Hi guys!

As you might have noticed, a reporter is skulking around the corridors of the Maverick Hunters Headquarters. Do you have any questions to any of the hotshot members of our impressive characters? Have you wondered why Silvers skin is grey or why Type has big fluffy pink ears? Or what about that little machine called Kage, that is always floating around 666? Give me your questions and they might popup on that little hand held machine Mona the Reporter has in her hands all the time. Has the people you wished to ask questions to already been talked to once? Don’t worry, I am sure she will have time to return to them and talk once more.

Come on! Ask a question!


  1. admin

    Does 666 ever shower?
    (considering he’s part.. living flesh… he should be able to smell bad if he didn’t.) That’s my question. Now you answer it Peter!

  2. Bunny

    YES MA’AM!

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