Interviewer Page 14
September 20th, 2010

Interviewer Page 14

Self-illuminating soda? I’d love some!

Also, tiny hand is tiny… and, while on that last frame, I can’t help but think Loke as in bursting into song O_o;,


  1. SamBlob

    He *does* have a gambling problem: he says the word without the “b” in it! xD

    (sort of like the hero’s “drinking problem” in the movie “Airplane”: whenever he tries to drink anything, he misses his mouth and spills the drink on himself.)

  2. admin

    OOhh I love that guy from ‘Airplane’! I have both Ariplane 1 and 2 on DVD, they are hilarious.

    Feels like it should be ‘..are capable of turning’?

    Oh. And the last panels scares me T_T

  3. KennyMan666

    I had to do this.

    Also, what they said about words.

  4. admin

    XD Kenny! The Hell!

  5. Bunny

    Spelling corrected… Also, I should keep doing spelling errors, if only to get comments XD

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