I’m gonna sing the Doom song

I’m gonna sing the Doom song

As previously mentioned, here at the Next Era Network, we keep a close eye on any developments related to the classic Mega Man franchise, because, hey, that’s what we grew up with and the reason we are what we are today.

So there was things. Granted, there was never a post about Mega Man 10, but let’s forget about that for a second.

Now, if you’re not a damn kid that should get off my lawn, you know about Doom. And if you’re on this site, you know about Mega Man.

Now mix.

And you get Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. A Doom Megawad, built around Deathmatch, containing what appears to be ALL the weapons from the robot masters of the first six games in the classic series, and of course Mega Buster, plus special Blues and Forte busters, Mirror Buster, Sakugarne (or however you spell that shit), Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker. The stages look fantastic, it’s an amazing rendition of Mega Man graphics in a 3D environment. I haven’t played it yet, but am intending to try it. Trailers are on the site. Full game’s not out yet, but a downloadable demo which can be played with a sourceport such as Skulltag (I personally prefer zDoom for normal playing, but Skulltag is better for multiplayer).

So yeah.

Doom doom doom doom doom.


Doomy dooms of doom.

Also, doom.


  1. admin

    Im in love.
    I had chills when I saw the Quickman level! I hope it will have wlan XD COME ON TOURNAMENT

  2. Bunny


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