Interviewer Page 07
August 2nd, 2010

Interviewer Page 07

The way I see it, journalists are just professional stalkers…


  1. admin

    So in the second frame he’s buying cigarettes then? Hilarious. Well yes. Stalkers.

  2. admin

    Also just had to add since I just noticed.. KAGE IS SOOO CUTE! At first panel he’s all like: zzz but the second one, I picture him thinking: 2 for 3.50? I need to have it!

  3. KennyMan666

    This is an accurate depiction of what 666 is doing when he’s not on a mission.

    Edit: Actually, I just noticed that he’s lying on a whatever those things are called in english in the first panel, which is less accurate – he usually just lies down on the ground. Roof. Whatever.

  4. Bunny

    Yea… well, I guess someone else didn’t remember to bring it back down last time they was on the roof and 666 simply found it.

    Also, I felt like I had to have Kage in at least one page and he’d be awesome just doing random stuff in the background XD (and two of those for three fifty? that IS a bargain!) And yeah… ‘course it’s smokes >_>

  5. SamBlob

    I believe it’s called a deck chair.

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