Interviewer Page 15
September 27th, 2010

Interviewer Page 15

Good bye Metro and Loke… Don’t kill each other now, and off we go to new crazy people! Err, I mean, Murderous thugs! No, no, that’s not right. Glorious heroes? Not really… Someone! There got it, Off to someone else!


  1. KennyMan666

    And if we didn’t have any Metro/Loke shippers yet…

  2. Bunny

    Mmm, Shonen Ai… I do have them act like a married couple don’t I?

  3. admin

    ..I doubt that any of our.. 3 readers are metro/loke shippers.
    Unless you two are. *stares*

  4. Bunny

    I’d be more worried about You! Considering an old filler comic with Snex Metro and 666…

  5. KennyMan666

    I’m not, but don’t make me write that story. Don’t even get me started on how much fetish fuel there is to be found in Loke’s transformation.

  6. admin

    Me? Lols no, Metro wouldn’t kiss any male but snex. And Loke wouldn’t kiss anyone if it wasn’t for a bet. .. I see fillers in my mind. GET AWAY DAMN YOU!

    But no. Seriously. Just no. Those two are like kids.

  7. KennyMan666

    So you prefer Snex/Metro, huh. I see.

    And today’s mental image you probably didn’t want to see is a Snex/Metro/Loke threesome.

  8. admin

    Fortunately for me, my brain got a syntax error while reading your last sentence there so I didn’t get any mental images. *Relaxes*

  9. KennyMan666

    I can do worse.

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