Interviewer Page 09
August 16th, 2010

Interviewer Page 09

Hmm, should I take that as a no then? Wow look, the first member question already asked! The ONLY member question so far, I might add… And not really answered… I blame 666.


  1. admin

    *giggle* Silly Triple!

  2. KennyMan666

    I’m not sure what the actual answer to that question is. All his living tissue is on the inside, none of it exposed. No skin. Doesn’t sweat. He might clean off all the gunk and dirt that he gets due to fighting all such, but I think it’s a “no” on the shower. The closest would probably be being outside when it rains. Rain is, in fact, his favourite weather to train in, because it’s the worst common weather to actually fight in.

  3. SamBlob

    Interviewer writes: “Does not shower. Definitely French.”

  4. admin

    Haha good one Sam!

    I dunno why, but now I see someone trying to force 666 into a bath and he goes: HISSSS! Like some cat!

  5. KennyMan666

    NOW I figured out the main reason for why 666 looks so off on this page. You forgot to draw his head ornament.

  6. Bunny

    What do you mean I ‘forgot to draw his head ornament’? It’s right there!!! *sweeps the old page under the carpet and starts whistling as he slowly walks away*

  7. KennyMan666

    For that to work, you need to have one of those flashy-things they have in Men in Black.

  8. Bunny

    Oh drats…

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