Interviewer Page 05
July 19th, 2010

Interviewer Page 05


Hrrm… So yeah… This joke might be a little low, I admit… But atleast I get Mona away and out on NEW ADVENTURES!!! Who might she meet next week? What might be revealed? Tune in and read, or miss it!


  1. SamBlob

    That was short…

  2. Bunny

    Well, I admit that I’ll be moving through the characters rather quickly. But seeing as we have a rather big bunch to move through, I’ve got things to do for a while xD

    The script so far contains seven different characters (besides Mona) over fifteen pages. I still have six or seven more characters that isn’t within the script that should be interviewed as well, thus there might be at least fifteen more pages to the script :)

    Thinking about it… I should let you people ask questions to the different characters if you wish!

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