Interviewer Page 13
September 13th, 2010

Interviewer Page 13

Woo, perspective!

The story that talks about Metro (and Lokes) different ranks did sort of fall in disarray by the very end, then on ice and that ice is now part of the ‘Lost Stories’-glacier… Maybe one day an expedition will be sent out to dig up some of those old rocks and completely remake them with better skills.


  1. admin

    Yo Loke! Other than Metro looking awfully alot like a girl in the last panel, nice. Great perspective.

    ‘And I’m on tonight
    You know my hips don’t lie
    And I’m starting to feel it’s right
    All the attraction, the tension
    Don’t you see baby, this is perfection’

  2. Bunny

    Thanks =) I was pretty satisfied with this page, which is nice. And I took the liberty to simplify Lokes design some :P

    ‘I’ve tasted of the fruit, and it’s open up my eyes
    it’s given me a thirst that’s so hard to satisfy
    Drink from juicy lips, allow yourself.’

  3. admin

    Yea I saw, you gave him a jacket n all ^^

  4. KennyMan666

    Mandatory nitpick: “to immature” should be “too immature”.

    And I concur with Silver – Metro looks very much like a girl in the last panel. Those hips.

  5. Bunny

    Spelling corrected.
    And I usually mostly draw women… which makes drawing men good practice, but they tend to get a little more hipbone than usual ^^;

  6. KennyMan666

    …how do I notice one spelling mistake and not the other… especially since they’re the SAME MISTAKE?

    Yes, “to skilled” should be “too skilled”.

  7. Bunny

    Admittedly, I do have troubles with that particular word. Fixored nows though.

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