Interviewer Page 08
August 9th, 2010

Interviewer Page 08

The truth is that his parts mostly are constructed in France, while he was put together in America… Sorta like someone making his wife pregnant in France during the vacation and then return home to wait for the child to be completely constructed within her workstation in America. Okey, maybe not like that at all…


  1. admin

    .. Actually. Kinda like that yea.

  2. KennyMan666


    He doesn’t actually consider himself to have any real nationality at all, but he can speak French. And assorted other languages, but English and French were probably what he knew from the get-go, since he was put together and activated by a team of both French and American people after the initial, France-based, Chimaera project was canceled.

    I think the full story is on the wiki. Oh wait, it’s not. Why is it not on the wiki? Oh yeah, it’s not on the wiki because I’m a lazy ass.

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