehand since, well, you two are the two main readers I have xD
    (I am not forgetting you samblob, you’re just too perfect too be forgotten)

    Thanks, Silver ^^ for easing the blow

  4. admin

    Well, not everything has to be a surprise every time. I had just as few readers as you, and I asked both you and kenny for info, every time it was needed.
    Its better to ask before, than to have to re-do things. at least when some of the characters have more than enough background info. It’s not easy.

  5. KennyMan666

    Still no doubt that this was entirely my fault, though I originally had never really intended to reveal that name. But fuck that, it’s now (soon) out, plus it let me come up with some needed backstory, and it made a reference come full circle. Also RETCONS

  6. Bunny

    Who’s fault it is isn’t important. I have now updated the original text too kent’s specifications. I hope you enjoy this ^^

  7. KennyMan666

    For those of you who just tuned in: Yes, the dude’s Greek. No, this isn’t retconning any of that Asia business, except for that the oldest of them was made in Greece, and the other eleven in Asia. India. Full story to appear on the wiki when I can be bothered to write it.

  8. admin


  9. SamBlob

    Well, I came in late so I got the corrected version. :)

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